: champions for battle academia skins
The ones I would want to see for round two are Battle Academia {{champion:86}} -secret relationship with Kat and Lux's older brother who hypocritically disapproves of her rag to riches nobody boyfriend Ez, until he manages to prove himself. I just think there is so much Shounen/Drama that this character could have in the universe narratively. Battle Academia {{champion:245}} -another one thrown around the community a lot. Has that anime protagonist bravado, would be a great fit for first year council, and an excellent rival for Ez. Battle Academia {{champion:44}} - a bit of a different pick, but I could see him as second year Guardian, also his over the top 'fabulousness' fits into the anime style. Throw in a sparkly magical mace and he seems like a perfect fit. I could also see him as the one constantly giving relationship advice to Ez and Lux, whether they want it or not. and last but not least Transfer Student {{champion:92}} -she already has fan art from years ago inspired by kill la kill and although some of it is not to my taste she really does fit nicely into the mould of an edgy transfer student in a universe based on magical weapons. Add some backstory to her prior experience with Katarina's family and we have a recipe for anime. I could also see {{champion:254}} & {{champion:112}} I think they are both great choices, also professor {{champion:26}} deserves an honourable mention, but they would need to emphasise the role of his giant clock as his weapon in his animation to justify him in the narrative.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Ultimately, riot should have changed "Quinn" to "Quinn and Valor" *long before* they even considered giving that treatment to *anyone* else. There is no (and has never been any) other "two-for-one" champ that has the kind of interconnected relationship and teamwork that Quinn and Valor have. Also, Riot should get rid of this "behind enemy lines" bullshit and give us the *real* Valor back. And while we're talking about it, Riot should also fix that god dam bug with Vault occasionally causing you to fly off in random directions, because it's been 2,266 days without an actual fix for that. Oh, and not to forget Cockatoo Quinn for OCE server skin instead of that "oh look, stars" bullshit. Rant over...
Wow I have been playing on OCE since the server launched and didn't realise until this comment that Cosmic Reaver Kassadin (which I am pretty sure came out a few years later) is supposedly the server skin for OCE... I honestly assumed that they just never bothered to do one. I had to do a bunch of digging to find out that "oh look, stars" meant Cosmic Reaver Kassadin and when I went into the splash on client to try spot the Southern Cross, I couldn't even see it initially because it is hidden by the info XD. Seriously though how is Cosmic Reaver oceanic? Honestly I would have guessed it was the boomerang Sivir skin even though I am a Kiwi. Also even though I love Quinn, something Pasifika inspired or Seafaring/Spirit Journey probably would have been a better fit than a bird found only in Australia (Still a more obvious reference than Cosmic Reaver Kassadin though). Also yeah I have no idea why they refuse to make it Quinn and Valor, the only thing RIOT have said against it was a direct contradiction to RIOTs earlier statement on the champion. Its not like adding Valor to the name would hurt them at all. (I also laugh that when Quinn and Valor were first being launched someone asked about Nunu being called Nunu and Willump but RIOT shut them down saying they were not a duo champ in the same way Quinn and Valor were). Also talking about Sivir, her base splash is fine but I think some of her skin splashes could use some love as well (Battle Princess is really dated and has a completely different weapon to the in game version).
: Ok no. Every single season there are more Riven mains than any other champion in high elo. Diamond+ is ruled by Riven one tricks. She is an elo booster and has always been the number 1 elo booster. Now it's just gotten to the point that she has the highest playrate coupled with a top 3 winrate in Top as a supposed "high skill" champ that requires a ton of know-how and matchup knowledge to succeed with. So one of two possible things can be true here. Either A) she isn't that high of a skilled champ to be able to succeed on or B) she is high skill so the fact she has a very high winrate while also being played a shit ton is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Another thing, claiming a melee champion isn't broken/strong because they can get poked/bullied by ranged champions is NOT a good argument at all. Every single Riven players go-to argument is that Kennen beats the piss out of Riven. Ok....cool Kennen literally beats every melee champion because you physically cannot engage on him even with the amount of dashes a champion like Riven has. The reaction is not absurd but you are free to feel that way. I am well aware of the arguments that Riven is strong because of Conquerer, Spear, Death's Dance, overabundance of CDR etc....everything but the actual champion herself. But I ask you, at what point do you stop nerfing items and runes/masteries (which also effects every single other champion that uses those things in a healthy manner), and start attacking the CORE of the issue? Which is RIVEN.
