: Remember when Azir was a champion?
Azir as a character was one I thought was AMAZING since his release. I felt he lived up to his character archetype really well, and seemed super interesting to play. Unfortunately, I am not good enough to play Azir. Recently, I gave him another go (First time in like 2 years) and the biggest change that shocked me was how dang close he has to be to his soldiers to even attack with them. I never knew that change was made and god I hate it so much. You might as well just attack with Azir if you're going to stand so close to the enemy just to smack 'em. And the same with his Q range, you can no longer poke or harass enemies from afar (which was part of the fun of playing Azir). I do understand that he was strong, but now he is just abysmally sad, and I hope he gets some lovin soon to bring him back to a strong state. Also, it kinda makes sense for him to be strong, considering he is arguably one of the most difficult champions to play, it should be rewarding to succeed as him.
: u are whats wrong with the game friend..plz don't que rank like ever..ty..people actually que rank to win..not carry people like u...if u want to play for fun que draft are normal are aram…..theres no need for u to make a comment just listen ty
Its a game, its purpose is fun. I play ranked, and when I do, I pick my best champions and play as well as I can. Im just saying that people need to remember that the game is for fun, which is inclusive of all queues. As I stated, many people enjoy the competitive aspect of ranked rather than the lack of reward or risk for normals. I am not whats wrong with the game, and I will continue playing ranked and having fun. If you only enjoy the game when winning then you;re doing something wrong. Half the fun in ranked is trying against opponents who are equal or better than you, and you'll win AND lose to climb. Dont confuse "playing for fun" with trolling or playing poor picks.
: That would be great if people were going those champions, I don't know what Elo you are, but I can tell you without a doubt that in Gold V everyone is just running random champions that they saw in one of those "SO MUCH DAMAGE IT KILLED ME IRL!!" videos by the D1/Masters assholes who smurf in Gold 1 so they can make these stupid ass videos of them "destroying" with some weird, nonstandard build that literally only works when they smurf in low Elo cause they'd get rekt in their own if they tried it. You shouldn't be playing ranked "for fun" if you want to play for fun then go play normal, it exists for a god damned reason, if you que into ranked with the expectation of playing Renekton ADC for fun you are the problem. If you're not trying your hardest to win in a RANKED game then YOU are the problem. See literally above, where I said NA's biggest issue is people like you who play R A N K E D for "fun"
It is literally a video game, made for fun. To a lot of people, adding in the competitive nature of ranked only adds to the fun, and taking picks that you've developed your skills on against players who are putting in their all is much more rewarding. I agree with not first timing strange builds or champs in ranked, but if someone is a Renekton ADC main that gets work done, why shouldn't they play what they enjoy in ranked?
: Reached my first mastery 7
My first (and currently, only) was Kayn. Played him flat out from release and got it in about a week. Truth be told, I don't level many champs passed 5 since I absolutely LOATHE the inconsistency of the S ranking system. Though I do have a couple accidental level 6's. Also, congrats, feels real good to have that big blue banner.
: I genuinely think bot lane is the best it's ever been.
Some ADCs need a little lovin, but it's cool to see bot open up as a diverse role. To me, its both frustrating and exciting to not know what you're going to be laning against. Hopefully given some time, it'll settle a little, but still have the variety its brought forward now.
Mu9en (NA)
: The Report system is broken
If they're being toxic in chat, and they get reported it'll get picked up. They might not get instantly banned, but it does contribute to the potential for a ban in the future. If you got banned after being slightly toxic in one game, you've probably had a history of toxicity across many games that has finally caught up to you. Additionally, you aren't really told about punishments outside of when they happen just after you've reported them, so it's hard to know when its working. The system does work, you just don't realise it. But trolls, that's a different story. (mostly because its tricky to tell the difference between trolling and just having a bad game a lot of the time) and that system does need some work
: Has anyone had friends in league like this?
