Goondra (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Fizz can't avoid Cho'Gath W
Are you sure it's a bug? Cho W reads where you are when the ability is pressed not when the delayed animation happens so if you're in the hitbox and vulnerable when the ability is pressed you're probably still getting hit even if you pole during the animation.
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: Nerf Yasuo!! [Yasuo seriously needs a nerf]
Pick Annie into Yasuo & collect his tears.
Parceval (NA)
: To be fair, you can move that.
Are you sure? I'm not able to move the mastery page. And even if so, it makes more sense for the countdown timer to be positioned higher so that at default it's shown above the mastery page.
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: Never thought I'd have a ranked game trolled/ruined by a Rioter
For those that don't believe this, look at the Fizz game in my match history. (Please ignore the massive losing streak I'm on lol)
Shakiera (OCE)
: Stuck in Champ Select
Riots already on it, loss prevention for anyone it happened to & ranked is disabled.
: I disapprove his anti-synergy with his traps
Amplifier OP
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: link please! 24.11- 25.15 is the part of the clip in game. And that's the segment about it after the game
: I wasn't really paying attention to that. Were they making a joke about Hai shotcalling that play?
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: When you're Tahm Kench and the enemy thinks they've caught your ADC

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