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Gah. I have a few problems right now I need to sort for you guys. One: Faron's profile. Two: More frequent posts from you. I know i said you can have a break from posting but I don't remember saying you could just off and leave. Not without stating interest in dropping from the RP, or leaving in-character to do something other than our current quest. I'm all ears for that stuff. Three: I need to think of a way this scenario in the current RP turns for the Hatter, since he's our main villain. Also, if you missed the first calling for RPers to join, I'll allow some new people to join in considering the first callout was far too small for what I needed, and I didn't judge who'd stay well enough. So if you want in, post away below this comment!
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Slowly, but surely everything was coming back into place. Attacks overwhelming the captain were not easy to reverse, and the Hatter had no need to. He was gone, watching from somewhere else. Poppy was rushing past the freed prisoners in order to join Razor in the battle, slamming the captain against the wall before he had any time to react to the massive blows being thrown at him, let alone fight back. The captain was doomed, a blow from Razor would finish him for sure, but Poppy made sure to grab his arm and pull the rune from his grip as he still tried to recover from being slammed against the rear of the ship. Faron and Kara saw the prisoners now had 3 things: A person freeing them, a boat to travel in, and the crewmen beforehand now abandoning ship. This ship was successfully seized... Albeit, the sails were torn from the constant fighting, so it was dead in the water without proper repairs. "Seems we're gonna have a way to get all these vastayan outta here." Faron said, looking to Kara. "More importantly, we're gonna need to find someone to lead 'em." "Any bright ideas, Fa?" Kara asked him with a look of worry. She knew her brother was a good leader, at the very least... but she wasn't sure she wanted him to lead these people out, as greedy as it sounded, she didn't want to lose her brother again so soon. "Got a guy here, still alive... He should be able to lead 'em out." He replied, looking to one of the hatches that led below decks. "Jules. Good leader, led the battalion that... Well, got wiped out and captured. You see most of th' ones that didn't survive the torture." He looked around with a frown, the few dead yordles in these cages that'd succumbed to the Noxian way of 'Gathering intelligence.' Poppy made sure she held the Captain in place, she needed to save these people. Whilst quiet originally about her intentions, she was not going to let unjust actions hurt any more people. Even that hatter guy was insanely evil and doing unjust things by bringing them here, right? Maybe she needed to calm down... _Relax._ Maybe start off with a life of riches- _wait. These weren't normal thoughts._ The rune's greedy influence was growing the longer she held onto it, her thirst for money and power being more and more, as if out of nowhere. She held it away from the captain, but didn't hold it longer than she needed to, awaiting the final blow from one of her comrades. Faron and Kara made their way below decks, assured that the prisoners on deck would be freed. They moved swiftly, for the crew were not just leaving with nothing. They were grabbing as many riches as they could carry and leaping into the water through windows and cannon holes as fast as they could. They may not have been seen by the rest of their friends/allies. They searched every cage, Faron bashing the locks off even the cells to free the prisoners as quickly as he could. Kara too, but this would still take a while. The ship was immobile, the prisoners already knew they had to flee to the ship smaller and longer than the battleship Amelia drove, but whatever was left of the captain after would be decided by he who was already attempting to attack the Captain. Poppy was entranced, trying not to let the Rune's power consume her as it has many others. The captain was disarmed, literally, as Razor's blade chopped clean through his flesh and bone, and now awaiting Razor's execution. The hatter was pleased with this outcome, but what will he do to mess with our group next?
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
_The yordle aboard the ship was clumsy in his motions, a side affect of this rune's control. This was, still, however, no joke to be taken. He swung fast, and he swung with a heavy blow right for Razor, the Captain's mind ordering the Yordle to do as he commanded... but it was flawed, in a way. Every time he swung, he lost control, and the yordle grew exhausted from it from every swing, not able to swing more than once. This, surprisingly, made it very easy to avoid hurting the yordle while under control, but the captain was not as dumb as he looked. He saw Phantom, creeping up to him out of the corner of his eye, trying to pincer him into an unfavorable position. He knew he had to move, the mast of the ship was the last place he wanted to be when this fight broke out... However, he was already falling into their plan. He stepped left, trying to avoid the phantom, but walked straight into the flurry of projectiles instantly piercing his exposed gut and chest, puncturing his torso and pinning him to the back of the ship... Not even a fair fight, it seemed. He was only human. As the yordle beside Razor begun to regain control, he shook his head, and looked back to the now dead captain._ "Didn't expect anything from him. And I'm still disappointed." He growled to the group, now have likely all stood around confused, or, rather, as disappointed as he was. **"W-WHAT!?"** _The hatter's voice blared._ "THAT was your grand finale of a fight, Captain? **I GAVE YOU THAT RUNE SO YOU COULD KILL AT LEAST ONE OF THEM!**" _Frustrated, clearly, the hatter abused a power he'd not yet intended to use: He turned back time. Right to the point where the captain first saw Amelia fire her blades at him. However, in the turn of events he'd predicted to happen, he gave the captain knowledge to use the rune to it's full potential, rather than the limited knowledge of JUST mind control. Oh, no, he now knew more than just manipulation._ _This time, as all the strikes from the large blades landed, they'd land upon hardened metal skin, deflecting harmlessly... albeit, slamming into the ship wall behind him. A glistening golden, a statue... of the captain that once stood there. His statue-like state only lasted long enough for all the blades to reflect off his skin and merely chip away at his form rather than impale it. However, he dropped the rune, still allowing the Yordle his freedom. For now._ "Ah... that was close-" _Unfortunately, at this point, Amelia was still trying to scissor cut him, as she was before, but he was prepared. One of her blades were halted by the drawing of his scimitar, now seeming to be made of a different material, the same gold his skin was before. It seemed to bend, but not break, even to Amelia's blade... cast iron turned into immortal golden metal. It was able to hold it back, easily, through the power of the rune which was now floating lightly off the deck, right next to his foot. However, he still couldn't use it's power. The second blade was, however, held back by a new figure... The Hatter._ "Dear, oh dear." _The hatter said, his form now nothing more than a spiritual shade, but one with the physical strength to hold her blade._ "Someone trying to stop my little story from meeting it's proper end? I think not." _He cackled with laughter, and bent time once more, allowing the captain to sharpen his own timing, and scoop up the rune as he deflected and ducked under the blade, this time. Amelia, even with the precise programs allowing her to see what was happening, a rewind to favor the captain, was forced to stay on course with these actions, repeat what she had before, as if the captain was still in her grasp._ "Too slow, girl! I'll let you sort this out amongst yourselves." _The hatter cackled._ "Just remember, children! Play nice!" _He disappeared with a maddened cackle, and now, the captain was clearly out of reach of Amelia._ "Gah... If yer think it's over, yer dead wrong!" _The captain scoffed. He was already trying to use his powers to re-gain control of the yordle, but, the link between him and said Yordle were no longer available to him. He'd broken free, and was now on their side. He had to get closer, or hit him with something in order to gain control._ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _Kara ripped free of Poppy, now rushing to to stop Razor. The black furred yordle wouldn't have likely hurt Razor, his attack being a slow one, but, it was still enough to make her try and stop him from hurting what she saw as family._ "Stop!" _She cried._ "He's on our side!" _This was done after he'd regained control, which, thanks to Amelia and the Phantom, was rather quickly, after the combat started... The Hatter may be able to reverse time, but he cannot reverse already set in stone events. The death of the captain, was always going to be. It was just... how. And, moreso, how many he'd take with him._ "Gah... Kara?" _The yordle spoke, now looking at her with his bright amber eyes._ "Heh. Reunions never did go smooth in our line..." "**Faron**..." _Kara had tears in her eyes, so happy to see her brother again._ "What happened? H-How?..." _Poppy pushed through the pair, and pointed at the now brawling captain._ "Not the time or place, as much as I hate to say it." _The captain was dodging and flailing around to try and avoid losing his only chance of winning a fight, the rune. He shot a bolt of pure energy from it by accident at Phantom, even so. It was hardly harmful, it'd just suck the gold from his pockets... if he had any. He was still trying not to get impaled by Amelia's giant blades, but, thanks to his sword, he was able to at least try and redirect a few..._ _Faron stared at Razor. What exactly would he do now, that he'd just swung and attempted to strike him, but, now had regained his control?_ _Many questions must be asked. How will the group stop the hatter from just un-doing all their killing blows on the captain? What's the Hatter even doing to keep popping in and out of existence like that? How on earth are they going to free all these prisoners? Who knows, that's remaining to be seen..._
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
