: Frozen Mallet Rework
Dayum, I love this idea, of course numbers wise its all just theory crafting at this stage, but what about changing it from basic attacks to simply dealing damage? Right now rage from say blackcleaver is granted just by dealing physical damage, so it would make sense to do something similar with this passive. It might need a cap on the max movespeed you can gain from it, otherwise someone like Garen would literally be moving at the speed of light when he E's in the middle of a bunch of enemies.
: I found a nasty MF build...
The build is great except for the tri force. MF base AD at level 18 is 71, so essentially a tri force sheen proc will deal 142 additional damage. You would be much better off with a big AD item or more pen. For example, getting an essence reaver, the crit alone will deal 70AD x 2.5 crit = 175 additional damage on not just the Q bounce but all of your autos. Not to mention all of her other AD ratios in her kit (Q and passive in particular).
: Dark Harvest NEEDS to be toned down in ARAM
Mhmm, it's common place for over half of the players in any particular Aram match to have dark harvest, that should really be ringing alarm bells for whoever's in charge of Aram balancing (I think it's the same team in charge of featured game modes? could be wrong though).
: ARAM with mostly melee is SO fun
If Riot was to release a game mode that was essentially just aram but melee only I would play it to death.. It's simple, But sounds like a load of fun.
Meddler (NA)
: Nothing new to report yet. It's being worked on at present, both getting the art together and figuring out exactly which version of older Q is most appropriate (trending towards Attack Speed as empower bonus) and what corresponding changes might need to be made elsewhere.
Hi Meddler, prior to his rework I'm sure you'll remember Rengar's ult gave some movement speed after exiting stealth. In my mind at least this would seem to be due to the need to stick to people more (as he was completely auto attack based). Rengar on live doesn't have this issue due to his Q having some range on it and it being a dash, do you think it might be necessary to bring back some of that movement speed? For example moving the movement speed from using empowered abilities to gaining speed if you jump on the hunted target etc. Just a though. Cheers from New Zealand ;)
: You figured Vayne wouldn’t thrive in a meta where games ended so quickly
Man... I've been saying Vayne is broken to the core for a long time, but all it ever gets you is down votes when shes not strong :/
: Did you mean to post this: [1:37] Gibo51lt (Poppy): jon snow dies [2:17] Gibo51lt (Poppy): dude i've seen the leaked one already ;) [4:54] Gibo51lt (Poppy): omg fail stun sry [5:39] Gibo51lt (Poppy): cho afk [5:52] Gibo51lt (Poppy): akali can snowball mid after lvl 6 [9:00] Gibo51lt (Poppy): kill hjim [10:44] Gibo51lt (Poppy): akal iyou should gank mid [11:25] Gibo51lt (Poppy): AKALI CAN YOU HELP YOUR TEAM [11:40] Gibo51lt (Poppy): vayne omg [11:40] Gibo51lt (Poppy): 4v5 [11:41] Gibo51lt (Poppy): don't go afk [11:42] Gibo51lt (Poppy): they ahve cho afk [11:44] Gibo51lt (Poppy): dude [11:46] Gibo51lt (Poppy): you wanna get banned ? [11:48] Gibo51lt (Poppy): because of soraka? [11:55] Gibo51lt (Poppy): well riot don't know that [11:59] Gibo51lt (Poppy): all their algorith see is you go afk [12:04] Gibo51lt (Poppy): ¨no they dont -.