Øhjay (NA)
: Riot gave me this icon today
It is from Christmas. For playing a game of Poro King.
Ícé (NA)
1820RP and Brolaf does have voice over lines.
: Where are the Heca nerfs?
Seeing as the next class update could be Divers or Vanguards, Hecarim could be looked at, so nerfing right now would be a waste of time if his abilities could be getting changes.
: New Blood Moon skins a let down?
Seeing as the three Lunar Revel skins were all 1350RP, I don't see why these four being 1350RP sounds far fetched. I wouldn't be surprised if one was 975RP, but thinking one or more of these are gonna be 750RP is really weird...
weevil (NA)
: @Riot So.... is Yorick still forgotten?
I'm glad he didn't get Blood Moon. Yorick deserves way better than that.
Rebonack (NA)
: I don't think Kog has ever been in any promotional art before
I thought Kog'Maw was on one of the login screens celebrating either the Season or Worlds. I do agree there is champs that just never show up in anything though.
: Warring Kingdom Vi?
Seeing as Cassiopeia has had 1 skin already for Lunar Revel, and Wukong has had one, plus another skin celebrating Year of the Monkey. I don't see why they ever need a Warring Kingdoms skin.
: No LVL 7 Token?
You don't get any in the special Game Modes.
: Anivia VU idea
A simple no for me. Anivia deserves better.
: I am over mage supports refusing to build sightstone.
I love reading peoples excuses as to why they don't buy a Sightstone as Support. It's 2016 and people still don't know how to Support.
: Why is nobody talking about Hecarim
Probably because a lot of things kill ADCs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir HaxaIot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qoykarIl,comment-id=0033,timestamp=2016-12-05T01:17:34.708+0000) > > I still have no idea what exactly does Skarner's passive do besides give free gold. Attack speed and Movement speed buff.
: I might be complaining, but does this really warrant a ban?
If this was on my chat, I'd just report you. So annoying having to read through that. If Thresh was trolling you, then okay, you report him after the game. Problem solved.
Chaos689 (NA)
: Kled mains:
Kled and Skaarl are separate. That's like saying Nunu should be called they or Sejuani should be called they. Heck, let's start calling Rumble they!
: The post title doesnt say "English class" now does it? you reminded me how toxic ppl are in this game. toxic game toxic ppl i guess
No, but written in the post it says you are at University, so maybe less League of Legends and more study will be good for you.
Ypherion (NA)
: We've talked about this kind of thing internally several times over the past couple years. Some of the discussions about what to use as replacement messages are among of my favorite memories at Riot (some of us are kind of terrible people...creative, but terrible). The main reason we haven't gotten to it, aside from having other stuff we thought was more urgent, is that it tends to create a bit of an arms race. Once people figure out what the filters are, they adapt their messages. GG3Z, ky$ or just come up with entirely new stuff like "GG stomp" or something, which then becomes GGST etc. etc. Then the filters need to be updated, then players adapt, repeat ad nauseum. There's also an interesting question around how players will perceive the replacement messages once the mapping from input to replacement is well known. I have no doubt that it will help to a decent degree, and I'll be interested to see how it works out. I love that other games are experimenting in this space more and more. It'll only speed up development on awesome ways to deal with this kind of behavior.
What a very weird response about adding a fun feature to a game. Overwatch are like "Let's add something fun to our game, because it is a game and people play to have fun and chat isn't going to effect anything.", but then League of Legends is like "Oh, we already acknowledge most of our playerbase is too toxic for such a thing, they will just find other ways to get around it. Our players can't be trusted to have fun on this game."
: I dont think that the brackern were arround all the world, they lived only in Shurima, in a continent that is not near Zaun or Piltover... So, using them as primary source wouldnt make sense if they have more sources of energy (and they do).
: Full Pool Party Roster?
It is Riven, not Taliyah.
: A Blackhole should've been Aurelion Sol's Ult
If he created a black hole that sucks champions to it like Zarya's ult from Overwatch it would have made more sense with his kit, because then they are stuck in one place while his stars swirl around at them. But maybe too OP.
: 0 / 1 / 43 as {{champion:267}} and I only got an S- sir. You get graded much higher if you get kills as a Support (I remember someone saying getting a kill as Support is like getting 4+ assists per time). I don't want to KS, but it's what I have to do sometimes since games now a days don't last longer than 20-30 min.
I don't think not getting kills screwed you over. Even then, I'd doubt getting more than 0 kills would be kill stealing. And still doesn't change the fact that Support is easy.
: Supports, Don't Give Up!! (Mastery 7 Topic)
Getting an S with support is easy. You don't have to kill steal for them. What the fuck. There must be a lot of bad supports out there...
