: Can we PLEASE get Silver Kayle and Judgement Kayle Back into the item shop.
There would have to be some form of compensation for the original people. The skins are almost 10 years old, so honestly the rework gave them the quality and flare that they deserved back then, if the tech had existed. As someone who does own Judgement Kayle but not Silver, I still think they shouldn't be brought back. If you can obtain them very rarely through the Loot System, then yeah, I'd settle for that but I don't think they should be outright purchasable. We're not getting King Rammus back any time soon and that was only available to Beta players. I think the exclusiveness should be retained, and making them easily purchasable removes the majority of that entirely.
: Hey Sperge! Glad you think Pyke looks fantastic and are excited about him! We preferred the R to not be too target agnostic, and wanted it be primarily used for killing squishies. Assassins on live can struggle with killing tanks, and we felt that it was appropriate that Pyke would have a similarly shared assassin weakness. I do agree with you that we may have overshot the effectiveness on squishies and had it too difficult to use on tanks. The R is something we're still potentially making iterations on so any feedback like that does help. Thanks! :)
Cheers for the response! In terms of the threshold I can understand keeping it tied to Pyke's champion level to keep it consistent across all levels of play, maybe reduce the ratio or even tie the AD Ratio to the execute only? EG: If Pyke's ult has a base of 300, has a ratio of 140% (current) and he has 100 AD, the threshold is 440. If the target is below 440, execute them, otherwise deal base damage only (300). If that makes sense? Keep up the great work otherwise! Everything else seems reasonable with the numbers imo :)
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Hey! Just wanted to say Pyke looks absolutely fantastic and I'm excited to give him a go when he hits live! Just a curious question with his ultimate though, is there a reason that you opted to go with a flat health threshold on his ultimate rather than a % health? I feel like at later stages with high AD it'll be usable too early on a squishy and not early enough on a tank. Thanks!
: Oh oof Then this sounds nice
I was also thinking of a possible iteration where the base adaptive stats where higher, the passive only granted stacking AS, but Guinsoo's Rage would grant an on-hit at max stacks that scales with % Adaptive, rather than amplifying all other on hits by giving the shadow hit. Not sure how that would have been taken though. If this comment gets enough upvotes, I'd be willing to share it.
: Rageblade rn is THE item you take if you want to have lots of attack speed (ever since they reworked the Hurricane), so I'd never wanna see it lose 48% of that or as I should now say, 64% of that
Thanks for the heads up, completely forgot to put the AS in the passive. That was meant to be there!
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: I can't believe I got a response with this shitpost but here you go The concept is amazing, everything about it EXCEPT for the fact that it stacks only on champs 1. The melee only bonus incentivizes melees 2. The % buffs scale better and make it so it can't be rushed Both of these were the goals The only problem is that it makes it very difficult to use in teamfights because you can only stack it on champions, and now splitpushers can't even use it as properly like Jax In addition it's still a hybrid item so its identity is preserved I wouldn't be so opposed to it only stacking on champions but it gives SO few stats without the stacking mechanic, so if some of the power was shifted to its raw stats, I would more in favor of this new mechanic FYI this is the nth time I've tried posting to you or meddler afaik on these forums but this is what I get a response to?
+1 to this. I feel like if you drop 1% off of the AD and AP stacking and make it affect all targets, it would become a better 'feel good' item. The fact that the passive is being shifted to 'situational power' by only working on champions does make it feel a bit worse, especially on core users outside of bot lane, like Kayle. The shift to % stacking is a great move into taking it away from being a core rush item. That's an excellent change. EDIT: Gaining 18% increased AD and AP from autos (at 3%, with max stacks) does seem like a substantial combat upgrade with champions and could add too much effective gold the further someone gets ahead. It does become more snowbally as a result.


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