Don't play with him if he's gonna act like that. That's what I did to friends who acted trash and it worked out. But make sure you explain to him why he is being shunned, that way he has the chance to resolve the issues, some people just dont realise how bad they are acting.
: Mastery points just come from spamming a champion and has absolutely no reflection of skill level. 1 of the highest mastery kat mains was/is hard stuck bronze 5 building full AD. No point in rewarding people simply for spamming games.
> [{quoted}](name=EpicEzio,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uOc1NOnP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-16T19:02:12.629+0000) > > Mastery points just come from spamming a champion and has absolutely no reflection of skill level. 1 of the highest mastery kat mains was/is hard stuck bronze 5 building full AD. No point in rewarding people simply for spamming games. I disagree. I see no issue with rewarding people for sticking with champions. All it would be is just a little note to say "Hey, I play this champion a lot, and im proud of that". People who are skilled at the champions get the rewards from being better at the game (and likely better ranked rewards :P) I don't think people's skill should invalidate their dedication to a champion. And hey, if that Kat made it work, who cares about the build?
: It shouldn't happen for the same reason the IFS doesn't read every players log for every game. It shouldn't happen for the same reason 1 report counts as much as 9. The goal isn't to enforce a "you can't say this in any situation ever" system, but rather for players to be respectful of others. What's 'toxic' to a random person you encounter could be completely fine among friends or in another situation. An example that should be clearly ignored by the IFS: Imagine 5 friends are playing ARAM together. They're on voice chat, but they decide that they're also going to type things their characters are saying. A Yasuo player decides to say "For my miserable performance, I'm going to fall upon my sword and kill myself" before running towards an enemy turret for an execute. An ally said "good, kys", agreeing with the execute. Such conversation goes on, with everyone who can see the chat having a good time. They also drop "wp" in all chat when the enemy team does something cool, and a "gg" at the end of the game. Under no circumstances should the 5 man team be 14 day banned when they're not offending anyone or wishing anyone harm. If someone on is reporting them from the enemy team for a language reason, then it should only look at what that player saw, which is the "wp" and "gg".
To me it seems it would only apply to 5 man teams, or very niche scenarios. What about something like this - Jungler spends the entire game abusing Top laner. - Turns out, top /muteall's at the start of every game. - Jungler also becomes briefly toxic in /all chat - Enemy team reports that jungler. - Top laner doesnt even realise he has been toxic, therefore does not report. In a scenario where the IFS only looks at his all chat, it may only see a couple of toxic messages, missing out on more toxicity to the teammates who may not have seen it, or didn't report for any reason. It just seems pointless to ignore, and really only has niche benefits. It'd be easier for the 5man to just not say anything abusive / toxic ingame, especially if they know its an automated system. Regardless, I do see your point, but it just seems purposeless from my perspective
: I mean he's got a lot of lines, they're just all "My name is Rhaast and boy howdy do I love killing stuff." You're right, he could use a bit more depth.
God I would love him so much more if this was one of his lines. (or even the only line im ok with that too)
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Bultz (NA)
: Can we give Rhaast a few more lines to Aatrox now?
Let me rephrase the title for you. Can we give Rhaast a few more lines. He feels so bland and empty :(
KagenoOu (NA)
: Being Non-Toxic THE GUIDE!
I think the thing that helped me improve in one of the biggest areas of toxicity, was gaining an understanding of the value of ganks. Ganking a lane that is 0/3 is a waste of time compared to ganking a lane that is 3/0 (usually) Essentially it comes down to gold differences, even with a kill to the 0/3, they are still quite far behind, whereas getting another kill onto the lane that is ahead, only makes it harder for the other laner (And the team as a whole) to catch up in gold. And more gold means more advantages. For me, something as simple as that helped my biggest issue (getting toxic when losing lane and not getting help) Although I can't speak for others. I hope to see this guide grow and develop so much more, good work for making it!