_Kara had a jolt of pleasant surprise, thanks to Amelia’s crew. She half expected the humans to just... give them up. She was biased, no doubt, expected them to just throw them away like toys to a child. Poppy, while still calm, expected a fight... Albeit a short one. This "Amelia" woman clearly had some sort of power that gave her a severe edge over these poor souls upon the boat. She didn't know how to feel about all this. They looked... scared. All the crew were now shivering, quivering, or putting their weapons down, without so much as a second thought. The captain, on the other hand, bellowed loudly as the ship blasted it's horn, flinching not so much as a twitch at the enormous barrels of the cannons. If they fired, he knew he'd won this trade... but it wasn't quite a faithful victory. Nor one he planned for. He was cocky, still assured he wouldn't lose this battle, not with his power... Well, the power of what he still had up his sleeve._ "Aaaah, that's th' stuff o' legend! A ship's horn loud'r than a pistol! I luv ‘et. Not to mention y've got some sorta magic cannons! Beautiful!" _He unplugged his ears of his own fingers, then pulled out a stone.. A **rune**._ "Ever heard'a the rune of inspiration? I can make these men my lil' puppets. But for once, I've a better idea." _The rune between his fingers glowed an unsightly gold, shooting a ray of energy at the binds towards the center of the ship, the one holding the yordle. His binds fell off and hit the floor with a metallic clang against the wood. He'd stopped moving for now, and he sat, no, kneeling in what used to be his heavy binds. They no longer restrained him, but he gave no movement to set himself free. What held him there?_ _The crew in comparison was clearly terrified, starting to lose their grip. It wasn't just at Amelia, it was at this whole party. It was as if they'd awoken to their own senses, had a blindfold pulled off, they saw their doom awaiting in a bloody battle. They didn't need any of that. Most of these men were just smugglers, sailors, or trying to earn some easy cash by pulling guard duty. They didn't want to die. However, the furious words of their captain seemed to make them all jump, as if in pure fear of **him** of all things. The seemingly defenseless, ragged captain with no power aside a rock and a pistol._ _"Time to unleash the beast, aye laddies? Or maybe I can see if 'er little fuzzballs can be susceptible to this stuff too!"_ _The captain did another movement of his wrist, twisting the now line of magic flowing between him and the yordle. This caused the yordle to arc up, jolting in pain, but then limply fall back to his knees, leaning over, unconscious, or un-moving?_ _Shortly after, the coal black furred yordle stood up, he was shirtless, his entire fuzzy body exposed to the sun of noon. He was wearing what looked like torn gambeson leggings, mixed in with the metal knee-guards, now rusted and dented. He wore boots, steel-toed it would seem, the glint from each boot easily flaring into the eyes of Kara... The moment this happened, she knew who that was. That was him. That was who she'd needed to find ever since she came back, but, it wasn't in the way she wanted. His amber eyes trapped behind an aura of control, the rune in the captain's hands being used for a foul deed. One of the crew passed a strange, heavy, and unusually sized hammer, heat simmering from its surface, and it did seem to hurt the sailor carrying it. His face was of pure agony. He seemed relieved when the Yordle, who took it up and swung it onto his shoulder, saved his sorry palms. It was a hammer, clearly worn but not rusted or damaged, even if the texture implied age. A hot, fire-scarred [Hammer.](https://bloodborne.wiki.fextralife.com/file/Bloodborne/boom_hammer.jpg)_ _Kara's fury was boiling. Building. Expanding. Nothing angered her more than seeing family used as slaves._ "**You let him go, you bastard! I'll tear you apart for what you've done to him!**" _She roared at the captain with unbridled fury. Whether or not it got through the barrier was unclear. Poppy at this point didn't even want to hold onto Kara anymore. After seeing a man with so much power, able to directly control someone's mind… That was unacceptable. If Kara was going to kill the captain, she'd rather that than see her start attacking her for restraining her._ _The frightened crew were all scurrying back beneath the decks, trying to avoid a conflict they'd no longer been brainwashed into joining, and instead, were plotting against their mad captain. Hopefully._ _Braithe, herself, as this all unfolded would probably feel a disturbance in nature's flow, a stab at the heart of it's workings. Something only a druid could see, hear, feel... And something pulling the wound from end to end. A maniacal laugh, a cry of pain. The voice... of the Hatter. “Dear, oh, dear. My little show here was getting rather drab and boring, but this is much more exciting!” His voice echoed. “I can't wait for the climax....”_ _However, something was off. His voice was... ethereal. Unnaturally disoriented. Something you'd expect out of divine communication, but... It was also able to be picked up on Amelia's scanners. It'd be coded, however. She'd need to decipher it, as compared to Braithe who likely was unable to avoid the transmission._
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
_Kara wasn't going to wait around for a diplomatic solution. She rushed along the U shaped bridge Amelia had made, and made straight for the bindings, again, positioned at the center of the ship. She didn't take a foot on deck yet, she waited at the bottom of the ramp for a few moments, as she saw the captain pull something from his pocket. What appeared to be a large horn, he pressed it to his lips. Kara blocked her ears, as this, well, would be bad for her eardrums. Poppy followed suite, right behind Kara. She didn't know what the hell was going on at this point, so she stayed with the one person who seemed most confident, which was a hot debate between Amelia and Kara._ _The Captain blew into the horn, likely deafening to the unprotected. It was a major blast, something so loud and sudden from such a small horn. This made the creature, the yordle, whatever it was at the center of the ship grow more and more agitated, struggling at the massive binds, as if something had angered him greatly. He was able to move the enormous construction, albeit not by much, as it was still some heavy bindings they'd shackled him within. But he was making progress, clearly, as a bolt from the binds shot out from it's collection, ready to blast apart from his messing about._ "If they set a foot on the deck, open up on 'em lads!" _The captain screeched._ "And leave the fuzzy ones alive! They're worth a fortune, I 'ear!" _He obnoxiously laughed as the crew came storming onto the deck in the wake of the horn. At least 40 men were upon them almost instantly, all armed with swords and shot, as was the captain. Albeit, their flintlocks looked ancient, rusted... nothing of quality._ "You monster! You won't get away with any of this, ya long-legged asswipe!" _Kara screeched, now being held back from stepping on the deck by Poppy's headlock. It wasn't quite a sleeper hold, but it was a warning of 'Don't be an idiot,' kind of hold._ "I'll gutcha like the disgusting slavers you are!" "That one 'az some fire in 'er. I'm sure she'd sell good as a statue." _He smirked, showing off his top row of golden, black, and yellow teeth._ _The captain of the ship was as ragged as his crew, most of them wearing hardly anything but scraps... but they were outnumbering the crew opposite 5-1. Even so, they were willing to negotiate, as the captain's next line was:_ "Hand over the fuzzy ones, and no one needs tah die. In fact, I'll even release every single one of these creatures ya see on deck, not countin' the main attraction, of course!" _He pointed to the bindings, which, were now surrounded in bolts that'd shot out of the structure. It was clear, it wasn't taking the prisoner long to break open his binds... but it's not to say he was quick._ _The yordles fell silent. They didn't know what the response was going to be, and the response... if wrong, it's not like they could just fight their way out if the crew of the ship they were just upon decided the many was better than the few. What would happen next? Would the captain keep his promise? Or open fire?_
: Amelia stood shrouded in a thick grey fog. She couldn’t move her arms, nor move more than a few inches in any direction. She knew this feeling. This is where she had been imprisoned for so long. Amelia frowned. Being here again meant that something was wrong. But the “here” of this moment felt wrong. This did not feel like a fresh experience. No. It wasn’t. Amelia’s emotional routines were dulled for a moment as she focused solely on logic and reason. If she had ended up trapped in the void again, why did she not feel it around her like before? This current situation felt… Hollow. Like it was a dream, or a nightmare. Amelia knew this to be a trick, then. She did not have dreams, nor did she have nightmares. She did not sleep. This, coupled with the hollow feeling of the situation, led Amelia to connect the dots and find the truth of the situation. The Hatter was making her relive this memory. Amelia knew the correct course of action, then. Summoning her combat array, Amelia forced her arms outward and, without a triumphant scream like last time, shattered the chains into dust. The nightmare broke and faded into nothing as Amelia defeated it. The Hatter would have to do better than to try and scare a machine that could shut off its ability to feel fear. Unlike the others, Amelia had remained standing the entire time. Asserting control over her body again, Amelia took a moment to stretch and wiggle a bit. She did not need to, but it felt nice to assure herself that she was still in control. Looking about at the others, Amelia could tell that they were recovering in their own ways. Since everyone was safe within the shields of the ship, she pinged her sensors and gathered data of the area around them. A vessel was approaching. It seemed to be made of wood, already far inferior to Amelia’s ship. Why was it approaching? Amelia could not answer this question. It was not hers to answer. Amelia summoned her combat array and checked the status of her ship. Her shield had held, but had built up a decent amount of contained pressure. That needed to be removed in some way. Thankfully, based on the construction of the ship, it posed no threat to Amelia’s ship, and her weapons would be more than enough to reduce the ship to splinters in moments. Even with her shield having a decent amount of stored energy Amelia theorized that they would be fine should the ship decide to open fire. Amelia turned to everyone and waved them closer before beginning to speak. “I am going to surface. There is a ship above us. They may open fire, but we are more advanced than them and will be fine. If you are concerned, there is a method to get into the pagoda tower over there-” Amelia now raised her arm and pointed to the large pagoda tower and accompanying superstructure. “Where you can take shelter. I am giving you three minutes to make your choice on where you want to be. Then I am moving. We cannot waste time.” Amelia folded her arms and walked towards the bow of her ship. Her combat array intensified, showing that she was done talking to them. It was slightly rude, but Amelia had pressing matters. The ship approaching could be hiding something, and Amelia knew that she would fare much better on the surface rather than underwater. Time was up, it was time to move. The ground shook as thrusters flared and the earth was mulched beneath them. Amelia stood easy as the ship began to move. The sound of metal scraping against earth rattled around them, but Amelia wasn’t concerned. Damage would be minor scrapes at worst. There was no cause for alarm here. At least, not for Amelia. The water churned as her ship moved. She was deliberate in choosing an area quite a distance away from the wooden ship. Surfacing would displace a lot of water, and if she surfaced close to the other ship, she was more than capable of causing extensive damage from the force of the water slamming into its more fragile construction. The movement lasted only a few moments, and soon thereafter the surface approached rapidly. Breaking the surface was uneventful and calculated. The ship bobbed out of the water, before settling downward again harshly. Waves of water were thrown about with impunity by the adjusting ship as it displaced water. Amelia approached the rail and glared at the wooden ship floating in the waters. She began to approach it slowly, waiting to see what would happen. Would they shoot? Would they stop shooting when they realized they were outmatched? Amelia would have to wait and see.