Um you were not really listening were you... **I agree she is strong atm**, I just think **these proposed changes will have some impact**. For a start I never mentioned her skillcap, only that low elo players like myself often lack game knowledge to punish a champions weaknesses correctly, and Riven is a champion where those windows are shorter and not as obvious for the opponent as other champions (like vlad pool for instance), which has nothing to do with how hard a champion actually is to play. This change will increase the length of Riven's window of weakness for opponents to play around early, and make it easier to bully her out of lane. Not even necessarily just through poke, most bruisers etc. can make short trades then out sustain her as well (which will be much easier as she can't match the burst of a lot of champions if you play around the animation cancelling of her e into auto, double cast), yes she struggles into ranged, but because of her low sustain she also historically struggled into melee bullies like Renekton. And yes she has been a OTP magnet since creation and is in general one of the most popular champions in the game (she is fun to play and stylish) but if you watch many pro/high-elo videos from 2016-2018 including Faker, as well as old school one tricks like Smeb and TheShy you will find them complaining about how poor of a state she was in (although honestly I don't think she was ever plain bad for any extended period of time). Also I am not arguing that it is all the masteries/items that are broken (although I do think spear/ER is a poor design and gives traditional early game/laning champions too much reliability in the late game teamfights like Riven and Renekton, plus conqueror has been a balance woe since introduction) **she is undeniably strong in her current state**, but the calls of favouritism due to lack of nerfs historically is a bad argument, there are other examples of champions going for equally long if not longer without nerfs or any changes at all... it doesn't make that champion good or make them RIOTs favourite, it is not like they went out of their way to overbuff her, she just became strong due to changes around her after being reasonably stable and no one really complaining about her for 3 years. Again if you are paying attention **I think she should be nerfed** I just think you do not realise how impactful these **e** changes may be to her playstyle and laning, especially in high elo where people actually have the game knowledge to punish these cooldowns properly. I also said **I think the compensation on her q is likely too much considering she needs nerfs** but I guess you just don't like to read discussions properly if it isn't someone just agreeing with everything you say :/.
: Riven "Nerfs" lol. Still a permaban for me chief cuz this ain't it.
I think this will be more impactful then you realise. What this effectively is doing is keeping her mobility the same by having more **q** casts but less **e** casts. The reason why this does actually matter is because **e** is: **A: **her damage mitigation against poke **B: **The ability she requires to set up her double cast combos (which is how she stacks conqueror so fast and does all her burst combos) What this means is she will not have the same mitigation, so she will be poked out by ranged champions easier, and she will have less windows for her to apply her burst and animation cancel. This gives enemies much bigger windows to punish her and play around her ability to all in. I do not think this will have too much impact on lower elo performance where people do not know how to play around her anyway, but in high elo I imagine this will have a noticeable effect. The tradeoff is she can fast q combo more which is nice and actually helps jg Riven more than lane as it will increase her clear speed. Considering she needed light nerfs anyway I think the cooldown cut from an ability she maxes first was probably too generous, but hey they don't pay me the big bucks so what do I know. I think you also need to remember she has always been one of the lowest in-kit sustain traditional top laners, so any loss in mitigation early is going to hurt, also yes she hasn't been nerfed in a long time but that was because she wasn't that good outside of one-tricks for the last couple of seasons. A lot of high elo players and pros swore off her as other champions just did her job better until a bunch of changes to itemisation and runes made her strong (not even direct buffs to her) and although I agree she is definitely on the strong side of things for my liking, I think the community reaction has been absurd.
Falrein (EUW)
: If you could meet your favourite champions once...
{{champion:32}} I would give him a hug, and tell him he'll always have one friend. Then I'd die because of his curse and me getting too close to him. But it would be worth it...
Sęraph (NA)
: How does Spear of Shojin work on Quinn?
To trigger the Awakened Dragon passive from Spear of Shojin you have to auto something within 10 seconds of using her ult. The first cast of her ult does proc Spear but does not grant awakened dragon until you auto so after the 10 seconds it will go on a 30 second cooldown which generally makes Spear terrible on Quinn. Recalling puts Quinn into her ult but will not activate spear, so in this case the second part of her ult will activate the 10 second window to try and auto the enemy for awakened dragon. The other option is while in lane, just go into a bush or back behind your turret, go into ult, fly up in lane second cast ult within a couple of seconds, then auto and you will get the full use of awakened dragon still. In general though I would not recommend this item for Quinn, there are higher value items for her and if you try to use it to roam, since the window starts after first ult cast it will almost always time out before you get there and just do nothing as a passive. It can be used to be pretty obnoxious in lane though.
: Dark Hunter Quinn skin concept made by Alex-lao
It is well made, but geez that hat... I guess it is just not my taste. Still very cool though.