GreenLore (EUW)
: Yes he is. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/uTEZqLz9-chromas-yorick-and-champ-mastery-in-ask-riot?comment=000c0000000e0000000000000000000000010000
Okay, time to explain something to you. The champs currently on the list are Ryze, Yorick and Warwick last time I checked. So they will not be getting any skins until they done. The "list" you showed are ones they would do in future, but does not mean Swain won't get a skin now because of that. Dr. Mundo was on that "list" and he just got a 1350 skin. So don't be a moron and tell people Swain won't get a skin.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Because he is on the rework list. He won't get skins until he got his rework.
No. Swain isn't on rework list.
: [FOLLOWUP] Skarner Juggernaut Update
I am a bit worried about the changes, since I feel his last rework fixed problems I had with Skarner. He got a much better scaling W shield, his E is really good now, especially since you don't need to get 3 stacks and can just E and stun. His Q, maybe lacks some damage, but I really like that is scales of AD and the mana cost was reduced a lot. I now feel like the only time I do run out of mana, it's because I'm spamming something like W or E and not his Q, which is really good and how it should be for what Q does at the moment. His passive is unique and interesting. It is something I will miss if it ever gets removed. I like with Skarner that I can move around really fast, and the passive gives me that feeling even more especially on other maps too, not just Summoner's Rift. I do believe it needs some changes though, but as long as it still stays in I'm happy with whatever it is. On suggestions, I read that people would like his crystals movable and things like that or maybe more useful. I read that some people want him as a better duelist, so I thought what if when Skarner ults someone in or into his Crystal Spire area, the champion is then trapped in that area for 10 seconds or less (probably scaling with the game). I know usually with a team, most of the time the target ultied is going to die, but it could give more options with teamfights around his areas or make him a super safe counter jungler, because he can ulty enemy jungler into Crystal Spire area and then leave if he's really behind and not able to duel the enemy jungler. And in a teamfight, he could ulti someone who keeps wrecking the ADC or Mid, into his area and they would be safe outside of that space for a bit (unless they can't dodge skillshots and other spells) This would also fit a bit more into his theme I think, dragging a prey into a place they are trapped. Also, people would then actually fear Skarner in his spires maybe. It maybe sounds really overpowered though and might drag away from dueler to a very powerful disruptive fighter/tank. I don't know if this change would help Skarner, but was just something cool that I thought up and wanted to share. I just hope whatever is done to Skarner is good. A lot of Skarner players are just like "Remove his passive. The rework ruined him", but if you read my first paragraph it explains they fixed his E and W, also did alright with his Q last rework as far as mana usage goes. The rework was not a total failure.
: What does Microsoft think of your main?
"I am not really confident, but I think it's purple flowers are in a bag."
Helmight (NA)
: Have they really admitted it's a mistake? I must've missed that post. At any rate, I think Skarner still qualifies as a Juggernaut. His damage is lower than other juggernauts, but he makes up for it by bringing more crowd control than the others. His general profile still fits the description of that subclass.
He doesn't fit the official Juggernaut description.
Vesarixx (NA)
: It's a visual bug with the replays, I've seen this happen in some youtube videos in the past, I think some that foxdrop and stonewall008 have uploaded had this happen.
Ah, thanks for letting me know. I don't really spectate games often, so had no idea.
Rioter Comments
: New Taric, Why I feel it is a total failure of a rework. My problem with reworks in general.
> [{quoted}](name=KingSpadeIX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EuEE81p6,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-03T06:36:25.883+0000) > PS: PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT REWORK GALIO, HE IS PLENTY STRONG STOP LISTENING TO THE META SHEEP! > Just because something is unpopular does not mean it needs fixing. > > - KingSpadeIX I don't think you understand how reworks work...
: Did better then someone and got a worse grade?
The only way you can get a chest with a grade that isn't an S, is if you are paired up with friends that get an S grade in the match you played. You did not get a chest by getting an A with Ashe.
: so who does Taliyah's voice?
: Should Warwick's Model Be Updated?
His model should be updated when he gets a rework.
: Yes. But there aren't plenty of champions _with shitty animations_ and skins like Aether Wing. She's a special case where they're only leaving her shitty in order to sell a skin that they don't want to redo.
Actually no, there are other shitty Legendary skins that aren't updated.
Arakadia (NA)
: The skin IS a chroma, but you only get one. It was cooler before, just outdated. Just because Riot doesn't care doesn't mean it can't/shouldn't be changed.
There are plenty of these skins. Being an old champion, she is going to have a skin or skins like this. Maybe one day if she gets a major update, they can make the skin better, but for now it is a chroma like you say.
: Instead of updating a champion to be in line with all of the other champs, you need to buy a legendary skin? What logic.
There are plenty of champions with skins just like Viridian Kayle.
: Not compared to other skins that have been. Maybe like... make the actual armor look more different kinda like how Judgment Kayle has distinct armor differences.
The armour doesn't look different to Kayle's normal armour because that's what these type of skins are. Just recolours. Maybe if she had a Taric-like update, the skin would get a better theme and design.