> [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2018-08-11T06:43:52.968+0000) > ((Update, the location you're currently in has changed. Check the world map, if you wish, and look to the canyon east of the Immortal Bastion.)) _The ship was of Galleon size, riddled with various creatures behind cages, and... not quite. It wasn't so much a harmless merchant boat, as it was slave transport for Noxus. That became clear when all the cages showed to not be filled with various magical creatures, bound in chain and Demacian petricite. The creatures on deck varied from animals from the magical land of Ionia, to small Vastayan children and their families, still wrapped in chains and put in cages. This boat was clearly fresh from Ionia, as, frankly, most creatures within the cages were of that origin. There were a few yordles mixed in, but they were either clearly unconscious, dead, or on their way to being. They looked like they'd been through a bloody fight..._ _In the center of all the large, small, other sized cages, a large structure laid, chains and binds locked into place around it. It clearly held something of either great worth, or great danger to the ship. The ship and it's crew by now had spotted the boat, but it's crew seemed to do very little from the distance it was at. Aside from panic from the sailors, they'd not fired a single shot, nor even signaled for evasive maneuvers. The galleon-sized ship was a custom fit, made specifically for this job. Transporting cargo. Most of it's armaments stripped clean, specifically to have extra space for all the cages. That structure stood out, the black chains clearly holding something either big, or powerful. Or both._ _As the ship slowly moved around, they'd finally see what was being held down. Another yordle, but this one was wrapped in everything they could use to strap him down, chains, muzzles, locks, even heat-resistant fabric wrapped around it. The only thing even somewhat visible, and that gave away this was in fact, a yordle, were it's ears. Torn, severed and scarred was the left ear, merely half in size to the other black fuzzed ear. This ship, whatever it was delivering these things to, had a very particular set of cargo. It was valued, highly so. This vessel was ex-military, but bore no symbols or flag to show it's nation, as if the Noxians were hiding something..._ **"CAP'N! THAT SHIPS BLOODY WELL HUGE! WHADDA' WE DO?"** _A panicked sailor screeched out, pointing to the Amelia._ _"Stay bloody well calm is what yer'll do!" The captain roared back, steering around the ship, trying to get past and into port as quickly as possible. Not a peep more was heard, aside from the chitters and chammers from the scared Ionians aboard, and the gentle sound of the waves smacking against the canyon walls._ _____________ _Kara's eyes were glued to the structure at the center, those ears, they had to be his. She knew the did, she knew it!_ "Forgeddabout what I just said, we gotta stop that ship!" _She cried out, pointing at the ship._ "W-We can't let em get away! But... we can't kill the passengers. We have to board!" _Kara, yet again, tried to leap over the side of the ship in a panic, only to be stopped by Poppy._ "If ya don't calm down, I'm gonna tie ya down... Seriously." _Poppy sighed._ "Ya need ta stop jumpin' in and tryin' to be what yer not." "How would _you_ know? Ya ain't even seen me fight!" _Kara snapped back. She wasn't taking no for an answer._ "Because I know ya can't take on an entire ship's crew on ya own!" _Regardless, the idea stands. Save the prisoners, and how, exactly? Would it be even worth the trouble? Would they be better off leaving them alone? Kara thinks not._ "Amelia, is it? We need ya to get us on the deck, I can organize a plan... Or just wing it. Trust me, I know my limits! I can take em!" _Poppy sighed a heavy and irritated sigh, but, eventually rose back from her face-palm._ "Well, if she's goin', I ain't gonna sit here and watch her get torn t' shreds. Yer choice, miss."
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
_Kara was the first of the two to awaken, sweating up a storm, dripping and drenched with it._ "GAH! N-nononoo.... no..." _Kara stuttered loudly, scurrying backwards to the edge of the ship's deck._ "I c-..can't... wait... we're all still here?... Good. That's good. I must've done it!" _She seemed somewhat proud._ "Guess I stopped that guy from usin' his powers on us!" _While she most certainly didn't remember it the way everyone else did, it was clear they weren't in the same place... or time._ _Soon enough, Poppy awoke along side Kara, near the edge of the boat. She didn't say much, but rather, woke up in the same sweating panic Kara did, albeit less drastically._ "Okay... so where are we now? I feel like i've been out for ages..." _Poppy rubbed her eyes, yawned, and looked over at the small group... dang... she could've sworn they had more._ "Well, we're all okay!" _She replied to Braithe. She liked her. She seemed friendly, she just... had that aura about her. And the way she looked, even more so. Poppy hoped for a friendly relationship ahead._ "So, where're ya from, anyway, miss Braithe?" _Kara remained silent beyond her few words, even if she was still proud from her actions she most certainly never performed. The breeze was picking up, as if magically brought on, right from the very boat that approached._
: Amelia did nothing but stare coldly at The Hatter as he began to panic and feel fear. Her emotional processes were dulled while her combat mode was enabled. She cared nothing for this man. She cared only about the destruction of the machine he had wrought, and if he died with it: So be it. Amelia only had one word to utter softly to him just before she jumped onto her ship and took control: "Sink." Now upon her ship, Amelia turned to assess those that she had thrown aboard. Amelia nodded to herself as she observed that the general health of the people she had flung aboard was in good standing. She looked to each person that had spoken or done something and addressed them in chronological order, since that would mean that the person who did something first would be the one addressed first and thus those that had been waiting for some time would no longer be waiting. Kara and Poppy were the first addressed, with Amelia refuting part of what Kara had spoken about. "This ship is not of anyone else's design but my own. I am it's maker and master. It is made from refined and compressed void materials. If it looks as similar to the materials your brother uses, perhaps you may want to confront him about it." Amelia raised her hand, forming a small disk of compressed void material as if she was forming a sword. She dropped it near Kara and Poppy without much in the way of ceremony. It was quite similar to what her ship was made from. Now it was time to move onto the next person. Razor had landed harshly and was clutching his head in pain. Amelia was slightly amused, since Razor seemed to act like he was a master of his craft but at this point had discarded that mask of self-confidence and showed his true being: A child thrown into the body of a man that knew what he could do, but not the why he did it. Amelia stood waiting for him to cease his mewling and to speak before she replied. "I do not believe so. He was struck by his own machine before too much else happened. It is quite likely that, if the capacity for this machine to enable time travel was true, then he has indeed traveled through time. If this were to fail, then he is most likely dead. But, as I said, I would not be above believing that he managed to create such a machine." Amelia turned to the druid now, who was busy tying vines to a cleat upon the ship. Amelia stopped her, and undid her already done work. It seemed rude, but Amelia explained herself a few moments later. "This ship is protected by a void shield. It does not need additional protection. Your efforts are commendable, but futile. We will be safe from harm, but we might not be safe from after effect. Your vines would likely not do us any good, there." Amelia now focused her attention on Phantom. He likely had similar sensors to her own equipped to be able to sense the fluctuation of energy within the water. Amelia was already sensing it and collecting data. Her destruction of the device had not been complete, and there needed to be more done to ensure its destruction. However, Amelia had another problem. One that she voiced to the others. "The Hatter was struck by his own machine and possibly teleported through time. This same machine is forming a whirlpool and is channeling energy into the water around it. It is likely that this whirlpool will lead to the same place that he was teleported to. If you wish, I can unearth us and dive into this perhaps-portal. If The Hatter is allowed to live then it is likely that he will attempt to construct another machine wherever he ends up and could potentially cause severe harm to time itself. At the minimum, we could be erased from existence. This is something that we might not come back from. If you do not wish to come along on this journey, I can attempt to surface, though your means of getting to land are... Unpleasant." At the mention of unpleasant, Amelia looked down at one of the many missile hatches dotting her deck before looking back up at the crowd and hoping that they got the message of what Amelia would do. Amelia now folded her arms and waited for everyone to answer.