: People complain about yasuo but not riven its kinda weird
Its because for the last two years or so she has had no changes, sat at a below average win rate, and not been competitively viable. She has hard lane counters, is relatively poor at team fighting, and wasn't even one of the best abusers of old conqueror. The problem happened when essence reaver (now spear) became popular and have now updated conqueror (probably the bigger problem) where she abuses them better than anyone else, and allows her to scale into late game far better then she had ever done prior.
kile147 (NA)
: That is fairly surprising actually. Melee champs who get those kind of nerfs in jg suffer similar drops. Ranged champs like Quinn usually kite more though, so I would expect that kind of change to their defense to matter far less than to a melee champ who has to facetank.
Honestly I was surprised as well at the time, but I guess she is slightly worse at kiting compared to someone like graves, that and I presume the popularity of Xin, Kha, Lee and other early duelling AD junglers contributed to it as well. You are right though armour nerfs normally hurt melees in jg more than ranged champions like Quinn.
: Karthus Jungle Winrate Drops 5% off a 5/10 Damage nerf
Same thing happened with Quinn jg and the 3 armour nerf. Yes it didn't affect her top winrate that much but it tanked her jg at the time by about 4-5%. It is just how sensitive jg is to early base number changes, even if they are small.
: How is Riven balanced?
I feel like most the people that complain about Riven do not know how to play Riven. **WEAKNESSES:** * For a start she is actually average lvl 1 due to poor base stats and generally relies on lvl 3 or 6 to reliably win trades in most lane matchups, even then she will still have no control over the lane against a lot of traditional lane bullies such as Renekton/Illaoi. * She has little sustain so high sustain champions like Vlad can normally harass and win out over time. * Without flash she gets absolutely bodied by a bunch of ranged champions like Vayne/Quinn/Jayce/Kennen, although she will smash them if they play disrespectfully and let her get on top of them. * If you don't group up in a teamfight for a 4-5 man stun/knock-up, then she is pretty bad in a front to back teamfight. * Her 'e' is required for a lot of her cancel combos (unless she builds Tiamat which is not as common atm) so forcing it out means you can normally win a trade against her in lane before she gets crap tons of CDR. * Anything with a dash cancel ruins her day (Poppy and Voli looking at you). * She falls off a bit in the late game and is outscaled by some juggernauts like Garen and Nasus (not to mention out sustained by them early). * Anything with a silence or point and click cc like fiddlesticks (who has both) ruins her day in teamfights (Morgana's black shield also deserves an honourable mention since she has no way of removing it). * She can't do anything in a siege if behind as she can't wave clear without being on top of the wave. * Speaking of which she is somewhat snowball reliant so picking a safe, neutralizing match up that can push the wave and keep her from roaming can also work if you are not confident. What makes her feel ridiculous is due to her cc and mobility she can often dictate the pace of the lane even in losing match ups and opt out of bad situations much easier than other champions meaning she can be hard to punish as hard as other champs. Also because she prioritises CDR and has low cooldowns she has much smaller punish windows than other champions. Saying all that she is definitely on the stronger side of things at the moment due to runes and items, so probably needs some light nerfs to compensate but the OP lying about her winrate shows this is just a kneejerk overreaction. If you look at all the champs listed by the OP, all of them when strong have high pro play presence except Riven, and when Riven is picked it is normally as a counter pick on red side. This is partially because what she brings isn't always suited to the meta in pro but also because she has a lot of bad match ups and her weaknesses are exploitable by a team that knows how to play around them (That and you need a lot of practice to be able to play her at that high of a level).
: Would be great to finally have a female ascended in the game.
Agreed and although it is not really my thing a cat themed ascended like Bastet would likely be popular.