: Aatrox rework is just like Urgot's, which was just like Galio's
It's just like Urgot's and Galio's? So what you mean is **It's good** epic
: Why does every player copy off the meta?
People want to play what's most optimal, which is often highlighted by the pros, because they HAVE TO know and play what's well to have the best chance of success. Lower rank players also want the best chance of winning, because it's a competitive game, and the goal of competitive games is to win. Also, a lot of people ENJOY playing what's strong, because they don't have to work extra hard to perform well. Using what's strong makes it much easier to have consistently good performance, whilst still playing at your average level. But hey, play what you enjoy, and what you feel most comfortable on. If it works out for you, obviously something's going right. And if you aren't a pro level player (or earn your living from playing league) it wont harm you too much to not play what's optimal. I would recommend trying to play more traditional variations of your favourite champions in ranked honestly, because playing something inherently weaker DOES put your teammates at risk of losing rank. But even so, if you're more comfortable, just make it work.
: In pro play a throw is so much more lethal. Honestly in solo queue teams make a lot of throws but it doesn't throw the game or their lead because their opponents are just as disorganized. If you do manage to take full advantage of a throw then you can instantly come back from behind and either win or reverse the snowball, and it does happen in solo queue sometimes too. Just less often. However, snowballing is still a problem. The game shouldn't enter the snowballed state so easily in the first place.
Yeah for sure, but the game DOES have to be balanced to be fair to both organised and coordinated players and... the rest of us xD
TKP B1lly (EUNE)
: When a player receives report(s) from ONLY his opponents, IFS should ONLY focus at his ALL-Chat.
I mean whats the harm in checking both? Might as well suss if there's any toxicity going on to allies in chat. Not checking just adds protection to toxic players who manage to queue with people who don't care enough to report, or don't read chat, or didn't report for any number of reasons. Easiest solution, just don't be toxic anywhere and it doesn't matter if you get reported.
Keyrtyn (NA)
: Why the hell is Garen the god king instead of Jarvan?
They are rival champions, and fulfill the same role. Both are the BIG STRONG MEN soldiers within the armies. Plus, God-king J4 vs God-King Swain probably wouldn't have been as fitting (imo)
: Fnatic vs. Schalke just demonstrated the game's current issues
It seems odd because many people are complaining right now that it feels impossible to come back from behind a snowballing enemy. Although I guess, games hardly snowball as much in pro play, considering the 6(?) kills Kai'sa ended with was a lot for a game of that length. But I agree either way, structures are so weak right now.
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: reminder that there is lietrally nothign worse for you than drinking soda
RedGuy (NA)
: Regarding Champion Mains, which do you hold in the highest respect?
I respect people who play niche characters because they like the design. As well as champs like Asol who are hard as heck. {{champion:432}} and this guy since I love his design myself :3
Etharido (NA)
: Looking for Advice About Rotating
---- Silver as well, so take this with a grain of salt I've personally been trying to improve my own rotations too, so far the most valuable stuff has been improving my knowledge of how minion waves work. Rather than solo pushing the wave, being able to manipulate waves to push with the plays I intend to make seems to work wonders. ie, setting up a slow push top wave then grouping with your team to push elsewhere or get an objective. Something like that increases pressure, and if done right (I'm still not here yet) means you can drag their team around and give yourself an advantage. Another thing with this is if they choose to handle the wave, then they will have less members in the fight, but if not, they are losing free xp and gold, potentially putting themselves behind (especially if you have been catching waves well) You will always need to rely on your team to some extent, it is after all a team game, but hey, at least if you do things first then group, you've set them up for success. Though if all else fails just 1v5, flash mastery, emote taunt and bait them to your lane as long as possible while spam pinging your teams nearest objective to take, works every time (it doesnt)
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
TheShinx (NA)
: Honestly will probably never happen. Riot is too focused on making as much money now then actually keeping their game balanced. The amount of skins, Emotes, and other shit they have been working on lately is stupid in comparison to the amount of actual changes made to the game that didn't fuck over the game in the last 6 months. I get that riot is a business and they need to make money in order to run. But you can't run a business if there is no one to buy stuff. That's what league will become sooner rather then later because of the changes being made. I feel like the meaningful changes (Banner being removed for example) have been far and few between. ADC change was completely unnecessary, as the only thing needing to be changed was IE, and it could have been a minor change. Take Crit chance away from IE add a Long sword (+10 AD to whatever +AD it had) and keep the passive the same. Then for champions like Jhin who get insta crit, reduce the dmg they do for critical hits. Make it like this for Jhin and Ashe (although I feel like even before the ADC change, Ashe was trash tier): Damage done be Critial hits do 80% of Base Attack Damage. So they would buy IE, but could be punished if that's what they rush first. Like I said. I will say it won't happen. But if riot finally gets their head out of the sand and smell the Morning Coffee, they could probably make the game balanced and not have this flip-flop meta.