_Kara quickly reached out and grabbed the disc of material as quickly as possible... it wasn't what she thought it was. It looked a lot less flexible, as compared to what her brother used._ "I must'a been mistaken.. it ain't so much like my brother's metals." "You never told me before now your brother was a smith..." _Poppy cut in, staring at the material. She recognized it from somewhere..._ _Regardless, Poppy stood ready for whatever came next, as she was unaware. However, Kara still seemed blissfully unaware that there was danger afoot, even with the man "dead", and the machine destroyed._ _As Amelia's new-found crew boarded the ship, the whirlpool started to cease... instead forming a circular wall around the diameter of what was the destroyed machine, and the... Hatter? Something was wrong. He was glowing with a dark blue energy, as if instead of dying, the energy had empowered his very form: he wasn't even standing anymore.. he seemed to levitate slightly, slowly rising above the level of the saltwater._ **"So, you think it was so easy as to kill me and ruin my life's work?!"** _His voice boomed, like a megaphone turned to maximum volume, echoing off the walls of the canyon._ **"So easy do the fools misunderstand, who've come into my land, to my domain, and see and have the offer to use what fantastic technology stands before you... Only to turn it down before me like I'm void-driven filth!"** _The hatter's voice seemed wheezy, filled with anger and rage. Nothing seemed to be helping his case, however, his body now glowing with the electricity that the machine even beneath all the water had kept producing... and he was charging it up, charging it to throw it at the vessel that floated in the water before him._ "Guys... I think we have a problem! We need to move!" _Poppy said, now having rushed to the boat's side to look over and see the chaos swirling beneath them._ _Kara was able to not only see the energy from this reborn monster, but feel it. Being an electromancer herself, she could feel the energy in the air, a ludicrous amount beyond what anyone would normally believe was possible... but Kara knew what it was._ "I'll stop him!" _Kara suddenly leaped into action, nearly jumping overboard to just get to him-- only to be stopped by Poppy._ "No, you'll stay here! We're safe inside the shield. Calm down." _She tackled her to the floor, not letting her go out and die for no reason... but this may have been a bad call._ _The Hatter's scorched body, sparked and jolted, sending out lashes of dark energy from it, before finally discharging all that built up energy, all that insane power... straight into the shield. It would've held, but, unlike what it was supposed to do: Create a way to discharge into the earth or water, it simply stuck itself to the ship's shield. It stuck, and wrapped around it similar to how a snake wrapped around it's prey._ **"DROWN!!!"** _The hatter screamed one final announcement before the electricity had finally made it's way all the way around the shield from every angle, like a ball of lightning surrounding the trapped crew._ _Slowly the ship seemed to disappear, disintegrating and disappearing in a sudden flash, as if the electricity was being transformed for what it was going to do: Transport. All the passengers eventually suffered the same fate, disappearing in a flash of sudden removal from the plain of existence before any of them could even say a word.._ _______ _The group would later awaken, disoriented, unconscious, or straight up powered down in order to protect their fragile forms from the energy that was used to transport them... even if it wasn't somewhere new. It was some **time** new. They'd traveled back through time, clearly, as the canyon was still filled with water... but it was much more calm, nearly filling the canyon to it's original point, moss tainting the walls, life growing along it's dark brown walls, rather than along the sandy walls that once were._ _The hatter's trick was a nasty one, and his final wish was to destroy: but, considering where the group ended up next proved that his attempt was flawed. They'd eventually find themselves blinded by white light, deafened by white noise, ringing in their ears._ _Each individual would be plagued by their greatest fears, their most horrible nightmares ringing in their minds whilst they were still disoriented by the events. Some were generic, like Poppy's... seeing Demacia fall to Noxus, all the great evils she saw in the world consuming the landscape, Noxian soldiers she'd never met cutting down the people she loved. Destroying all the homes, slaughtering anyone who didn't bow down._ _Kara, however, was clearly out of her mind with her nightmares, spasms and curling up grasping at her head mid-sleep was a true and fair enough sign to display this. Sparing details, she'd clearly seen enough from her time in the void to know how much horror becomes of it._ _Upon recovering their senses, awakening and looking around, the group would know where they are... but not when. That is to be decided by their own perception, and fast... as another vessel seems to be approaching from the mouth of the canyon, sea-bound._
: An Obvious Trap. [OOC and Bio thread.] (Closed RP).
Alright guys, one thing to be made clear: I'll allow the deadlines to be more lenient if you post to me before hand. I can 100% understand you all not being able to post for one extra day or two. I'm not some sort of nazi woman on a rampage, i'll let you guys take a time extension if you need it for your posts, say something has came up like a doctor's appointment or a trip to the hospital. Just post to me if something slows you down, I'll accept any excuse as long as you make sure to say so here. I will also allow you to take extra time just to write a post, because, as I am very much aware, you guys love your text dumps :P
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: Hey everyone, this was this character's experimental debut and after a few posts, I'm afraid I don't particularly like them. Nothing against the RP itself, as the early sudden direction change was quite a neat twist, but I don't want to continue using this character (they probably won't be used again), as I don't enjoy writing for them, and don't want to change the character or change to a different one mid RP, as that just feels wrong. I hope everyone continues to have fun, I'll have to RP with everyone more comfortably at some point! Sorry if I messed anything up, hope I didn't let anyone down either.
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-07-28T11:22:49.611+0000) > > Hey everyone, this was this character's experimental debut and after a few posts, I'm afraid I don't particularly like them. > > Nothing against the RP itself, as the early sudden direction change was quite a neat twist, but I don't want to continue using this character (they probably won't be used again), as I don't enjoy writing for them, and don't want to change the character or change to a different one mid RP, as that just feels wrong. > > I hope everyone continues to have fun, I'll have to RP with everyone more comfortably at some point! Sorry if I messed anything up, hope I didn't let anyone down either. Absolutely fine, Kriz. You're not gonna get alienated for doing such a thing, and it was fun to see your posts :P
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: Lulu here. I feel like having Lulu in the RP is forced. I just don't feel like she fits in. That said, I'm out. Sorry.
> [{quoted}](name=afmghost,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-07-28T11:45:59.964+0000) > > Lulu here. > I feel like having Lulu in the RP is forced. I just don't feel like she fits in. > That said, I'm out. Sorry. Understood, no issues from me.
: Amelia listened to Judicious speak in her awkward manner. Something was off with how she spoke. It was like the information was being discovered and merely repeated at the same pace. Much like reading a book as the pages were put back in. Amelia listened intensely to what Judicious was saying and cataloged the details down in the datafile that she had been building. There would be time to analyze the data in greater detail. Still, the discovery of another artificial construct that was built as a soldier. There were multiple? Amelia considered creating datafiles for Judicious one through fourteen, and then sixteen through twenty four and appending copies of the data gathered from Judicious fifteen, though her logic routines intervened and told her that this was a waste of processor space. In a more reasonable move, Amelia appended Judicious’s datafile with a note about potential other models with similar appearances. Closing the datafile again, Amelia gave a very slight smile at Judicious. She felt a sort of sisterhood in terms of shared origin. Someone she could finally call an equal. Phantom making his arrival known was noted, and Amelia made a basic datafile on him as well. The others already present had datafiles created as well, since it was important for Amelia to be able to take notes on them and note down their names. Amelia turned now to the unveiled machine. Her sensors blared with void energy readings. This was not good. Amelia’s core spun up to combat output levels, and her logic and planning routines began to work strategy together. This machine could not be allowed to exist. Something with *that* much void energy was too dangerous for anyone or anything to possess or use. Turning to everyone and waving them close, Amelia spoke in a hushed tone. “Stay close to me, and don’t move. I have something coming. I ask you to trust me. Everything will be okay. Just don’t move.” Amelia turned now to face The Hatter. The canyon was more than big enough for her ship, but it was dry. That would change soon enough. Some distance away, The Amelia began to receive commands from Amelia. The twin anchors freed themselves from the seabed and were pulled back up into place on the bow of the ship. Thrusters were activated and the ship spun about to face the river leading up to the dam. Amelia directed the ship down the river. While it was moving, she activated the void shield, causing the ship to flare bright purple as the markings came into view. Another command and the missile pods dotting the surface of her ship began to open, and the tor%%%% tubes along the hull began to flood themselves. Amelia made use of sensor data from the ships detection equipment to target the various structural weak points of the dam as the ship began to approach it. The missiles were armed. The tor%%%%es were flooded. Amelia now only had to wait a few moments for the ship to be in range. It would have to fire well in advance to give the canyon time to flood. Amelia now began to prepare her hardlight platform plan. The people nearby would be surrounded in hardlight “bubbles” made from an array of grids. At the minimum, they wouldn’t drown, at least not immediately. These “bubbles” would eat up an immense amount of processing power, which would make things difficult for Amelia. She wouldn’t be able to move each person daintily into the protective bubble around her ship. They would have to be moved all at once and with enough force to get them to the deck of the ship. There was a slight concern raised by her logic routines about triggering the void shield defense, but Amelia knew that since they would be surrounded by her hard light “bubbles” the shield should allow them to pass regardless. A ping told her the ship was in adequate range. Blinking, Amelia ordered her ship to unload upon the dam. All major structural points were targeted, and several secondary locations were marked in order to ensure that the dam was totally destroyed. It would need to be entirely out of the way to ensure adequate flooding. The missiles and tor%%%%es launched from their tubes. Several large vibrations rocked the canyon as the dam was blasted away. The sudden lack of structural integrity brought on by the effect of the weapons deployed meant that the dam collapsed easily. Water began to rush through the gaping hole left in the dam, and Amelia’s ship smashed through anything that was left. Speaking loudly now over the roar of incoming water, Amelia reminded everyone present to not move. Amelia’s ship surged forward, riding just behind the wave. Now came time for Amelia’s secondary plan. Focusing, Amelia surrounded everyone in a small “bubble” of hard light. They would find themselves thrown rather harshly up into the air to land upon the deck of the ship that was barreling towards them. Now Amelia was able to jump high into the air and land upon her ship herself. One final missile was launched straight at the machine, but Amelia could not confirm if it hit or not. Rearward thrusters activated, and Amelia’s ship plunged backwards into the oncoming wave. The entire ship shook as it skipped across the floor of the canyon before embedding itself into the ground slightly some distance away from where the machine would’ve been. It would only take a small effort to free themselves from the temporary holdings. But the canyon needed more time to flood before the ship could properly navigate. Amelia paused for a moment, she stood as still as a statue before her combat array was summoned. A small progress bar rapidly filled, and Amelia animated once more. Now with her core synced to her ships core, she was much more capable. Blinking, Amelia turned on all of the outward spotlights of the ship, illuminating the area. Water churned around the ship as the canyon flooded. They were safe within the “bubble” that the void shield provided. If the missile hadn’t destroyed the infernal machine, hopefully the wall of water would. The missile pods and tor%%%% tubes closed themselves. Hissing sounds could be heard as any water present was pumped out. Amelia nodded to herself before turning to the rest of the people present. The hard light “bubbles” had been gone for several seconds. Amelia now asked one simple question. “Is everyone alright? I do apologize for the harshness of what just happened, but it is my sworn duty to hold The Void at bay. The machine was outputting a lot of void energy, and I could not abide its presence any longer.”