: Considering that the skin got updated, I don't know if it counts as an "older" skin, but I would like to expand the Kaiju theme. We have a whole bunch of Mecha skins, which are supposed to fight the Kaiju, making these skin lines a reference to movies like Pacific Rim. However, there actually is just one single Kaiju skin in the game.... Giant Enemy Crabgot. I would love to see more monstrous skins like that, maybe even teasered with a video showing a rift that is going to open and spew out new Kaijus to fight. My personal picks for that skin line: {{champion:33}} Turtle based Kaiju. {{champion:223}} Frog based Kaiju. {{champion:3}} Possibly bat based? ____________________ Another idea: Ninja skins. We have champions dedicated to that fantasy, but there is just one single Ninja skin in the game, given to Rammus. I think there is good potential for other champions to dip in that thematic. {{champion:498}} Kunoichi Xayah (throwing shuriken for her feathers) {{champion:245}} Ninja Ekko {{champion:164}} Kunoichi Camille ______________________ Personal taste: I also think we need more chemtech skins.... We have tons of Hextech skins, yet there is just Tryndamere representing its dirty brother. And looking how Warwick and Urgot worked out visually, I think this thematic is absolutely awesome and I would love to explore it more. {{champion:113}} Chemtech Sejuani, give her a chemtech motorbike and a chain with a green flask as her weapon. If she stuns, then the enemy isn't covered in ice, but green goo instead. Green tubes on her bike represnting if her passive is up. {{champion:164}} Chemtech Camille, basically she is just chemtech augmented instead of hextech. {{champion:104}} Chemtech Graves, chemtech augmented thug. His Q is throwing a green vial instead of a bullet shell, the explosion is poison green. Green gas screen for his W instead of smoke. Additionally, when Dr. Mundo gets his VGU, then they should rework his Toxic Dr. Mundo skin (which is basically just a green chroma) into a Chemtech skin, just like how they changed Crimson Akali into Infernal Akali. It would fit the thematic and he could look really badass with tubes and all that stuff sticking out of his body. ______________________________ _______________________________ Bonus points if Riot makes an entire Chemtech event out of this. Imagine if we would get a new Chembaron champion, alongside with Chemtech skins and missions for loot. They could even use such an event to update the lore of the last 2 Zaunite champions which didn't have their lore updated, since both have inherent connections to Chemtech: {{champion:29}} {{champion:27}}
Kaiju and Chemtech are both really good thoughts, I would also love to see a full Mecha v Kaiju event once Kaiju gets some more love.
: The thing about Spirit Guardian Udyr is that it's an alternate lore-based skin. In the canon lore, Udyr left his training early. In this alternate timeline lore, he completed his training. While it would be a cool idea, there would be no real way to do it without revamping the lore around the Spirit Guardian Udyr skin. The dojo that trained Udyr is the same one that trained Lee Sin, too.
You are right and it would be a loss, but simply put when they revamped both high noon they changed the lore of the old skins anyway when they reimagined the alt universe. It is definitely more of a loss from an alt timeline but I just figured it would serve as the best starting point for a Native American themed skin line as it is a thematic that has not yet been explored. Regardless this thread is not about that idea in specific, it is asking which skinline/skin theme you would like to see explored or expanded.
GreenLore (EUW)
: This is a really cool idea,but I kinda doubt that riot would base a whole skinline around Udyr until Udyr got a VGU. After all they already expressed some thoughts about Udyrs potential VGU and one thing they once brought up was to make his spirit forms more freljord-thematic,like making his bear-stance literally based around Volibear and the phoenix-stance based around anivia. This means that some of Udyrs forms could very well be completely replaced by new ones,so using them as the base for a skinline could very well be rather weird once he finally gets his VGU.
You are definitely right that it makes it less likely although the apprentices do not need to share totems with Udyr so even if Udyrs did change it wouldn't matter, I just thought it would be cool, not to mention Pulsefire got expanded mere months before Ezreal got his mini VGU so it is possible. Regardless my pitch was just baseless speculation to get the ball rolling. So what old skin lines do you think I am Carlos might have been talking about?
: Demacian Lore update after sylas (AS)
I do agree with some of your points, but with Garen especially I'd just say be patient and give them the benefit of the doubt. I assume they are saving a lot of his development for the Marvel comic series as he is the lead of it alongside Lux, especially since it is being released later this year. Honestly I also think J4's new lore has some promise and could be better than it currently seems, but the shorthand definitely doesn't do justice to his character in comparison to the old one.
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Ýanne (EUNE)
: I know cinematics aren't directly tied to the lore but I'm really curious as to how she would end up back in Noxus again.
Its set after the start of the second Noxian invasion of Ionia. She was based in a small farming village far from the central settlements so it is likely it was one of the first places impacted by the invasion and it is highly likely that she was found and captured then. My personal head cannon is that after the Noxian invasion started she returned to Noxus of her own volition in an attempt to protect her new family by confronting the Noxian leaders and was instead taken into custody but time will tell. Either way I am excited for what the narrative team do I just hope they keep Riven's strong set of ideals and willpower. What makes me like her character is her devotion to what she believes is right, what makes me love her character is the tragedy of having those beliefs riven by the very Empire that instilled them in the first place, leaving her to try and pick up the shattered pieces in the hopes of one day realising her ideals.
QMighty (NA)
: I kinda completely forgot that skin existed and just the other day was thinking to myself like "yup, it's been a long time since a Quinn skin" but it really hasn't, Sweetheart skins just generally suck.
It has still been 747 days so a bit over 2 years. Her and Kalista are the only humanoid females who haven't had skins in that long, the next longest is Karma at a bit over year and a half. Based on that I would say she is not too far off getting another skin although there are a few others who have a greater need than her. EDIT: I missed Morgana and Shyvana… my bad.