- [12:15] Gibo51lt (Poppy): vayne so what [12:16] Gibo51lt (Poppy): this is free elo [12:19] Gibo51lt (Poppy): akali carry easily [12:24] Gibo51lt (Poppy): you play to lose ? [12:27] Gibo51lt (Poppy): or to win? [14:06] Gibo51lt (Poppy): soraka stop flaming her bakc [14:08] Gibo51lt (Poppy): jsut mute her [14:10] Gibo51lt (Poppy): and let her play [14:20] Gibo51lt (Poppy): stop it omg [14:22] Gibo51lt (Poppy): vayne and soraka mute each other [14:23] Gibo51lt (Poppy): and play [14:25] Gibo51lt (Poppy): for win [14:25] Gibo51lt (Poppy): pls [14:51] Gibo51lt (Poppy): vayne stop she's not worth it [15:00] Gibo51lt (Poppy): soraka you're reported too if you troll [15:07] Gibo51lt (Poppy): soraka you're no better than vayne if you do that [15:44] Gibo51lt (Poppy): noio jsut push [16:29] Gibo51lt (Poppy): let her last hit [16:31] Gibo51lt (Poppy): she will carry late [18:37] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): soraka chill [18:47] Gibo51lt (Poppy): soraka chill he's not gonna report anyone lol [19:14] Gibo51lt (Poppy): "fck you all" what did I do soraka ?? [19:23] Gibo51lt (Poppy): don't let vayne ruin game for the rest of us [19:24] Gibo51lt (Poppy): omg [19:38] Gibo51lt (Poppy): well let her say anythign she want [19:40] Gibo51lt (Poppy): mute her [19:49] Gibo51lt (Poppy): JUST MUTE EACH OTEHR NOBODY ELSE CARES ABOUT YOUR FIGHT [20:00] Gibo51lt (Poppy): YOU ARE TWO RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET, WHY DO YOU CARE OF EACH OTHER? [20:13] Gibo51lt (Poppy): soraka you come league to play or to talk ? [20:22] Gibo51lt (Poppy): if you come to play and have fun, then ignore vayne [21:01] Gibo51lt (Poppy): I am not on anyone's side [21:04] Gibo51lt (Poppy): i don't care who said what [21:08] Gibo51lt (Poppy): I just want you both to be quiet and focus on game [21:12] Gibo51lt (Poppy): I don't care who started [21:14] Gibo51lt (Poppy): you 12 year old? [21:17] Gibo51lt (Poppy): "but she started" [21:22] Gibo51lt (Poppy): I come here to play after a stressful work day [21:26] Gibo51lt (Poppy): and all I see is people fighting each other [21:29] Gibo51lt (Poppy): when there's an enemy to fight [22:01] Gibo51lt (Poppy): and vayne also hopes you lose all games [22:06] Gibo51lt (Poppy): now so waht, you're two strangers online [22:28] Gibo51lt (Poppy): I just hope we can play the game and have fun together and kick the enemy's ass... [22:39] Gibo51lt (Poppy): n1 stun vayen [22:56] Gibo51lt (Poppy): nicee [23:12] Gibo51lt (Poppy): 1-3-1 [24:59] Gibo51lt (Poppy): nah not yet [25:04] Gibo51lt (Poppy): we need one pick [25:08] Gibo51lt (Poppy): then we can baron without risk [25:19] Gibo51lt (Poppy): vayne we can probably, but get one pick so it's safer [26:52] Gibo51lt (Poppy): 1-3-1 ? [26:56] Gibo51lt (Poppy): 2-3-0 better [29:16] Gibo51lt (Poppy): gg guys [1:48] Gibo51lt (Poppy): ty [3:42] Gibo51lt (Poppy): rly ori? [3:43] Gibo51lt (Poppy): rly? [3:45] Gibo51lt (Poppy): rly ? [3:57] Gibo51lt (Poppy): well it's your loss, she's the one getting double buff [4:00] Gibo51lt (Poppy): no you don't have to get there FASTER [4:03] Gibo51lt (Poppy): you have to GET THERE [4:10] Gibo51lt (Poppy): I killed kha [4:18] Gibo51lt (Poppy): and survived ~15 seconds against syndra [4:22] Gibo51lt (Poppy): yet you just don't show up. [4:36] Gibo51lt (Poppy): but your loss against double bufgff [5:01] Gibo51lt (Poppy): ok gg [5:02] Gibo51lt (Poppy): ff15 [5:08] Gibo51lt (Poppy): bronze mid [5:36] Gibo51lt (Poppy): yeah 9x the best player for you two sucking :) [5:46] Gibo51lt (Poppy): "oh bruh but I love being in bronze" [6:11] Gibo51lt (Poppy): subhuman xDD nice [6:18] Gibo51lt (Poppy): you totally hurt my feelings bruh [6:40] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): come my red [6:42] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): ori won't movce [6:53] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): free red [7:42] Gibo51lt (Poppy): again they kill me in my jungle :) [7:58] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): can someone link me a tutorial [8:01] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): "How to win 1v5 game" ? [9:43] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): it's not inting if I'm dead already [10:02] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): no flash, everything on cd [10:05] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): no way I can escape [10:23] Gibo51lt (Poppy): you mean yourself and riven? yeah [10:46] Gibo51lt (Poppy): next game if your laner leaves to kill your jungler and your jungler still kills their jungler, maybe follow your laner [12:34] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): report ori ty [12:40] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): she's afk in base [13:22] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): she back yay [14:28] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): nope, afk again [14:52] Gibo51lt (Poppy): yeah report me for orianna being afk and letting me die intentionally, multiple times in a row [15:10] Gibo51lt (Poppy): what do you report me for ? [15:32] Gibo51lt (Poppy): I invade succesfully, kill enemy jungler, then fight their mid for 15 seconds [15:34] Gibo51lt (Poppy): meanwhile ori afk [15:48] Gibo51lt (Poppy): i didn't need you riven, I needed ori [15:50] Gibo51lt (Poppy): but she was afk [16:04] Gibo51lt (Poppy): stop deffing your premade for her mistakes [16:06] Gibo51lt (Poppy): she won't learn else [17:20] Gibo51lt (Poppy): see? [17:24] Gibo51lt (Poppy): ori afk [17:36] Gibo51lt (Poppy): you believe me now trist? [21:37] Gibo51lt (Poppy): yeah [21:40] Gibo51lt (Poppy): that's how i died first 3 times [21:54] Gibo51lt (Poppy): umh [21:58] Gibo51lt (Poppy): my 2nd and 3rd were [22:09] Gibo51lt (Poppy): kha killed me TWICE in my jungle WITH syndra [22:13] Gibo51lt (Poppy): first at red, then again at blue [22:18] Gibo51lt (Poppy): ori don't even move [22:42] Gibo51lt (Poppy): riven you don't even see situation and you still talk shit? [22:47] Gibo51lt (Poppy): maybe watch replay and stop talking [23:09] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): according to my team (riven and ori premades), you never invaded me on my blue buff [23:17] [All] Gibo51lt (Poppy): damn, apparently I just suck so hard that I'm seeign things
Interesting, I just read all that and I'm finding it hard to spot anything super toxic, sure he seems quite wound up and a little aggressive, but I'm surprised this got pulled up as ban/suspension worthy or what ever the punishment was. What part stood out in particular to you may I ask?
Ralanr (NA)
: Honestly I’d rather Rengar not have bonetooth necklace. It’s very thematic, but getting extra rewards for something you were already going to do seems unhealthy.
Its also his make or break.. get the stacks early = taking over the game and destroying people, but dont get the stacks fast enough = falling into irrelevance. Doesn't seem overly healthy, I say move the increased AD back to empowered Q bonuses if at all.
: also we need bans, it takes alot of frustration out of urf
Mmm, it would unfortunately mean the same champs would be perma banned all the time, but its still a better solution to randomizing what you get.
: also we need bans, it takes alot of frustration out of urf
Mmm, it would unfortunately mean the same champs would be perma banned, but its still a better solution to randomizing what you get.
: Is anyone else sick of lethality?