> [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-07-26T02:12:49.589+0000) _Kara and Poppy stood there watching the man give his speech. Poppy's eyes were filled with rage, by this point: A rare sight from the small yordle who was always so positive._ "You... You _lied_ about what we were gonna get?! I came here for a hero, and all I've found is a poser! You ought to be ashamed of yoursel-" _Kara cut in with a hand over Poppy's mouth._ "Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds like we're mad... but, if this machine works... We can do anything, as long as we can change the past to make it more beneficial to us!" _This made Poppy smack away Kara's hand, still mad... but she had a point. Maybe she was smarter than she looked... she stayed calm for the moment, choosing to stay around. If it turns out it doesn't work, they can then smash this guy._ ___________________________________ _The Hatter was ready to operate the machine for her... what was she doing? Was she trying to gather them around for a speech?_ _"Stay close to me, and don’t move. I have something coming. I ask you to trust me. Everything will be okay. Just don’t move."_ _...The hatter seemed bitterly disappointed. Some 'speech'. Pfft._ "What **are** you doing, girl? Trying to rally them to you already as you're going to rewrite history, huh? Come, operate the machine, then talk-" _The crackling and earthquakes gave the Hatter a rude shock... and the machine did too, it lashing an arc of electricity into his spine, causing him the shriek in terror. Luckily, it was only a small transfer._ "What was that?!" _He spins around, looking and seeing that his machine was in the path of a mighty tsunami... and a gigantic ship._ "Sweet mother of hextech, what have you done, girl!?" _He rushed to block the wave from destroying his life's work in a desperate attempt, but it wasn't quite what he expected... he'd accidentally rushed the wiring to one side of the machine, forgetting to insulate it properly for high voltage and amp ratings. Upon putting his hand on the machine, he was electrocuted harshly, his entire body being engulfed in a enormous flame. He didn't scream, but it was clear he was in massive pain... Lucky it was him, and not someone else._ _As the wave came crashing in, the missile colliding with the Hatter, the smoke from the impact hid any signs of the machine, but clearly, it was destroyed: the pieces of the generator and the loud crackling of electrical discharge confirming it: The machine was destroyed.. but the wires were active._ _________ _As Kara and Poppy were tossed airborne from their positions, Kara was shaking in fear. She was literally clinging to the inside of the bubble, trying not to fall... fall into the water that'd passed beneath them a few seconds ago. Poppy, however, was calm, even if she was afraid of heights._ _Kara and Poppy hit the deck first, considering they're both the lightest and have the least energy retention due to their decreased weight, so they'd probably land first._ "Hey... where are we?" _Poppy asked, now looking around. This was an... unusual structure, to her. She'd never seen anything like it, not even in the capital!_ _Kara however has seen something like this before... albeit, it was in a dream brought on by her time in the void. She kept quiet for now, choosing to keep calm and attempt to just... calm her senses._ "This looks like a ship my brother'd build... he's always innovative in such a way. And this does look like his favorite metal... Blacksteel, he calls it." _Kara kneels onto the deck, scraping a finger along it. She nods._ "He always goes on and on about how it's the best metal for anything tough. You should hear him, he's so obsessed with the stuff... By the way, we're on a boat. It's not a structure." ________ _When the structure that stood beside the machine was destroyed, it didn't stop trying to forcefully generate power even if it was incapable past the point of doing so in a stable. It continued to generate electricity, so much that it was able to make the entire canyon's worth of water active with the circuit it's decided to make, albeit one that'll short circuit the moment it finds something to discharge upon... which will likely be the ship's hull, if it is allowed to reach said ship._ _However, something is stirring beside it... the remains of the device still remain powered, as the generator is still running. It's causing the device to spin underwater, but without the stand... it's forming enough pressure beneath the waves to pull a whirlpool of electric current, and water current. It's making it so that whoever comes into contact, resistant or not, will get shocked by such a thing. It's transportation powers trapped within it's now free-flowing and **dangerous** electrical current._
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
_The Hatter popped out from under the tarps. He was ready! It was so exciting... able to reveal what allowed him to call all the people here!_ "Greetings, allies and acquaintances!" _The Hatter said, facing the crowd._ "I'm sure those of you whom have already arrived are anxious, ready for me to give you what you came for..." "So, without delay, I shall reveal what I have made for you all -- BEHOLD!" _Pulling the drapes from the pair of structures, it revealed a generator in a tall but rectangular box. Beside it, was a stand as tall as the hatter himself. Atop it, crystal-embedded metallic ball with what appeared to be tiny lights across the equator of said ball. It also appeared to be rotating in a constant motion, and levitating off the stand mystically._ "I PRESENT," _The hatter pronounced loudly._ "The WORLD'S FIRST INTERDIMENTIONAL TIME AND SPACE TRAVEL MACHINE! It'll allow any of you to travel anywhere, any time, and for any length of time! It's like a wish machine, but you must figure out how to _earn_ said wish!" _He seemed flustered, this was his life's work on display... well... closer to three of his lifetimes._ "And, now as much as I'm sure you all want to go first, I'll have to wait for you to take turns. Amelia, would you like a try?" _A devilish grin grew across his face._ _This device to Amelia would no doubt, be seething with void energies, to a point where one could easily mistake it for being a void device. The sphere rotated and twisted slowly, like a planet in constant rotation... buzzing quietly from the high amounts of electric current being used to power it._ "Do me a favour and _be gentle_ when you push upon the sphere, however. Breaking it would cost more than any of you can afford! I assure you." _The Hatter was done talking, offering his hand to Amelia, asking her to step up first._
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T12:19:31.864+0000) > > Void Yordle and Poppy. Amelia squinted at the brand. It was indeed a mark, though its purpose eluded Amelia. Lowering her sword slightly Amelia spoke again. "I could cut this from you and free you of its influence, but I do not know how deeply it runs. We would need a skilled healer nearby. It will hurt immensely. I will trust you for now, but I am keeping notes on you." Amelia let go of the handle of the sword she had generated. It fell a short distance before disintegrating into nothing. Folding her arms. Amelia spoke once more. "I am Amelia. It is my sworn duty to defend against the void. Who are you?" With this question, Amelia also looked to Poppy. It was time that she be included in this conversation. Amelia took a more detailed scan of the brand and stored the data away for later reference and study. For now, The Void-Touched Yordle would live.