: I’ve never felt like the skin lived up to modern standards, personally. Valor’s model and textures in particular are so painfully bare in that skin; not to mention he doesn’t look like a dove at all even though his SFX resembles dove coos. At the very least I would have expected some sort of accessory for him like a ribbon or scarf (all of Quinn’s other skins show Valor with armor), but again, they just left him bare and uninteresting. Quinn’s textures also leave a lot to be desired IMO; the gold accents look more like yellow plastic than the rich and detailed golds seen on Sweetheart Sona and Heartseeker Orianna. Not to mention the costume they gave her doesn’t jive well with her posture at all... I’m grateful they gave her a Heartseeker skin, but I do think it could have also been executed a lot better.
I think part of why it turned out as poor as it did was the scope of the skin, they decided in early development to limit themselves to a 975 skin as they even stated it would be enough to fulfil the fantasy. Instead they invested resources on a 1350 Epic Lucian skin (When all he needed was a red suit but the Sax is still cool). Overall I think the idea and direction of Heartseeker Quinn was solid they just underestimated how much work would be required to change our favourite Scout to match the Heartseeker aesthetic/narrative. Still one of the biggest problems is the ludonarrative dissonance caused by her walk and idle animations (a girl all dressed up for Valentines who sneaks around hunched over with her legs splayed while wearing a skirt makes no sense) which are unfortunately out of the scope of a 975 skin. That and because it was met with so much backlash a bunch of last minute changes were made to try and fix some of the aesthetic issues (most notably her doing backflips with a mini skirt and no tights, some hard to read colour combos even though I liked the original pink hair, and the awkward angle of the camera with her hunch making it look like her cleavage was falling out of her top). meant that a lot of the textures ended up being rushed while it was already on PBE which inevitably lowered the overall quality of them. Overall with all the last minute shenanigans that happened with this skin I am surprised it even turned out half as good as it did, the art teams made a herculean effort to get it done. Unfortunately it was still below their normal standard. It is also why I think every Valentines skin since then has had extended time on the PBE.
: Can we talk about these new Papercraft skins?
They are not really my cup of tea. They are definitely well made though and some of those Anivia effects like the book tornado for the R makes me really want different elemental skins for her.
: Personally, I think some of these ideas are really cool and I can tell you put a lot of time into developing this concept. I particularly like the fact that Valor feels more like Quinn's combat partner in this iteration, and that his attacks scale with Quinn's attack speed (boy, do I miss his old auto attacks). My main issue with the rest of the kit though is that I feel it moves Quinn too far away from her unique identity and niche. Of course, if and when Quinn does get reworked, I'm sure she'll have a lot of things changed and removed. In my opinion though she should still remain an assassin-like champion with an emphasis on roaming and scouting. In my view, that is her core identity, and her theme as a ranger doesn't really conflict with that -- in fact, fantasy rangers tend to be quite cutthroat in their tactics, and would sooner ambush their targets through swiftness and stealth than engage an enemy for long periods with sustained damage and defenses like the ones in your kit.
Honestly removing part of her assassin identity was something I definitely griped with and I do agree on your points of thematic for sustained damage verse burst. I tried to keep a little bit of it if you get the drop on somebody with q (extra initial hit and blind if you can prep it beforehand like in a bush), but in the end I figured having Valor be a larger portion of her damage in an aoe auto was worth the cost personally but I do understand the other side of that.
: Quinn Mini Update
If you think the ideas are just bad that is cool, but can I ask why? What parts do you not like? If you think Quinn & Valor should not be adjusted that is fine too. I am interested in hearing people's opinions.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Why not simply revert her? Valor will be much more functional then.
Honestly I loved the old ult and played her a lot more then, but RIOT have constantly stated that they do not want to revert her as her old state was equally problematic, if not more so. So this is simply an idea keeping that in mind. but hey I guess we can dream.
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: Ashe: Warmother. Issue #1. Avail nows!
Can we please have a young Ashe skin, like young Ryze? This version of her looks great. Also an interesting read and good start, I am sure some of the stuff that has been touched on will be explored more in later issues. One spoilerish question we have had other champions mentioned like Lissandra, how likely is it we will see another champion somewhere in the next 3 issues?