> [{quoted}](name=TheShinx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6RZeFyom,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-16T00:28:08.310+0000) > > Honestly will probably never happen. Riot is too focused on making as much money now then actually keeping their game balanced. The amount of skins, Emotes, and other shit they have been working on lately is stupid in comparison to the amount of actual changes made to the game that didn't fuck over the game in the last 6 months. > Different teams completely, its just that determining changes that feel legitimately fair take a lot more time, have to go through multiple phases of testing and often turn out to require changes due to other updates and adaptations to the meta.
DW Diana (NA)
: How long will midlane wait?
Riot are trying to shake up the Meta, they want people to experiment and try new things, and see what may work where to make things interesting for awhile. Anything goes right now, so just play what you want in different roles, who knows, it might be better than you think Also Malz seems strong? Ive played him once in my life so I have no clue tho :P
: How is piracy profitable at all in Bilgewater?
: Do you prefer Nunu as a god or as a useless white monkey?
patmax17 (EUW)
: Wait, did anyone point out that WAAARGHbobo has THREE As in his name? :O He's like, the über-darkin!
He's stolen Vaarus' second A for himself. KILL HIM AND TAKE IT BACK. ... but then the joke wouldnt work again... heck.
: Can Order vs Chaos stop being Totalitarism vs The Cool Guys?
Im picking garen because blue looks nice :)
: After thinking on it a while, it feels more Romanian. The rolling of the R's and the "Vee's" instead of "Wee". Like dracula. Still very Freljord imo
> [{quoted}](name=TheDevice,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=LAEAy7Vg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-15T02:48:19.981+0000) > > After thinking on it a while, it feels more Romanian. The rolling of the R's and the "Vee's" instead of "Wee". Like dracula. > > Still very Freljord imo Yeah a couple people have said it sounds quite Romanian, I've only ever met one person with the accent but I can still see it haha
: As one of the Sons of Ur: No, just no.
> [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qQNvNbHs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-14T21:53:51.078+0000) > > As one of the Sons of Ur: No, just no. You spelt yes wrong. > [{quoted}](name=Dokueki Kenshin,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qQNvNbHs,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-06-14T21:57:31.818+0000) > > I swear to all that is holy, please don’t blind me. Beauty and cringe aren’t supposed to go together. Dont you mean beauty and beauty??
: Not really. They don't know your league name until they know your nick name. 100% safe stuff. https://i.gyazo.com/f2116e27dab2df20c490bd51dae7ba88.png
thought so, its 8 am (i havent gone to bed oops) and brain is too zzzzz to remember how things work. Well with that being the case, BRING ON THE TOMATOLOVERS
: Amazing NUCLEAR ONE SHOT suggestion to make Ranked League Names meaningful
: > [{quoted}](name=Spookster,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HVyyec9y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-14T20:54:48.682+0000) > > It will be revived when they add Waluigi. Lol, I’ve got some bad news for you. He’s been condemned to the Assist Trophy crew, just like Lyn and Knuckles.