> [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T12:29:56.223+0000) > Amelia. _Poppy looked up at Ameila._ "I'm Poppy. I'm the, uh, I guess you could call me The Keeper of the Hammer! Hammer of Orlon, made-" "She means me, dummy. I'm Kara!" _Kara butt in, she wasn't patient enough to let Poppy be her speaker._ "I'm from Ionia, I ran into this blunt one. She needs to find a hero, so I'm helpin' her!" _Poppy maintained an unimpressed look on her face. She didn't like how she was playing this out. In fact, it was completely different: the way she remembers it, Kara was nearly dead and Poppy saved her. Kara offered to help as a way of payment... But she kept her lips sealed._ _As much as this was all very amusing to the Hatter, it was time to start the show... anyone not yet to arrive would need to do so quickly! He had all the plans ready to go. He continued to tinker beneath one of the drapes, the sound of a ratchet cranking away..._
: Amelia's eyes were steel, and her gaze was long. Amelia's ship was anchored at the mouth of a large river. A hard light screen displayed scans of the river ahead. Amelia was annoyed at the fact that it was too narrow for her ship to maneuver in easily. She would have to depart without it. *"What a pain."* rolled through Amelia's mind. She looked over the leaflet that this 'hatter' had sent. Something about it was off. But Amelia couldn't ignore someone who promised so much. Her logical functions were telling her that it was too much of a promise to not contain some falsehood, and Amelia was concerned that such promises were bait to draw people into the grips of the void. It could make many tempting promises in order to get people to sign themselves away into oblivion. Tucking the leaflet into her dress, Amelia brought up her main command rings and willed the ship to move. The single anchor she had deployed was drawn up, and the engines of the ship flared into life. Amelia moved slowly and carefully as she brought the ship around so that her bow was facing the open ocean of Runeterra. Starboard engines were engaged to bring the ship closer to the shoreline, and when scans showed optimal placement, port engines were engaged to counter the momentum. Amelia surveyed a scan-generated map of her current location before nodding to herself. Two large rattles echoed from the bow of the ship as the twin anchors were dropped into the water. Viewing the updated scans for a moment Amelia nodded in satisfaction before dismissing her hard light array. Walking towards the stern of her ship, Amelia placed her hands upon the railing and surveyed her path for a moment. Hopping over the side of the ship, Amelia created a hardlight platform and landed upon it. Now she began to walk quickly along her hardlight platforms. Creating new platforms and dismissing the old ones as needed. Despite her quick pace and optimal terrain it still took Amelia a decent chunk of time to reach the location that was indicated. At minimum Amelia saw two small beings standing there. Yordles. Amelia knew of them, but only barely. She approached the two cautiously. A quick scan was performed. The yordle with a large hammer came back with no unusual signals, but Amelia's combat systems flared to life when she scanned the other yordle. A blade of hardened void energy materialized in Amelia's left hand. She leveled it at the second Yordle and her cold voice issued an order. "You are touched by the void. Explain yourself." Amelia was tempted to simply attack the void-touched yordle and end her on the spot, but the signature was faint... Almost nonexistent. But, it was still there. Potentially a seed lying in wait for the right time to hatch. Amelia's logic routines told her that the void could potentially be exorcised from this yordle, and thus Amelia was offering her a chance to explain herself. One chance. No more, no less.
> [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-18T12:05:13.385+0000) > Amelia. _The fair haired yordle looked up in shock. How did..._ "I swear, it's nothing deep-running!" _She pulled the bandage wrap from her shoulder, revealing it. It was a mark shaped around a triangular axis, a small 3-blade cut in the center, swirling around like a furious storm. It was clearly meant to signify something..._ "The people who gave me this were tryin'a brand me. I swear it's nothin'..." "Sorry, but I'm seriously confused. What's the void?" _Poppy was dumbfounded. She'd never even heard of the void, let alone this girl's corruption._ "I swear, it's nothing permanent. It's a branding, they burned it into me... I don't think it worked..." _She looked at Amelia with innocence in her eyes. Not much more could be said, she told the truth and knew she wasn't being enslaved by the void..._
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> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T07:15:47.336+0000) > > This would be a premiere, hope [It's](https://puu.sh/AZ8LX/7bfd7fd1c0.pdf) alright. No problems, you been added to the list. Now only one left to post.
: An Obvious Trap. [OOC and Bio thread.] (Closed RP).
And apologies to those who didn't learn that we were full earlier. I should've made a post earlier on.
: An Obvious Trap. [OOC and Bio thread.] (Closed RP).
Alright everyone, I've decided on who will be coming and who will not. At the moment, all who have been accepted/have reserved slots are in. I'll message those who are still undecided on whether or not they want to join, or if i'm missing profiles etc. It'll take some time to setup as is, but I'll post all your profiles here when we're just about ready.
: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KwUJKHGLrDSlRLQhoQHSRdw1MoGdLzkSQZ5xL_OOh3Q/edit?usp=sharing Let us try this again.
> [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-07-15T20:50:38.166+0000) > > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KwUJKHGLrDSlRLQhoQHSRdw1MoGdLzkSQZ5xL_OOh3Q/edit?usp=sharing > > Let us try this again. Already added. Will list when we are ready to go.
: I'm throwing Phantom into this. Will send details in DMs
> [{quoted}](name=TheShadowOfChaos,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-07-15T21:26:28.908+0000) > > I'm throwing Phantom into this. > > Will send details in DMs Once I have the profile, I'll add you to the list.
: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x96M7hXiQq3kjf7xwjem58D-xCz1VcnZYvtCMTr7IKE/edit will be joining in this event. He needs something like this and this probably will be the RP to have him change his personality a bit. (Goin to work so no reply from me in the next 8 hours)
> [{quoted}](name=HyperZEROXL,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-14T11:04:20.608+0000) > > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x96M7hXiQq3kjf7xwjem58D-xCz1VcnZYvtCMTr7IKE/edit will be joining in this event. He needs something like this and this probably will be the RP to have him change his personality a bit. > > (Goin to work so no reply from me in the next 8 hours) Alright, you're in.
: Things have died down (Thank goodness) with the family and internship (And we finish moving tomorrow!) So I should be good! I have a few characters that might fit for this. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uzqcN_FbjVSHED2LHoMp3Sh2Wt-SWqPdNn_xDoTrlMs/edit?usp=sharing ; A ranged attacker/rouge who is going to be seeking for more wealth and power within the world. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jjChsO9uY8Yeo5OKqxsE8ItZvYWIDv3uQxf9Hi41ezg/edit?usp=sharing ; a stealthy infiltrator who wants to find her long forgotten parents; even if it means falling into an obvious trap. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q7fDezxXrbkyW5g0JKnEygygEwaYB2Y1_IH3-Ezbp80/edit?usp=sharing ; a druid who wants to see peace in the world and to mend the world from being destroyed because of war. Up to your digression on who gets added, so pick who you think would work!
> [{quoted}](name=Flyntloch,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-15T04:29:03.515+0000) > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q7fDezxXrbkyW5g0JKnEygygEwaYB2Y1_IH3-Ezbp80/edit?usp=sharing ; a druid who wants to see peace in the world and to mend the world from being destroyed because of war. This one. Braithe seems like the most probable person to seek this, and the one I'm most interested in. Up to you who you do end up bringing despite my suggestion, but I will list her profile here when we're ready to go.
afmghost (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-13T15:05:01.928+0000) > a chance to see the lost loved ones of past again? This would get Lulu's attention. She would want to see her family one last time, since she never even got to say goodbye eight centuries ago. Plus, she seems neive enough to fall for this pitch.
> [{quoted}](name=afmghost,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-14T18:32:32.666+0000) > > This would get Lulu's attention. She would want to see her family one last time, since she never even got to say goodbye eight centuries ago. Plus, she seems neive enough to fall for this pitch. Of course. I'll add Lulu in as a participant, if that's what you wish.
Krizonar (NA)
: Consider me interested. My RP drive has been a little low recently but I'll try my best.
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-14T04:46:48.887+0000) > > Consider me interested. My RP drive has been a little low recently but I'll try my best. There'll be a slot reserved, so don't worry Krizonar!
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-14T06:06:20.858+0000) > > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KwUJKHGLrDSlRLQhoQHSRdw1MoGdLzkSQZ5xL_OOh3Q/edit?usp=sharing > > Freshly finished and needs playtesting. What better way, then? Alright, you're in. Once the roleplay kicks off, Amelia will be listed here.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-10T10:39:21.101+0000) Lucian frowned as he looked over his shoulder at the yordle, was she not listening to him? If not that would be a problem. He let out a slight sigh, "As I said before, we're going to deal with a necromancer. He's hiding in a village. We're going there. Yes, it's dangerous." He turned back around and goaded his valkara into moving faster, the beast responded with a savage snarl of glee at the challenge and put on another burst of speed, it powerful muscles somehow finding the strength to propel the massive beast forward even faster than before. The smaller creature carrying Poppy would also let out a higher, but no less savage growl as it too accepted the challenge. The landscape would almost melt into a blur, the valkara doing all the work so all Poppy had to do was hold on for dear life. Eventually they would slow, off on the horizon a black cloud darker than any storm cloud could be seen swirling like a slowed down beginning of a tornado. Soft arcs of cyan light could be seen flickering about within the forming funnel. Lucian sat atop his mount and stared at the anomaly with a mixture of anger and disgust. "That, is where we are headed. It's still some distance away, even on Valkara..." He hung his head, "I had hoped to reach here before this happened."
> [{quoted}](name=Ardent Blaze,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000010000000000000000000000000005,timestamp=2018-05-14T08:38:51.907+0000) >((No Problems! Life is important.)) Poppy's eyes widened at the sight of these... unearthly beasts, that were once at least, animals of the region. The magic here showed her something: It wasn't pretty nor something for the feint of heart... luckily, she was already determined to see it through. She'd steel herself, trying to ignore the cold chills these poor things sent down her spine. However, the shudders she suffered were not so easy to hide. She felt fear, but nothing out of the ordinary.,.. she felt it for Demacia. What'd happen if these magics consumed this land, too? The land she'd lived in most of her life for. She had to save her home! A smirk of inspirational courage grew across her face in a warm flash. She knew she could do this! As they passed the desolate landscape, Poppy's enthusiastic smirk turned to a somewhat distraught frown. What was happening to the land was unclear to her, but... She knew it was wrong. Nothing about this was right, at all! She had to protect the land she'd loved all her life, this couldn't be how it looks in the end. _I'll do whatever it takes, even if this guy isn't the hero, I have to protect the innocent people back in those towns!_ Upon spotting the buildings in ruins that were now this village giving her... horrifying thoughts of what'd already happened. She couldn't let this happen anywhere else, heck no she wasn't leaving! As the two dismounted, and Lucian gave his cold stare... and her last warning. _"One last chance to leave. He knows we are here. If you wish to save yourself..."_ Poppy had already heard enough. She wasn't turning back, there wasn't any such thing! Even if the Hero wasn't around, or this man wasn't a hero... She had to do something herself. _"No backin' down."_ She murmured, grabbing her hammer. Regardless of her tired state, she was sure as she could ever be to help Lucian in his quest... as he may help in her's. Raising the hammer over her head, she was ready to go with nothing in this world able to hold her back!