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: Season 8 was the worst jungling year for anybody that didn't play Graves
I agree jungle playstyle diversity has been bad this year, since midseason it has pretty much been fighter of the month + Graves and Evelynn (although at least having a mage like Taliyah has been nice). However on the exp thing, it is not unusual for a fast farming jg to be the highest level in the game. I am an unranked scrub jg main and on things like Rek'Sai with Tiamat or similar picks if my team has map control and I can invade, then I can gank heavily and still maintain a 1-2 level lead on everyone in the game. I have even done it on weird picks like Renekton and Quinn jungle (pre nerfs). However in these situations the enemy jg is generally far behind so in a strange sense it evens out and I don't think exp is too far out of line overall. But I am just a scrub unranked jg main, high elo players will path far more efficiently then I would ever care to.
Sid88 (NA)
: Wrote a piano song for Nami! :3
A lot of your music is amazing, and thanks for sharing this with the community. A few of the tracks I find really good for ambience or battle music during home D&D games as well. I do notice a couple of tracks are unavailable to Download such as 'Embrace the Night', 'Riven's Lullaby', and 'Path of the Exile'. I was just curious if this was intentional. I personally would very much like to download them so I can listen to them offline but either way I respect your decision. Also Morellohymn is a personal favourite, thanks again for sharing your music with us.
: if you only could use 6 champions
{{champion:32}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:267}} Honourable Mentions:{{champion:85}} {{champion:421}}
Bazerka (NA)
: Hello!
I just want to say thank you for existing. I am the sort of person who never cries, I have never cried in a movie, growing up playing rugby I have been injured more times then I can count and hardly shed a tear, but this, your unrelenting positivity as I read through this thread on a board filled with frustration and vitriol over recent events, had me in tears. You're patience, empathy, and resilience are awe inspiring, you are an amazing human being. Never stop caring about people and once again, thank you.
Terozu (NA)
: I'm really sad Mafia LeBlanc never happened.
I mean it is already in the game as a Cameo in the new knockout Lee Sin splash next to Gragas after it got updated. So the artist is obviously still attached to it, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens at some point.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 4 Feedback and Patch Notes
I have a very mixed opinion on Nexus Blitz **The Good:** Events, honestly a reason to stop laning early and fight or whatever has been missing in League since the dragon changes seasons ago and it feels so good. Just the break in repetition from laning feels so nice and I wish Dragons in SR had more immediate power compared to taking towers so that teams would leave lane and fight over them in the same way (and with the turret changes being tested it may not be so costly for that to happen next season). This is a god send in this mode and what makes it feel fast paced and fun even compared to ARAM. **The Bad:** Jungling, duo jungling was an exciting concept, and opens up the jungle pool but honestly it can feel really bad at early levels. Jungle is all about efficiency and decision making, so when you have two people who cannot communicate and have different ideas about what to do it feels terrible. Even things like your partner getting caught out and killed can be miserable if you picked a jg with subpar clear so you can no longer even clear camps until they get back. If you were duoing every time it would be better, but playing solo it just doesn't work well. Furthermore being so isolated from the bottom lane doesn't feel very good, as it makes it so hard to help them out and gank effectively unless you are on a small subset of junglers. Furthermore duo jungling doesn't have a ton of crossover for SR especially since you can't really practice pathing either meaning NB doesn't really feel like a good place to learn to play new jungle champs for SR like it was intended. All in all as a jg main on SR, jungling on NB just felt bad unless you were a duo. The Flame buff, I am quite mixed on this, personally I have always loved the ascension buff but in this game mode where basing is more of a thing I think it encourages super safe picks too much. It can probably be made to work better with some number adjustments though. Some event buffs, getting Janna shield first event, then losing it while clearing jg camps... feels bad.
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: CT designs are some of the best designs in this game
I do think CT makes interesting and unique champions, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are good designs. Just pointing to Zoe as an example, she is not a hard champion to play and the issue isn't necessarily she can 100-0 you from long range, its that she can be heavily RNG based and warps the entire game. A Zoe's early lane power can fluctuate a lot on what items drop from creeps, and the way she abuses range, walls and vision means that as a jungler you have to be incredibly vigilant of wards in the jungle. Just saying do not play around jungle where there are walls is kind of like saying don't be a jungler and that is not a good argument, yes you can play around her as a jungler with good vision control but having one champion that is not even in that role warp your entire playstyle by just existing in the game is generally not healthy, and its not like you can just pick up cleanse when you are locked into smite and flash 90% of the time.
