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: GTX 1080 Ti and 40-70 FPS???
I just recently bought a gtx 1080 ti and I am experiencing the same problem :(
: ^^
Then he must be a bad Yasou player. If Yasou knows Ornn ult could change the tide of the team fight, then what is stopping the Yasou from saving his Wind wall for Ornn ult. Btw, I tried baiting Yasou wind wall, but he deliberately saved his wind wall for Onn ult.
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: It is not uncounterable. You just cannot counterbuild the actual damage - but all significant sources of %-HP true damage have counterplay around it (Fiora's is tied to her marks, Vayne needs to hit you thrice in a row, Redemption is delayed).
It's hard for Fiora not to hit the marks when the marks are always facing Fiora and when she does hit the mark, she gets a movement speed buff and a Q reduction, making it easy to land the next mark. You can't avoid vayne AA and once she gets some attack speed items, which mean she can proc her true damage pretty easy. Redemption is the only thing you can avoid. Check this webm video of Fiora destorying the tank Yorick
: % Health True Damage
How can a tank do their job at tanking and peeling for their team, when they are being annihilated by % health true damage.
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: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Can we spawn AI with custom builds so we can test our damage out, like a boxing bag?
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: The maiden is kinda week honestly. She does DPS, but it doesn't feel like she does much, to towers yes cause its constant damage rather than minion autos, but to champions that little bit doesn't feel that huge in comparison to Elise's spiderlings, malzahar's voidling, or hell even your ghouls. Combine that with a long cooldown and its not the most useful ultimate. The only thing good about the maiden is her splitpush, she splitpushes better than a super minion wave and can manage getting an entire tower or two. This is how she should be used. The wall and Q is what I find ridiculous. The wall I feel needs some bug fixes then it'll feel balanced (what is it's hitbox? can't click the damn thing), and the damage yorick's Q does is insane with a sheen, not even funny. The ghouls should be much easier to kill with AoE abilities, like I've played quinn into them and a Q would only do 25% to all the ghoul's health, but my autos instantly 1 shot from their full hp instead, which feels kinda busted considering how much damage they do and how fast you desperately try to kill them.
Yorick would be useless if you can 1 shot his ghouls with an AOE ability, just remember it takes time to get his ghouls and just killing them instantly would make Yorick ghouls useless. I also find Yorick Q to be pretty fine, considering you got champions like Nasus that can literally one shot anyone, if he gets his stacks. The biggest problem with Yorick, is his super weak early game, like it's a joke how weak he is in the early game.
: Make a champion disgustingly OP without changing their ratios/base numbers
: I don't think it will be likely he would get an Ultimate skin right after his Rework. Hell, I've pretty much given up hoping for Riot to make an ultimate skin this year. Though with him only having two skins, it wouldn't be out of the question for them to give him a new skin right away. Honestly they could even get away with giving him a traditional skin if they can justify it somehow.
I love the look of the traditional skins currently, but i wouldn't mind a skin that has a bad ass maiden (ult) and a bad ass minions. Even a Christmas skin would be awesome, like the minions could be elves and the maiden could be Miss Santa or something and Yorick could be Santa.
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: Been playing this game for a long time and i have never seen it.
: Singed q Animation bugg abuse (Only with the use of macros)
: The secret strongest CC that had destroyed tons and tons of players
I hate catching Draven's axes when you have to keep running through the minions waves :(
: He's sort of a hybrid damage dealer with % damage, which is how modern tanks work. It's healthy design that lets tanks stay relevant yet not go out of control in terms of damage come late if you ask me.
He does 5% max hp as magic damage or 7% if you land your Q threw them, however champions like Gnar cam do 14% max hp has magic damage by just auto attacking It's also pain in the ass trying to use your Q when you keep running out of energy.
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: Drive By Shooting by guess who
: What every support must deal with
: zed needs gutting
Zed isn't an issue for me, since i main him back in season 4. Once you understand his kit then it's really easy to deal with. One problem with Zed is that he can only focus on one champ at a time which will most likely be the ADC. Another thing to take into consideration is that he doesn't do instant damage because his ult has a delay which can be removed. Zed is completely balance considering champion like a fed Kat can nearly instantly kill an entire team, so a fed Zed should at least be able to kill someone with ease. All assassin can destroy the enemy team if they get fed, so don't bitch about Zed and learn how to deal with him. Most assassin has an escape ability like Ahri ult, Leblanc W and W ult, Kassassin ult , Kat E, etc. So saying Zed is broken because he also has to much escape ability is also completely irrelative.
: Ah this bugger!. I investigated this one personally a few weeks ago, and the unfortunate resolution was that we weren't going to fix it. The code for that is in a pretty old system, and there's only a few peeps who worked in that system a few years ago. I verified with the team working on the new client that the issue no longer persists with the update, so we left it for now given the time it would take one of those engineers to stop their work, relearn the old system, find where the problem was, fix it and all that fun stuff just wasn't justifiable given what they're priorities are currently.
When can we sign up for the new client?
Sedonis (NA)
: Quinn Infinite Valor
This is a well known bug, if you fear Valor be for he change into Quinn, then she stays in valor form
: What to do if Jungle doesn't gank?
Ward a lot and if you get camp and stay near your turret. Try to be less aggressive and roam to other lanes when it's possible. You might have to recall if you are below 50% HP to avoid tower dives. If they attempt to tower dive you, then run around the turret to make it harder for them to AA you. Also try to not waste your summoners, because you become more vulnerable to ganks and ping when you spot the enemy jungler to keep your mid laner aware. If your mid laner is struggling then help them, and in return they might gank your lane. Also play champions they have an escape ability, since this will make it harder for the enemy jungler to gank you.
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: Can we bring back mirror mode?
Their was 10 Tahm Kench on the map, now their is only 1 XD
: Shaco perma invis bug
How did you kill yourself, if you are invisible?

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