Whilst lethality probably does need looking at (maybe needs reworking all together), I honestly think a lot of the problem quite simply stems from Duskblade, the purpose of assassin/burst items should be to amplify your damage, not to just straight hand you a big ol' chunk of it. It's why a lot of champs start abusing it, the primary example that comes to mind is Wukong just to name one, I'm pretty sure the whole reason he is viable as a one shot assassin is due to Duskblade giving his Q a crap load more base damage, sure the lethality helps but if Duskblade didn't exist he probably wouldn't be a problem at all. Tbh its also boring, assassins should be rewarded for landing their abilities, not right clicking you for most of your health then using their abilities to merely finish you off if you survived.. (exaggeration of course but its not far from the truth).
NitroDaxs (EUNE)
: Where is the rotating game mode this week?
Does this mean I have to go out and be social this weekend :( Nah fk that, aram it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rengooo,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1o9IxRAL,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2017-12-09T02:13:52.192+0000) > > I would personally prefer crit to be reworked completely. > It just seems like an outdated archaic mechanic. Please this. The solution I like would be to have it deal the critical strike on what would be currently the last possible hit on a given target. Each hit adds your crit modifier to an under-the-hood crit build up on a target. So if you have 30% crit, each hit adds 30%, until a hit overflows at 100%. The first three hits won't crit, but the fourth hit on that target deals critical damage and carries over the remaining 20%. This fits into the idea of damage over time and makes the stat something that makes a little more sense. Your character is looking for a weak spot to hit, and eventually finds one to deal critical damage.
Mmm, very similar to an idea I saw a while back here on the boards, changing 'crit chance' to 'crit ramp'.
: Honestly the biggest buff to bruisers compared to whats on PBE
I would personally prefer crit to be reworked completely. It just seems like an outdated archaic mechanic.
Rengooo (OCE)
: Can't invite to Ascension Lobby??
Seems to be an oce only thing.. and all lobbies.
Rioter Comments
: Yet another insult towards the Rengar mains
You know what, screw a revert, Rito pls rework Rengar into a plushie {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: When Tryndamere gets a VU, please let him actually mock the champ he's facing with his W
: Balancing Tristana Discussion
She probably has to much going for her, I personally think she needs to loose one of the following; Self peel/mobility Insane dps high range These all in combination make for a very overloaded champ, high dps from range should always come with a trade off, but when you have so much self peel as well (W & R) it makes for a very frustrating champ who lacks clear weaknesses.
: ARAM should have a "discard pool"
Dayum, this is an awesome idea! It also solves the problem where you want their champ but you cant trade because they don't have yours. Love it!
Kythers (NA)
: Sion ult {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
> [{quoted}](name=Kythers,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BAKgJnEn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-26T23:45:47.961+0000) > > Sion ult > {{sticker:sg-jinx}} Dying as sion during ult? Launch yourself across the map..
: I'm probably the closest to a Rengar main (I used to main him in previous seasons). His kit has some sick merit to it with his W trading, though specifically in top lane vs jungle. Not too fond of his jungling or his jungle clears. Don't like the word clunky but I'm personally not a fan of the Q swim mechanic. That said, we don't have any plans for Rengar changes atm.
Ayyyeeeee, Rito embracing the swimming memes! In all seriousness though, I'm glad the feeling is mutual on the general feeling of his Q, it's quite a sore point for most who played Rengar pre rework.
Rexxiee (NA)
: I think this whole galio fiasco shows that this balance team needs to be changed
I don't usually bitch about stuff here (unless its about Rengar... sorry..) But holly crap, this is the most overtuned filth I have come across in a long time.
: Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv need the Hydra treatment
I don't really see an issue with buying both, but they should at least be full priced items, $2,600 each is so absurdly cheap. I also think half the issue is how much burst they provide an adc with, adc's have and always should be dps orientated, not burst followed by dps. A solution could be that you loose energized stacks out of combat, so you have to build them up in the fights?.. It would work for statikk at least, not so sure about rapid fire.