: @Riot Skin Team Please Read
Redeemed Riven is probably my favourite, its an old skin but I love the thematic side of it. Star Guardian Soraka actually got me to play Soraka as I was not a fan of her base model so that also has to be up there. Finally Emumu, the references to the music I grew up with made me fall in love with that skin. I was slightly sad to see sewn chaos Amumu go away, but I can't wait to see what skin you have planned next for Amumu :). {{sticker:katarina-love}}
David 777 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Storn Saroe,realm=OCE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=F9K1BpAd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-23T07:59:28.865+0000) > **R: Curse of the Sad Mummy** > Cooldown: 110/85/60 seconds; Cost: 100 mana; Range: 500 units > Dark energy spreads from Amumu instantly tethering to all enemies around him for 4 seconds (or until they move 700 units away from Amumu), dealing 160/200/240 (+80%AP) magic damage over 4 seconds (1 tick per second which deals 40/50/60 magic damage). Enemy champions who are tethered are grounded and their damage dealt is reduced by 15/20/25% Personally, I'd go for .5s ticks that would aditionally add a stack of curse so he'd be able to get some of the old burst back if his team is able to keep the enemies within his ult with his W.
The intention was that each tick is a separate instance of damage and therefore would give a stack of Cursed, the numbers in general are very rough and off the top of my head but I definitely do not want to remove AP grenade Amumu completely so a 0.5 second tick instead of 1 sounds reasonable, I'll quickly edit that :).
: Night Life Skin Set
We all know the true bouncer would have to be {{champion:154}} in a suit. After all he is a natural at picking people up then throwing them out and is not bad at cracking a few skulls together when he needs to ;). I also think an 80's disco themed dancer {{champion:61}} with a bunch of bright colours, a neon tutu and a disco ball could be pretty sweet.
Chîmoya (EUW)
: Exhaust doesn't work on true damage (ignite). Ignite already counters heal with the grievous wounds, and will do more damage than heal heals you, no need for a lower cd as well. Ignite damage ticks for 5 seconds, barrier lasts for only 2 seconds, so you only block 2/5 of the damage.
Ignite is actually front loaded slightly so it is more like 3/5ths at early levels when the shield value is higher, although ignite does scale better and in almost no case is someone going to be dealing no damage when they place ignite unless they are just using it to execute.
wildfox99 (EUW)
: >It's rather flawed to say use Cleanse to negate part of Ignite when Cleanse should be used to avoid CC that would generally cause death, such as Lux Q to avoid part of her combo. Also, Cleanse doesn't negate the followup CC, just reduces it for 3 seconds. some ignite users will also CC you,you pick it against them so it can be used in both cases,anyway reducing a CC by 65% is really useful (a 2 sec CC would last 0.7 sec) instead if you only want to counter your enemy burst {{summoner:21}} and {{summoner:3}} are as effective as ignite is in offense
There are some flaws in your reasoning but I get what you are saying, I do think ignite at the moment does outclass barrier and exhaust in most situations because of how easy it is to get value from it (although a well timed exhaust onto a high burst damage target can be way, way more valuable). However numbers wise there are very few situations where barrier outperforms ignite. Ignite from about lvl 5 (I think) onwards does more damage then barrier blocks plus ignite deals grievous wounds. Not to mention barrier only lasts 2 seconds so even in the best case scenario which is level 1 where the raw shield is decently higher if you were to only use barrier and ignite in a trade a perfectly timed barrier would only block about 3/5ths of the damage from ignite meaning for it to be more valuable you would also need take a chunk of damage from the enemy champion within the 2 seconds and this does not take into consideration the grievous wounds value. In general despite its relatively low cooldown barrier is almost always outclassed by other summoner spells except for very niche circumstances as well as being one of the harder ones to maximise the efficiency of. I personally think regardless of if ignite stays the same or is nerfed Barrier needs a buff.