> [{quoted}](name=Dokueki Kenshin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HVyyec9y,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-14T21:38:06.341+0000) > > Lol, I’ve got some bad news for you. He’s been condemned to the Assist Trophy crew, just like Lyn and Knuckles. I KNOW BUT THEYRE GOING TO ADD HIM DONT WORRY
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: With the new ADC changes Soraka is free ELO bot
In an ADC lane, for sure. Played against one today and it HURT. Not too sure how she fares against the bruisers and other new botlane champs though
WarWork (NA)
: I was just spit balling with the lack of info. I just figured they'd be more powerful than the vastayah and I know the ascended can be crazy powerful, Air can raise cities and Xerath is living energy
Yeah I agree that it's hard to rank them since we know so little, it's kinda just a stab in the dark.
: That could work, he certainly has the engage/dueling potential for it. I would probably end up changing around the W buff values for that though as you would spend most of your time in the lowest tier and I made that level intentionally bad to discourage staying in lane with someone with the buff. I am also slightly worried about the hidden power of it being able to tell you if the enemy jungle is coming to gank top like how pyke passive is able to tell you if somewhere is warded.
That would depend on the range (also I actually love the Pyke warding trick I picked it up first game and felt like a 2000 IQ genius) but you're right, that's kinda an antifun / no counterplay mechanic.
Lost R (NA)
: Well, I mean, Xayah throws feathers, Katarina, though mid, throws knives, and Irelia, even though she's a top-laner, throws her swords around.
You forgot the most important one... My teammates, throw games
HeimerLmao (EUNE)
: Riot, can you make pings pop-up on the side of the screen, same as emotes do now?
(ok but what does SS stand for) and I'd be all for this if they made options to make it smaller, as well as disable it. AT the same time though, having be careful come up on your screen when its directed at someone else might not be the best. MIA would be great, but some of the other pings might be more confusing. Also, ping spam would be even more disgusting than it is now.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: I suppose the best solution would be just to list the Voidborn, the Watchers and the power of the void together as "the Void", and rank it equal to, or even higher than, Nagakabouros and Aurelion Sol.
Plot twist, Nagakabourous IS the power of the void dun dun dunnnnn
Fasmodey (EUW)
: >it comes down to the fact that less serious lines are just fun to include for the sake of the game. That's what kills the theme. How can I know which one is not related? And if it is not related, why to waste a line space with something not belongs to champion's personality? If you want funny side of characters, look at fan arts and videos. There are and will be plenty of them to satisfy you. It is better to leave out something that is off from champion's theme. Voice lines are already limited, so I would avoid wasting the space and highly prefer something what champion would exactly say from the lore over to "LULZ WHAT A MEME".
A lot of people appreciate the lines and don't consider them a waste, thats why include them. But I entirely understand your perspective, to each their own I guess
: Rotating Game Mode suggestion: Friendly-fire mode
Unfortunately the community of league would make sure you could only play this with premades. Just imagine trolls on your team being able to kill you. Plus I don't know if the gimmick of friendly fire would be interesting enough for a dedicated gamemode. Once you;ve played it once I feel like it would be more frustrating than enjoyable.
: Comfirmed skins for Aurelion Sol and Urgot in the next months
: Yeah I can see where you're coming from. I tried to have him be driving it by giving him good engage potential and the ability to survive the sustained fights you force your enemies into, but I was trying to keep him in a support role so I was wary of giving him too much solo killing power. You could certainly cast W on you self for a quick boost in power and use you R refresh if you need to fight yourself but that is a a lot of long cooldowns you would have to blow for what would probably be 1 kill.
I mean even attempting to put Aatrox as a support sounds fun to try at the least, and I think you've done pretty well at conceptualizing closely to what you were aiming for. You could aim to make him a top laner that can be played as a support sometimes (ie how panth sometimes is), which is what I feel like this version might kinda be like (more like a support that can solo top)
: Can we do something about this?
