: Is rift herald gonna bring out of meta mid laners?
Rift will definitely affect the meta in a way. whether it's enough to be seeing junglers in lanes is a question that can only be answered by time. nice post though :)
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: Concept: Deja, Ravager of Memories
this is a good idea but it's going to be really hard to balance. Im not sure though, this would be an interesting champion
: Crying about annie when you have more actul broken champs than ever before. {{champion:121}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} Good priorities, folks.
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: Patch 6.14: Sona hits 58% WR. Gets hotfix nerfs. Receives more nerfs on the two following patches.
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: Ban him in ranked don't ban him in normals. It's good to play with and against him. I played Galio in my last game (normals obv) and my ADC had zero idea of how he worked. My team had zero idea of how he or his ult worked. To be fair, I only knew him because I took him into the practice tool first and I played a bit of Galio before the rework. But we lost super crazy hard (because my mid and jungler were bad and they all chose AD with zero AP damage and all wanted to 1v5 melee carry) but mostly because my team didn't know how to play with a Galio! Now they're better in that regard after playing with one I'd hope. Now if they see one in ranked they'll hopefully do better.
dunno how it is in NA but in oce, we have blind pick for normals
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: So Ryze is at a 37% winrate
Ryze struggling to keep up with the meta? Lets insanely buff lux *trollface*
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Divewing (OCE)
: I don't feel outplayed most the time when I die to a Lee Sin
"He is hard to master" Keybashing is not hard
: I'm 100% okay with new champions being disabled in ranked for a short time
I've been saying this for so long. I've had way too many galio first timers in ranked playing him just to explore his abilities and try out new builds ;-;
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: Why would it be ? Have you ever tested it ? I mean mbe someone will find an AD attack speed build that outscales the others AP tank builds and everyone will play it. I played a lot of Ivern jungle before ppl understood that he was strong. That's pretty much the same.
If you play out of meta in ranked and carry, great, but if you're going to play AD AS Galio after countless people told you not to, and still manage to go 1/11, then the blame's on you
: So, PBE doesn't matter at all? Experience from a server that allows only positive-behavior players to stay? Experience from the first builds of the character, before and after the tank nerf? He "came out" weeks ago, not a few days ago. He was RELEASED a few days ago, sure. But he's been "out" for quite awhile, in terms of champion development. Respecting picks is courtesy; Galio is still a pick. Regardless of experience. Banning a new champion in ranked? Sure go ahead, but be aware that there are players on your team looking to play it, looking to build a team around it. They've most likely practiced in normals and are wanting to take it into a more competitive environment. Quit being so naive, so judgmental.
I doubt anyone in bronze has PBE...
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: Yep, nothing wrong with that. I don't care if someone claims they're PBE users, I just don't trust anyone's words in League when they constantly claimed to be a "Galio main". Like Riot. We love the incoming 10 bans & such, but please make every newly released champions banned from Ranked Matches at least two weeks.
i remember when camille came out. People left right and center were playing her in ranked only hours after release; most of them being FIRST TIME CAMILLE PLAYERS @_@. I mean you barely know what her abilities do, is there a harm in trying new champs out in norms? >.<
: You're missing the point. It's only rarely used as a mini gap closer seeing how easy it is to dodge. It's mainly used as poke or an execute (to an unsuspecting enemy)
You can really use it for both, it doesnt matter. the point is, its not supposed to do that much damage. the w crit buff is a huge leap in the wrong direction for jinx
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: > The Lux, Katarina, and even Bard buffs look too powerful They look powerful, but Alistar's global heal doesn't? It'd be like a mini Soraka ult every 20 seconds.
Its not a global heal; he only heals nearby allies. The heal is also really small
: at least they're giving j4 SOMETHING
Its not like theyve neglected j4. They havent touched diana in well over a year
: > [{quoted}](name=Skias,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K7MamXEy,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-22T15:07:46.116+0000) > > It&#x27;s not designed to be an orbital laser? It&#x27;s a fucking CC to allow her to chase. That is fucking telegraphic and easy to sidestep if you aren't boosted bonobos(unlike me since, I'm bronze.)