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-10T10:39:21.101+0000) Lucian frowned as he looked over his shoulder at the yordle, was she not listening to him? If not that would be a problem. He let out a slight sigh, "As I said before, we're going to deal with a necromancer. He's hiding in a village. We're going there. Yes, it's dangerous." He turned back around and goaded his valkara into moving faster, the beast responded with a savage snarl of glee at the challenge and put on another burst of speed, it powerful muscles somehow finding the strength to propel the massive beast forward even faster than before. The smaller creature carrying Poppy would also let out a higher, but no less savage growl as it too accepted the challenge. The landscape would almost melt into a blur, the valkara doing all the work so all Poppy had to do was hold on for dear life. Eventually they would slow, off on the horizon a black cloud darker than any storm cloud could be seen swirling like a slowed down beginning of a tornado. Soft arcs of cyan light could be seen flickering about within the forming funnel. Lucian sat atop his mount and stared at the anomaly with a mixture of anger and disgust. "That, is where we are headed. It's still some distance away, even on Valkara..." He hung his head, "I had hoped to reach here before this happened."
> [{quoted}](name=Ardent Blaze,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000010000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-04-22T17:39:14.066+0000) Poppy nodded, she was excited. She didn't wanna slow down for anything, regardless of her tired state. "Alright, I'm ready!" She said with confidence. "Lets go get em!" She raised her hand in the air as if to cheer. Whatever may lie beyond, not matter the horror, she'd stand firm. Although he mentioned being no hero, she was convinced one way or another. She needed to make sure, even the true hero might not accept his fate! Or, at least know it is his! As she begun to think of what they'd face, she'd already begun trying to think over a tactic of sorts, trying to figure out exactly how they were going to slay such beasts. "Just stay close to me, if you have to. I'll keep them off you." Poppy added, making sure she was firm in the plan she had in her head.
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-10T10:39:21.101+0000) Lucian frowned as he looked over his shoulder at the yordle, was she not listening to him? If not that would be a problem. He let out a slight sigh, "As I said before, we're going to deal with a necromancer. He's hiding in a village. We're going there. Yes, it's dangerous." He turned back around and goaded his valkara into moving faster, the beast responded with a savage snarl of glee at the challenge and put on another burst of speed, it powerful muscles somehow finding the strength to propel the massive beast forward even faster than before. The smaller creature carrying Poppy would also let out a higher, but no less savage growl as it too accepted the challenge. The landscape would almost melt into a blur, the valkara doing all the work so all Poppy had to do was hold on for dear life. Eventually they would slow, off on the horizon a black cloud darker than any storm cloud could be seen swirling like a slowed down beginning of a tornado. Soft arcs of cyan light could be seen flickering about within the forming funnel. Lucian sat atop his mount and stared at the anomaly with a mixture of anger and disgust. "That, is where we are headed. It's still some distance away, even on Valkara..." He hung his head, "I had hoped to reach here before this happened."
> [{quoted}](name=Ardent Blaze,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-11T06:50:01.258+0000) _Poppy was sure to keep her grip as tight as she could until it slowly came to a stop._ "H-Huh?... Up there?" _She spied the black cloud. What is that?_ "Is that... is it what I think it is? Demons? Monsters? The same creature you brought on that cart?" _Poppy's eyes widened at the cloud, it's eerie movement and colour still continuing to frighten her._ "If... we need to stop it, I'm sure we can do it! You're a hero, after all!" _That sounded way better in her head. The cold wind picking up made her shiver, and she looked back over, spying Lucian's silver cloak. Not exactly a colour you'd expect from a hero's attire... Well, she'd find out soon enough._
Zoe Main (EUW)
: _A letter would have arrived at Poppy's mailbox as a stork stood on top of it. If Poppy went to visit her mailbox, the sotkr would be seen flying away immediately, towards the east. The letter itself was purely a folded piece of paper, which had a small, triangle-like mark at the very end of it, mostly due to the stork holding the letter. If it was opened, she can find... orange writing? It definitely was not written with black ink, instead having a very chalk like texture to it. The writing itself... was not very good, to be clear. The letter would roughly read as such;_ _"Hi miss Poppy!_ _My parents keep telling me your not real but i dont believe it! I red about you in books too! I bet you have a cape and a gret costume too, but the book says you are wearin metal on your clothes! I wanna try that! Ill do it on haloween!_ _i also red you live in demacia, so i asked mister stork to giv you this leter! Ooh, is demacia nice? Is it nicer than bandle city? Oh yeah! Could you tell me one of your hero stories? i read all of the ones in the books, and i want more!_ _- Zerda"_
> [{quoted}](name=A Friendly Tree,realm=EUW,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-03T10:18:30.537+0000) "Huh..." _Poppy said, picking the letter up as the stork seemed to disappear in the distance._ "A letter from a young one... for me?" _She begun to write down a story on the back of the letter, as the person who sent the letter requested:_ _"Since you wanted to know about a hero story, I'll tell you about one, Zerda. Recently, I found a guy I thought was the hero. He was big, strong, and very handsome for a Demacian man. When he got into a fight, I passed him my hammer, The Hammer of Orlon... and then he died. Demacia is a nice place, but a lot of weird stuff happens around here."_ _Poppy tapped her chin with the quill she was using to write the reply. Costume? Cape? Well, her scarf could be confused with one..._ _"P.S. I don't know what you mean by my costume, I just wear this armor. I have a scarf given to me by someone I used to know, when I was a kid."_ _Poppy put the letter back in the envelope, and marked it to be "returned to sender". That worked last time, right? She guessed this was a letter sent by a kid, so... if he managed to do it, she probably will have it find it's way back to whoever sent it._
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-03T10:30:21.469+0000) Lucian turned his eyes away from the sky and toward Poppy, he frowned when he saw just how tired the small yordle was, part of him wanted to tell her that if she was unable to manage her sleep, then there was no way she'd be able to manage against the cursed creatures of the isles. But he did nod, acknowledging the fact that she packed light, that was good, it showed she could follow instructions. The small pack would be perfect for the speed at which they'd be traveling, "This creature is called a Vilkara." He said pointing to the smaller stockier of the two, "That will be your mount. It knows what is expected of it, all you need to do is hold on." He was about to head off, expecting her to follow on the mount but he paused, "A friend in the Temple has informed me of a necromancer being hold up near a village, they sent a request for aid to Demacia but by the time they mobilize it will be too late. We will go and destroy the creature before it can harm the residents." The vilkara near Poppy would regard her with cold almost reptilian eyes, its lips drawing back to reveal the large canines before its tongue shot out to taste the air around the small yorldle. It snorted, and lowered itself to allow her easier access to its back. The moment she was on, it would take off at incredible speeds, and as Lucian said, it done most the work in keeping her upright. The beasts talons gripped the dirt allowing the powerful leg muscles to propel the beast forward with immense force, in front of Poppy, Lucian was riding with his arms folded across his chest, only leaning down every once and awhile to whisper directions to the creature.
> [{quoted}](name=Ardent Blaze,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-04T12:27:20.081+0000) Poppy hopped atop the beast, and as it sped off, she struggled to hold on. "W-Whoa!" She cried out in surprise. It continued to follow Lucian's mount, seemingly. "H-hey! Mister! Where are we headed?" Poppy called out as she finally regained her balance. "Anywhere dangerous?..." Poppy was frightened, but her reaction was slow as before, due to the lack of sleep. She held on as tight as she could, awaiting Lucian to at the very least speak... _Hope this guy knows what he's doin'._ She thought to herself.
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2018-04-02T04:16:30.317+0000) Certainly, that makes this easier, thank you. It was still dark when Lucian arrived at the spot he had seen the yordle two days before; the last remaining stars still resiliantly shone yet the moon had set long ago. He sat atop a silver short haired horse-like creature that had three long talon like claws instead of hooves and when it opened it's mouth to taste the air, it revealed long sharp canines and an almost snake-like forked tongue. Beside him was a smaller creature, despite it's height it was broader and had rippling muscles. Both of them held an almost cold intelligence behind their golden large blue eyes. They were beautiful in their own right, and also deadly. A perfect steed in Lucian's mind. The Purifier had come this early on purpose just so he could sit and look up at the sky for a while in silence. It always helped calm him before the hunt. He wore his usual attire, a long silver storm coat and his sparsely armoured clothes underneath to ensure mobility was unaffected while protecting his vitals. On the back of his mount was a simple bed roll and backpack. The first rays of sunlight would begin to brake through the clouds on the distant horizon within at least an hour, Lucian would wait in silence like a statue, wondering if the small creature would really come.