: I'm sorry but I don't go on Reddit in general. Reddit is a disgusting place that's filled with so much negativity. Of course, you're going to find people that complain on there, but they definitely don't speak for the entire Rengar community. I could literally find someone saying any kit is unfun to play on there. However, when I go into ACTUAL League games, I see the Rengar players having a blast, so idk. I'm taking my personal experience over R/Rengarmains. I can't even believe you brought up Reddit. That place is disgusting.
Reddit, the boards, there is no difference.
Minarde (NA)
: It'd be a strange feeling to see Dominion essentially be replaced by a shallower version of itself. Realistically, what niche would Ascension have? SR gets the lion's share of everything, so all the rest of the maps have to fight for the scraps. Treeline has the competitive appeal (due to ranked), and ARAM has the casual appeal (due to low barrier to entry). Meanwhile, Dominion died because it was a competitive mode (based on gameplay) aimed at casuals (based on lack of ranked). Ascension would presumably aim for the casual audience, but that has it clash with ARAM for playerbase and Riot resources.
Maybe have Aram and Ascension swap out on a fortnightly basis? Monday Aram Tuesday Ascension Wednesday Aram So on so forth... That way both Aram and Ascension sharing that fun to play/casual mode. I'm an Aram player myself and everyone I know who plays Aram plays Ascension when its up. It could solve the whole issue of having a small player base then splitting it between two ques?
Tworie (NA)
: So how exactly are you supposed to counter Twitch?
> So how exactly are you supposed to counter Twitch? Respawn?
: Some thoughts on Elise's design
> Those little spiderlings that she creates by placing them in their victim.... Getting flash backs to alien vs predator {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Rengar needs a small rework
Rengar should definately get a rework, but for the love of Rito leave the leap alone..
: When your Vayne tells you she wants to 1v5 because she's fed.
Well at least she told you I guess? Seems just as likely they'll do it without warning.
: Bonus tenacity in ARAM
Maybe for melee only? Poke/disengage comps don't need more safety.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Enough fucking around, just nerf adcs.
At least watch Gigabyte Marines vs Fnatic, that game was awesome because its not just adc face rolling.
: Should we be happy that Riot Sanjuro lost his job?
Sure the reaction to it all was way over the top. But he doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy, it is 100% his fault for what happened and I'm sure Riot has very strict guidelines around the matter, hence him getting fired. It is what it is and at the end of the day you have to take ownership for your mistakes.
: Least favorite aspects of your favorite champions
Game play wise, an ability.. you know I don't have to write anything, you've heard it all already.
: Holy shit they literally just gave everything + 5 AD... I wonder if they'll go further. EDIT: aw... looks like some of them got more then 5 AD
: I really hope they do a bit more for {{champion:102}}. While she may be in an "alright" state atm, her losing attack speed, AD and armor from current runes will hurt her a lot more then most junglers. Since she has no sustain, really needs attack speed to have a decent clear and still gets some what beat up by the jungle camps while offering low to no real ganking pressure, I hope they aren't just gonna give her like 5-10 more damage on one of her abilities and assume she'll be fine in the jungle. Then again, I'm sure there will be a whole update designed for junglers or they'll probably just adjust jungle camps stats as well, but I'm just worried about her. As I used to play her top lane back since season 3 and now she is basically forced out of top lane...I don't want her only role in jungle to become terrible.
Going down the precision tree gives you something like 14% attack speed from the get go, should help her out a bit?
Rioter Comments
: To be honest, i don't know how Rengar got here in the first place. Kindred and Jhin have some of the best themes and cohesiveness to their stories and gameplay in the whole game. Would have been nice to see a duel between those two. Personally, i find Rengar's kit and theme to be...mediocre at best. I mean his gameplay is pretty uninteresting with the rework (imo, keep that in mind) and his story isn't that special either. He's just a knifecat from shurima that likes to hunt...great.
You do realise Kindred wouldn't stand a chance againt Jhin right? Hell Rengar isn't doing to hot right now.