Riot are trying to work on reducing early game snowballing, as well as make it easier to comeback from small deficits. These should hopefully help with strategies like this. But I agree that this particularly combo is probably the most frustrating thing to play against right now. Give it a few patches, im sure itll be better soon.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Not necessarily. The Voidborn themselves are parasites and products of something much greater. They vary in power and purpose, yes, but they're primarily just predatory agents sent out by the Watchers, who are, in turn, subservient to a greater power that is the mastermind behind the Void. The Void is a cancer, and the Voidborn are cells; they're a bio-weapon and a cellular overgrowth that overwhelms the universe with alien lifeforms until its native species are extinct and the universe itself dies out. This is why the Targonians and Aurelion Sol fight them: it's not the Voidborn themselves who are so potentially dangerous, it's the terrible entity that the Voidborn serve.
Oh yeah for sure, but when lumping voidborn all together as one, it just makes sense to me to list them as higher due to their sheer numbers and potential for power. Unfortunately we don't have all the information about the power behind the void, which is what I mean would be the high ranking entities (entity?) on this list. But I 100% agree with you there.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: But jokes make me take them less serious, and when it happens, It butchers the "murder machine" for me. Jokes on some champions of course give the depth and realism, but Aatrox is not one of them IMO. Neither Mordekaiser and Nocturne. Jokes of Evelynn's are pretty well maden. How? She replies your jokes with dark humor. She says when "I pull your tongue through your neck, it will be funnier." or something similar. It is a joke reply that doesn't butcher the theme of champion. What the fuck is MEMO please... Do you really think it fits to Aatrox? Do you think Aatrox would say MEMO in lore? Mordekaiser is outdated, but his theme definitely screams "I am not a joke character." It definitely avoids jokes and fun. It should, at least.
Who's to say that any serious character has to be serious 100% of the time? It makes sense for any character to have a sense of humour, the way any person can. No matter how poor the circumstances, most characters would reasonably be able to appreciate a joke now and then, and for those who can't (Morde could likely fill this category, Noc too) it comes down to the fact that less serious lines are just fun to include for the sake of the game. Personally, I love the jokes Aatrox has, and I think it really adds to the character. If he didn't have these lines I feel like he would come across as over the top with his central thematic, and potentially edgier than Kayn. I don't see the issue with memo being in Aatrox's vocabulary either, I'd rather that than him saying MEMORANDUM, plus it means its easy to understand what he is on about.
: > [{quoted}](name=Spookster,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ELUtiAIq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-14T20:11:51.604+0000) > > Don't build stormrazor on people you intend to go full crit on (looking at you every yasuo on my team) You are wrong because the item ask you to build crits to be maximum effective > Unique – Storm's Edge: Your next basic attack critically strikes for **160% - 200% (based on critical strike chance) **
Yes. But if you have 100% crit chance, there is no reason for stormrazors. Crit strikes deal 200% damage. Fully efficient stormrazor does 200% damage. With 100% crit chance you are getting 200% damage no matter what on your AA, so stormrazor becomes a more expensive phage. I find it most effective with a medium amount of crit (1 or 2 crit items) because then its still worthwhile to have the guaranteed crit. but you have the flexibility of non crit items in your kit.
: Wait a minute... We do know anything about the Vastayashai'rei aside from being the "fathers" (or mothers) of the Vastaya? And about the Voidborn, it is hard to rank them all in a same tier: a lion is not he same as a cat even if both are felines (i mean, we could say the same about demons, humans, yordles, vastaya, etc... but the diference between one and other voidborns can be really huge). And technically, the Targonians are more powerfull than the Aspects, because an aspect is a human with the power of a Targonian as far as i remember)
From what I know, they were true shapeshifters and had much more of a connection to magic, which would logically rank them higher on the list. Thought Im not sure if they should be higher than the ascended, but then again we dont know how much stronger their connection made them. But basically, we don't know much.
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