: Hard disagree. He was the original villain. He was the ultimate evil guy. Then his story developed over two sequel movies, where he ultimately tried to atone for what he had done. Then loads more stories built out the depth. Then the prequels, etc etc. So. Was Darth Vader good or evil? Discuss.
So I just want to make sure of something here. Are you saying that If can justify why something evil was done as long as that person did even a little good or if they ever regretted doing said evil thing then they are “not evil”? Cause if that is your argument then I can think of so many ways to justify what Hitler did. Also last 15 minutes of “The return of th Jedi”= two movies of Vader seeking redemption And another fact you seem to ignore is that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader are treated as two different people
: We always have TT
Lucky bastard, we have TT on Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 1am. Makes it stupidly hard to climb if you work at night
Trias000 (EUNE)
: PSA: If you've never played on Twisted Treeline, you're not gonna get gold on the last day
How often does EU and Na have TT? OCE only has it twice a week making it somewhat hard to play constantly
: Any meta would be better than this ultra high mobility one shot assassin twitch shooter meta.
: I think she looks like Jim Carrey playing Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber.
I see the resemblance
: reminded my of the character from Fate zero , Irisviel Von einzbern
If anything she looks more like Semiramis from fate/Apocrypha
Kalikko (NA)
: Personally, I'd like them to untie ranked rewards from twisted treeline, so all you casuals get out my ranked games.
> [{quoted}](name=Kalikko,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1hARFAcj,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-05T03:30:30.064+0000) > > Personally, I'd like them to untie ranked rewards from twisted treeline, so all you casuals get out my ranked games. You sound mad for no reason, all i want is consistency. I fail to see how its fair for people to get more chances then others to get the chromes or to get an easier requirement. I cant play ranked TT cause i have to work when its on for the oce server but by all means if you have a better plan do share
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: is she really at 63%, i almost feel vindicated saying that kai'sa looked as if kogmaw and vayne had a baby.
I think op means he has a 63% win rate with her. If you look up her win rates she sits around 42% for jungle and 45% for adc
: ... but kill lanes are a thing... Remember when Brand support was insanely popular?
That's good and all but Brand has been considered a champion that can support for like two seasons now, Zed and other assassins have never been considered supports but even then in a kill lane Brand shouldn't be taking cs and should at the very least have a sight stone. I talking about people who go "fuck you my lane now bitch" and try to hard carry from the support role while taking things away from the adc
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: There was legitimately no collapse on the kog maw The sej ult landed which did little to no damage and then followed up by the Orianna ult Outside those two ultimates hitting No one on C9 was able to follow up with damage? Why? because of the gigantic peel The main reason why shockwave and glacial prison is strong is because of its lockdown allowing team follow up. The lockdown only hit the kog maw while the the rest of his team was free to do everything they could to save him. Imagine if the prison and shockwave hit the entire team with everyone attacking the carry, kog maw would have died with sheer collapse but everyone else was free to peel. Imagine if kog was isolated away from any of his team mates? Notice the rest of c9 was condensed in the bush by Gragas and Shen being stopped from dashing to kog with Galio and Janna ult. (That is important) No one was anywhere near kog due to Galio ult (plus damage reduction and locket) and Gragas ult zoning them out, then making a wall preventing anyone from getting near while Janna freely monsooned, of course kog maw is gonna Live. The entire comp was centered at protecting the carry, and they did a fantastic job. C9 was chain cc'd so hard that Janna was able to freely do what jannas do while everyone prevented c9 from touching kog. Every possible peel was done with coordination. Don't just focus on the Janna and kogmaw Everyone made sure no one from C9 touched kog maw as soon as the prison hit. This was a matter of team coordination and the coordination WE did to keep the kog maw alive was perfect. Why shouldn't defensive comps be okay? They're just as strong as engage, but execution is key, you can have the best engage and defense comp but it'll be useless when executed badly.
Except youre missing the part where Caitlyn set up a trap that Kig maw got Ori ulted onto and then took a head shoot. I would agree with most of what you said but just from One janna shield and Galio's ult he didnt even drop under Half hp which That is just retarded
: All of those are horrible except ezreal jungle.
Yep lucian mid is so bad it see's pro play :/
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