: Back off Rengar mains This thread is pink warded. Trespassesers will be shot
: > [{quoted}](name=Rengooo,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9yVg3Fie,comment-id=0001000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-24T20:33:29.395+0000) > > Uh huh. > > Hope its not moderator otherwise you are doing the exact thing moderators should be trying to disencourage. > > Bandwaggoning on the downvotes system. Wagons were very important modes of transportation back in the Oregon Trail days. Band wagons would accompany these wagons to help them "rock out" with pleasant melodies of death metal and rock. Too bad so many people died of dysentery, though. This is the kind of information you can get exclusively from primary sources like the one listed below: http://www.methodshop.com/wp-content/uploads/oregon-trail-feature.png
Ha.. And here I stand accused of terrible jokes. I almost like your sense of humour.
: False. Rengar has an extremely obnoxious community on Reddit that only comes onto the Boards to downvote posts that disagree with their view on Rengar. M&G just likes Jhin's 4 memes.
Stop twisting things, the Rengar subreddit came here to express their displeasure with the rework. A lot of vote brigading went on yes, but we didn't go around finding anti Rengar threads to downvote. All this hate is so unwarranted. Malz, Leblanc, even Skarner and Mordekaiser enthusiasts complained heaps when their champs were changed for the worse. There are generally just fewer mains of those champions/smaller reddit groups so their wasn't as much noise. Hell there was even a Rengar mega thread organised just so it wouldn't overrun the boards with spam posts. Its just a friendly competition and in no way actually indicates which champion is the most popular.. no need to turn it hostile.
: lets give this guy negative 4 votes
You know I can just change it to -3 or -5 myself right? :p Edit: boom, downvoted myself -5
: > [{quoted}](name=Razyelx,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=TodoJty7,comment-id=000100000002,timestamp=2017-09-24T21:43:49.414+0000) > > [http://gph.is/XJdqRS > ](http://gph.is/XJdqRS) > > [http://gph.is/1MvJZLE](http://gph.is/1MvJZLE) You can't be serious. Tell me it's not you who has been rigging the vote that way. The one running the contest shouldn't be giving an unfair advantage to one side!
: It's not an idea. It's a fact. It literally always happens. If someone mentions Rengar in any thread on the Boards, it gets linked to Reddit and hundreds of Rengar mains flood in and dogpile the thread.
: 4 Champions left to vote. Jhin is one of those champions {{champion:202}} It's not a coincidence, its da prophecy
Sounds like Jhin would love to come fourth in this competition then? I can just see him being so happy with his 4th spot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rengooo,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9yVg3Fie,comment-id=00010000000100000000,timestamp=2017-09-24T06:27:45.947+0000) > Edit; whats your role on the boards btw? Are you a moderator? Thot slayer. It's a very important role for any medium-sized video game forum. ;P
Uh huh. Hope its not moderator otherwise you are doing the exact thing moderators should be trying to disencourage. Bandwaggoning on the downvotes system.
Wa1fuPls (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rengooo,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9yVg3Fie,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2017-09-24T02:25:47.554+0000) > > Humour is lost on this community. Spelling is apparently lost on this community too; "Humour"
Standard NA comment right there. "The American way of spelling is the only way of spelling". Look it up. Where I'm from it is spelt Humour.
: BREAKING NEWS: A new OP way to counter zed !
Lol, you can have my upvote for trying XD
: They mean that opinions on the boards tend to force all other opinions out until only a select few reign king. It's why saying something like "supports are busted" will most likely get downvotes but "ADCs are busted" can easily get you to the hot page.
> [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KXrfjVht,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-24T03:46:18.880+0000) > > They mean that opinions on the boards tend to force all other opinions out until only a select few reign king. > It's why saying something like "supports are busted" will most likely get downvotes but "ADCs are busted" can easily get you to the hot page. Down voting is probably a leading cause of this.
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