> [{quoted}](name=Ardent Blaze,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2018-04-02T12:38:25.179+0000) Poppy could be spotted, resting just to the left of the gates leading into town, sitting by a burnt out campfire. She was resting on her hammer, her head in her hand, sleepily looking out for Lucian. He was taking his time... After a long wait, all through the day, staying awake through... Well, anything she could to stay awake, even if that means slapping herself, drinking water and refilling it at the nearby lake, or just doing exercise whilst she waited, she had to stay awake, for the hero. After a long wait, she finally spotted him. He was here early on the second day, she'd expected he'd show up the day before... She must've miscounted. Regardless, she stood up and waved at him in the darkness of the morning. "H-Hey, mister!" Poppy called out with a yawn. "I-Is that you, Lucian?" She called out again, walking towards her with hammer in hand. She wore a small backpack upon her back, carrying hardly anything aside from minimal food, and a canteen of water. "Ya said to pack light, so, yeah, I did!" She grinned, approaching the man's 'horse' or whatever it was. Lucian could've clearly seen she was sleep deprived, she'd been awake about a day an a half, waiting for this moment. She had a rather sleepy and uneven stance, her body trying to force her to lie down and just sleep. She had to stay awake, she had to find out. There wasn't any rest when she had to do her duty! Nothing else matters but finding that hero. And if Lucian was it, she'd stay up 3 nights in a row if she needed to! ...Even if she could've slept earlier.
: _Hi Poppy!_ _Your hammer is so big! Really really big. It's bigger than you! How are you able to wield it so well? Compared to how tall you are, it'd be like me using a tree as a weapon, with leaves made of metal!_ _Lux~_
> [{quoted}](name=Dear Luxanna,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-02T04:12:47.290+0000) _The message that the Yordle received is glanced over by Poppy. This message talking about her hammer confused her. Bigger than her? Well, that'd easily be explained. She decided to flip over the letter and send a reply, via the same letter._ _"Hi, Luxanna! Nice to meet you, although I'm not sure who you are, I'm sure we'll be talking again soon. I don't know what you mean by the size of my hammer, well... not really mine. It's the hero's! It does most of the work on it's own, I just kind a swing it about, usually that works._ _Any way, I'm glad you sent this message! Take care, wherever you are."_ ~Poppy _She stuffed it back in the envelope, and marked it to "Luxanna." She didn't quite understand how mailing worked yet, but she is sure the post office would find a way to deliver it to the rightful recipient!_
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-02T00:09:05.784+0000)How would you like to do this, Continue in here or have me make another thread? That is, if you want to actually have her come with him. Lucian stares down at the yordle, his eyes seeming to pierce right through her. The muscles in his jaw clenching and unclenching as he thinks over the request, after a long time he nods, "If you think you can handle worse than what's on the cart, fine." Really, he didn't think she would follow through, but on the off chance that she did he doubted she would stick around long after seeing the creatures he hunted when not on the trail of Thresh. But he didn't really know what would happen, Yordles were unpredictable creatures after all. "Meet me here in two days, if you're not here by sunrise I'll assume you no longer wish to join me." He paused, "Pack light, we'll need to move fast."
> [{quoted}](name=Ardent Blaze,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-04-02T03:11:48.361+0000) Sure, I can continue this here! All up to you, my friend. Alas, Poppy was not deterred! "Alright Lucian! I'll be here again in two days... That's right to you, yeah? I'll be sure to get prepared." If this man did turn out to be the hero, she'd have to dedicate her life to the hero, as was foretold. No easy task, seeing this man was clearly very keen on travelling. Nothin' she wasn't used to! "Alright, see ya in two days!" She hurried off the marketplace, she needed to stock up for the next two days anyway, she was out of supplies for now. _Pack light._ The words echoed in her head when she was searching for items to buy, nothing too heavy or too big to put into a small backpack...
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-01T10:13:41.098+0000) Lucian glanced over his shoulder at the beast before nodding slightly when he turned his attention back to her, "I killed it. Twice." "This is nothing important. Just making sure it stays dead." A look of curiousity flickered just behind his eyes as she reached up to shake his hand without fear, or surprisingly, without disgust. And then it fell into place when she didn't recognize the clothing, the small creature probably would have had no interaction with the Light-Bringers or their foot soldiers, the Sentinels of Light. "My name is Lucian." he reached down and shook her hand with a firm grip, not believing that he should try be gentle when she seemed to easily carried around the massive weapon on her back, "These escorts are from the Temple of the Light Bringers." Lucian looked at them a sneer tugging at the corner of his lips, "They only came _after_ I stopped the monster."
"Pleased to meet you, Lucian!" The hand-shake was rather rough and tight, Poppy's rather miniature hands not exactly build to be so roughly grasped. She tried her best to stop from showing the pain of the shake, but, alas ended up flinching slightly. "Well, they seem nice. And killing a beast twice must be hard!" Poppy said, referring to the escorts. "Anyway, I'd like to come with you on your travels!" Her violet pupils widened, she had a smile and a look of anticipation on her face. She just had to see if this guy was truly the hero! But how could she figure out that much if she'd never seen him fight, right? She'd have to travel and see, this was her best lead so far. Poppy knew she couldn't just let this one slip away. It was noted that the smell of the decaying beast was... very much starting to swirl around the area. Poppy looked back at it, the stench was starting to become unbearable. "Ugh... That won't be a problem, will it?"
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=0deNYTAa,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-01T09:08:19.376+0000) Lucian snapped his gaze toward the small creature waving at him, his braids swinging out behind him. The moment he stopped walking so too did the well-trained horses pulling the cart. The dark brown eyes conveyed nothing of what he thought or felt as they took in the visage of the small yordle, it was almost as though they were made from the same stone as his weapons. The small stature of the creature; her massive violet eyes, her energetic demeanor and the ridiculous sized hammer she carried could have made most men laugh. But Lucian merely watched her carefully, there were few within Demacia's borders that willingly spoke to the Ex-Sentinel of Light and when one did he always took notice, it was rarely a pleasant experience for either of them. "What do you want?" He spoke quietly, his gruff voice causing a few onlookers who recognized him to hurry onward down the path.
Poppy was semi-shocked at his voice and gaze. They both seemed rather... aggressive, in their presentation. "O-Oh! Not much, I'm just very very curious!" She smiled innocently, showing off her surprisingly bright pearly whites. "I'm not sure I should be asking, but did you kill that humongous beast? If so, you must be very, very strong!" She walked slowly to the man's side, barely able to hide her excitement and anticipation. _What if he was the hero? She couldn't give up this chance!_ "I hope I'm not interrupting anything important, sir." If this was something religious, however, and she was disturbing it so rudely, this could turn much worse by the end. She'd never, not in her wildest dreams want to harm these people indirectly. "I-I'm not sure about who you guys are... Can you tell me your name, at least? Mine's Poppy!" Poppy extended a hand out, the buckler attached swiveling down her arm as she lifted a hand up high to reach the man's hip-height. She hoped she wasn't causing trouble for the man.
: ((One of my favourite champions! I hope this starter is okay.)) Lucian's eyes were focused on the paved road laid out before him on the out-skirts of Demacia, his pace slow and steady as he walked trying to avoid the looks that some of the fellow travelers gave him. His large silver storm-coat, his braided hair shaved at the sides and the two great pistols that looked as though they were hued from stone always gave something to stare or comment about. However this time it wasn't just his looks that earned the attention, behind him drawn by two massive Freljordian horses was a massive black twisted husk of a beast, the creature was dead, that much was obvious. But it was changed in a way that only tales of the Harrowing ever seemed to describe; the giant feline like creature's bones were visible as was the rot, its eyes were missing and in their place was glowing blue flesh. It's mouth had parted and allowed a sliver of cyan drool to drip steadily onto the carts wood until it had eventually run dry. The taint of undeath had touched the beast and so Lucian had hunted it down and now brought it back to his old temple masters so that they might study it. A few soldiers, saluted upon seeing Lucian pass but none spoke to him. None would even look him in the eye if he tried to make eye contact.
> (( Don't worry. It's fine, but I'm not exactly where to start with this. Mostly due to being nervous about Roleplaying said champion, but, it is a very good post to start off with! Gives me a lot to work with. )) Poppy was roaming the land, as per usual, looking for the hero. This'd brought her to the Demacian outskirts, a small few towns would be laid out, with a very kind bunch of people, as far as she remembered... "H-Huh? What's that cart carrying?" She said to herself, as the cart passed by. "W-Whoa... I've never seen anyone in that clothing before..." She was thinking and discussing with herself out loud... again. However, what she didn't mention is that his look scared her very much so. The look on his face, lifeless and as dull as the corpse on the cart. A man drained of emotion, much unlike all the happier and more cheerful faces that were usually in this town. The corpse frightened her a little, but she didn't let that get to her. She ran up alongside the cart, and looked at the beast. It was dead, right? Yeah, it was dead. Who killed it? The man in silver? Well, that's a good as place as any to start. She may have found the hero, if that's true. A man with the strength to kill such a beast sure is strong! "H-Hey! Mister!" Poppy called out to the unusual man in silver. "You got a minnit? I wanna talk to you!" She waved happily at the man, even if he was barely in earshot, and was unlikely to look at her. She had to get his attention, somehow!
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: The Ask Champion Compendium
((HELLO! {{champion:78}} I have made a post to in fact, claim Poppy as my own. Mind putting that in the compendium?)) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/0deNYTAa-to-the-hero-ask-poppy
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