Lol, ur missing the point. the ability is supposed to be a mini gap closer (providing a slow and all, you know what i mean). Its not MEANT to do that much damage
Elikain (EUNE)
: Jinx W critically striking now is somehow sound without giving Jinx too big of buffs. Jinx is plenty of strong already so Riot might be trying something really small to push her into the spotlight. Remember that MF also got crit on Double Up, making crit itemization an appealing item path than just Lethality. Jinx doesn't really want Lethality so making her a tad bit stronger with crit (not in the form of her AAs) looks promising.
Jinx's W will do well over 900 damage alone late game, with a 2 second 70% slow...
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: I think yes and no. I think they will release the patch but immediately release 7.8 the next day where they will revert the troll changes
If this does happen, I really hope it doesnt affect ranked.
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yoshi2790 (EUW)
: I have quite a few games on Galio, and the reowrk first made me happy! I was like: **_FINALLY YOUR ULT HAS MOBILITY!!_** But then I saw you can only cast it on allies and you have to be a tank... You're like {{champion:12}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:48}} a Tank toplaner/ Tank support.. And not a mage anymore... :( {{item:3070}}
Im not dissing the new galio either, he looks pretty fun. Im just saying like, im trying to put myself in galio main's shoes. If they reworked my main diana, to a completely different champion (even visually), even if the rework makes her more fun to play, im going to miss the champ i once mained
SirLapse (NA)
: {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:37}} Malz is risky because he relies on ending the game earlier than the above champions. Won't be carrying with traditional supports, sorry though. Don't steal CS and try not to ks if possible, but you can only carry out of support if your champion is made to do so. Unless of course your team is decent, but I'm thinking that you're not running on the assumption. Train hard and good luck.
How would you build sona supp? Tried her full AP mid, her burst is great, and her kit seems to rely on AP. But what about support items like redemption on her? Neccessary or nah?
: If you're basically going to require smite to jungle, can you just auto assign it?
Maybe a warning that they forgot smite after they lock in? I had a game a while ago where jg forgot smite. We still won :,). Bless you low elo
Thr34t (NA)
: Games get carried by damage more than utility. Anything with a lot of damage that can contribute to winning team fights by providing a damage nuke is good. This is why Brand support is pretty popular. A good brand ult, with the right build*, can destroy the enemy team in a team fight. Most Brands that I see fail do so because they build too much like a support rather than a 2nd AP carry or they use their ult as an initiation in a team fight where the enemy can either run away or cause it to only bounce once.
What about something like ap blitzcrank? For that cc and damage too
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abdul569 (EUW)
: this is a dummy thread. a rioter will come and say this won't happen and then it will.
abdul569 (EUW)
: An april fool's prank i could get around
People would know though. Like if they pretend to nerf a champ's cd, but they actually domt nerf it, people would realise the nerfs are fake
resumed (NA)
: when their 0/4 yasuo meets our 0/5 riven in the river..
: I play league with my voice!
I think its very inspirational of you to speak up. I hope the community raises enougb awareness for this issue. League should be for everyone :). Hoping this gets a red comment soon! X
: because then burst mages will become tanky; AP bruisers have the same problem juggernauts do, wherein when itemization catered to them will be good on them, another group of champions will break it. > sometimes i feel like riot want AP = Burst only and AD = High sustained damage that's probably how it should be. AP DPS champions have been the most problematic group of all mages.
Ya but then theres champs like diana who barely have an escape in team fights but is forced to build ap burst
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: Ofc, RoA's made for late game. It's not like any other mage couldn't oneshot you late game with RoA.
Idk if i worded it wrong or something but thats not my point Im a diana main and i enjoy oneshotting people whilst still being fairly above 3k hp, is my point :)
: How about instead of wasting time on the boards whining you go to the literally hundreds of pages available at tons of websites where you can find strategy's and champions to counter her. smh.
Im not being sarcastic Buff fiora
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: True, until lvl 6 Fiora can all in and win, he HAS to win lane before then, and if he doesnt he will never be able to 1 v 1 her again
Even Pre-6 shell have a hard time poking. If he engages on her pre 6, he wins trades. If she engages pre 6, its usually about how fast she can get out if it. Tldr a good panth will beat a fiora in trades even early
: Who can beat Fiora, 1 vs 1?
She'll have a hard lane against {{champion:80}} because he blocks her Q if she tries to engage & her w is useless against him
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