Arakadia (NA)
: > it doesn't really matter _**to me**_
It doesn't really matter to Riot. It doesn't matter that people can't comprehend what the skin is. The skin looks fine for what it is. If you want black wings wait for another skin that will use them properly.
Arakadia (NA)
: > Viridian Kayle is a recolour skin. Kayle, but just different colours. There are many skins just like it. Recoloured skins. It makes perfect sense for her wings to be changed from black to blue/or green if they wanted to because black seems very out of place for a Kayle but green instead skin. It is was a good texture update considering what they had to work with. So do you think it should be just left as the poor old cheap skin thats no good because it makes her just green? It wouldn't be that hard to change something, such as the wings to black again. It sounds like your just saying it should be left as a recolor no one will buy because who cares about Viridian Kayle!? To answer that question, the OP does.
People can change her wings black, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter.
: This whole statement makes no sense considering that Viridian Kayle is an older skin. If you actually look thru the skin list you will see that alot of the older ones are in fact recolor classics. All of these are being brought up to date, probably with visual updates and champion reworks. I only ue skins that I find are visually easier to read. Example: Mecha Khazix. The classic skin before they made it visually easier to tell when Isolation was active was a pain in the ass to read, then I got the Mecha Skin and holy hell did my Khazix games get better. Aside from that I hope that Kayle gets some visual updates eventually to get her early skins more distinct from one another considering Viridian Kayle is one of my favorites.
The skin was brought up to date...
Saelon (NA)
: You should change that from 'Kayle, but just different colours' to 'Kayle, but just a different colour' considering you said only proper skins get multiple colors and you obviously think Viridian Kayle is just green and only deserves one green color
Somebody is just butthurt about a recoloured skin that looks fine for what it is.
: It will return. Fixed that for you.
Saelon (NA)
: He mains Kayle and uses multiple skins, including her Legendary. Your logic makes zero sense that 'its a cheap skin so the colors dont matter' you're basically saying if all cheap skins were a single color it would be okay. I like how you say 'having multiple colors is good for a proper skin' what does that even mean, that you want more expensive skins to just be recolors because thats what the cheaper skins are supposed to be.
What is your problem? Do you not know what a recolour skin is? Is that why you're going on about nonsense? I will explain to you. Viridian Kayle is a recolour skin. Kayle, but just different colours. There are many skins just like it. Recoloured skins. It makes perfect sense for her wings to be changed from black to blue/or green if they wanted to because black seems very out of place for a Kayle but green instead skin. It is was a good texture update considering what they had to work with. Maybe if Kayle ever gets a full update, it may change so it's not just a different coloured Kayle like they did with Taric and his skins. But for now, it is what it is.
Bellows (NA)
: You dunces, thats what i said already (granted its in developement and could return)
It will return, you moron.
Saelon (NA)
: Eh I dont really follow that logic, 'everything is green so shouldn't it also be green' so not having multiple colors is a good thing? That would make every skin looked washed down and not exciting. The wings are big enough to have a separate color and have it not clash with the other colors. I also dont follow the logic about 'there are other skins' that's not the point at all.
It's an ugly recolour skin. Having multiple colours is good for a proper skin, but this one is just an old cheap recolour skin. The other logic is that if you really care enough about Kayle, you'd be using her Legendary skin or some other, perhaps her new one coming out soon instead of an outdated one.
: Viridian Kayle
New one looks like a boring recolour skin, so that fits the skin perfectly. Old one is a bit weird, like shouldn't she have green wings if she has green everything else? Either way, it's just a cheap Kayle skin and for anyone who cares about Kayle, there are other skins.
SireOko (EUW)
: True, I always misunderstand these enchants and items. Thanks for your answers. Maybe I'll try to build Chilling Smite on Skarner next time :P
Chilling Smite is the recommended in Skarner's items...
SireOko (EUW)
: Sure they have, but I think other champions could benefit from it. It can also be very situational : you can increase the advantage you had on the other jungler for example. Also, if memory serves correctly, there are only three jungle items.
Better off just buying other movement speed items instead of making it a jungle item.
SireOko (EUW)
: A 4th jungle item
Both Skarner and Hecarim have an ability that ups their movement speed. No need for a jungle item that gives them even more speed. Also, there is already 4 jungle items.
Khorvus (NA)
: Is something wrong with Hextech Crafting?
Sounds like you have just been really unlucky.
Canastus (NA)
: Cassiopeia really could use more love when it comes to visuals and lore.
Cass Visual Update was a really good one. It may have not been like Sion or Taric level, but it did a very good job. To do another one over that one, would just be a waste for now. She does deserve a new skin though. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lw-pvjaAUYw/VBAjiBePocI/AAAAAAAAYEs/SAn-ZfRfy6A/s1600/cassase.jpg
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