Stacona (NA)
: Amumu Gameplay Update Concept
While we are talking about Amumu GU's I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. Some parts I agree with although others I do not think are that great here is what I'd do as a comparison: **Passive: Despair** I fully agree despair should be moved to his passive but for different reasons. Currently despair is a large amount of hidden power in his kit that is important for his jungling but not super satisfactory for the player. Putting ranks in this ability often feels bad compared to other abilities meaning it is almost always is maxed last by Amumu players even if it is not the right decision. Furthermore by making it a passive it allows the Amumu to put a rank in other abilities lvl1/2 increasing his early ability to fight slightly when invaded. Also making it slightly weaker and having it trigger on taking damage from enemies or neutral monsters makes sense from a thematic perspective. Him healing from it as you have suggested makes no sense and is a bad idea. He already gets jg sustain from it due to it proccing the heal off the jg items and if you ever used it with a catalyst before catalyst and ocean drakes got nerfed it was incredibly unhealthy. Giving even more healing to it now for free is just asking for trouble. **Q: Bandage Toss** Again I agree it should be a two part cast. It is something many people have said in other threads before although my version would look something more like this: Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds; Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana; Range: 1000 units 1st Cast: Amumu tosses out one of his bandages in the target direction, stopping at the first enemy struck, dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+50% AP) magic damage latching on to them for 2 seconds, or until they are 1400 units away from Amumu. Moving away from Amumu slows the target by 30/35/40/45/50% while the target is tethered. 2nd Cast: While latched on, Amumu can pull himself to the target dealing 30/60/80/100/120(+60% AP) magic damage and knocking the target back 10 units (think Quinn knock back so tiny but good as an interrupt) So the logic behind this is to backload the damage component and increase the decision making around this ability. Currently in your version there is no cost to just spamming that ability and all the second cast does is grant access to the enemy team. Adding the slow to the tether helps amumu chase and skirmish by allowing him and his allies to stick to a target or stop them running from you to chase a friend. The logic behind removing the 1.5 second stun is to not overload the ability power budget wise also to give the enemy more ways to play around the rest of his kit. **W: Cursed Touch** This is the only true new ability I'd add, and it works similarly to Pox Arcana from Black Market Brawlers a few years back. Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10; Cost: None; Range: 1000 units Passive: Auto attacks and dealing damage from abilities adds a stack of 'Cursed' to enemies for 10/11/12/13/14 seconds Active: Remove all stacks of cursed from enemies dealing 50/60/70/80/90 magic damage plus 20 (+5% AP) per stack of Cursed (maximum of 200 (+50% AP)) to all nearby enemies affected by Cursed, and restores 5% of your missing mana for every Cursed stack harvested. Targets with more than 5 stacks of Cursed are also rooted for 1.5 seconds. So to justify this, firstly it would be super easy to implement as it already existed in the game secondly this ability would help Amumu duel in a 1v1 to a degree and move Amumu from true Grenade Amumu playstyles and back into a Mage tank. It rewards Amumu for sticking around in the middle of the fight for a long time and gives him reasonable damage as well as the hard CC lost from Bandage Toss for doing so without just adding insane levels of burst to Predator AP Amumu. **E: Tantrum** I personally would not change this ability at all other than maybe small number tweaks like an increased mana cost due to the passive and w changes. I think thematically it is perfect, especially how the CD interacts with him getting hit as well as being super important for his jg clear. In the new kit it will also be the primary aoe spam ability to help him get Cursed stacks for his w. **R: Curse of the Sad Mummy** Oh boy this is where I am going to get some hate. So I think this is the most problematic ability on current Amumu's kit and part of the reason he is a low ELO stomper (other than his abusable early game which often gets a free pass in low ELO). Part of the reason is its upfront burst, and Lower ELO players not understanding how to play around it. So many low ELO players do not realise this is a disarm and that they can still spam abilities or items versus in high ELO people just don't group up for Amumu and if they are hit will just stopwatch or whatever to almost completely negate its impact. Yes it is iconic but I do not think it is good. Saying that I do not want Amumu to move away from a jump in and ult the enemy team wombo combo playstyle so here is what I would do: Cooldown: 110/85/60 seconds; Cost: 100 mana; Range: 500 units Dark energy spreads from Amumu instantly tethering to all enemies around him for 4 seconds (or until they move 700 units away from Amumu), dealing 160/200/240 (+80%AP) magic damage over 4 seconds (0.5 ticks per second which deals 20/25/30 (+10% AP) magic damage). Enemy champions who are tethered are grounded and their damage dealt is reduced by 15/20/25% So the idea is to heavily decrease the burst damage and some hard cc it offers and reallocate that power into a weaker AOE exhaust/grounded without the slow. Amumu has gotten the damage back in other parts of his kit and IMO this ult better reflects the lore with it causing enemies who are tethered to slowly wither away if they stay near him. The damage reduction is handy to help peel for your carries, or when jumping on the enemy carries and when it is combined with the root from W it can still massively impact a teamfight. Also a damage reduction tank is sorely missing from this game ever since Maokai got changed, however I believe this version avoids many of the issues Maokai had as it works off breakable tethers, not just a constant AOE zone you can sit on top of the carries with. So yeah that is what I would do, it is definitely not perfect but it is the direction I'd take. A few more notes on your one I think the W would look cool but what does destroying attacks from enemies mean? If it is an AOE windwall that moves with you like I think you mean then damn that is busted, toxic and should never exist but I am not sure if it is what you are saying. Your E is just busted. 15% true damage whenever the enemy takes magic damage + the increased cc duration from Ornn's brittle on top of spammable aoe damage is crazy. TLDR: move W to passive, make Q two part, Pox Arcana on W, keep E the same, reduce R burst damage, replace the CC with grounded/damage reduction.
Rioter Comments
: IMMA STEAL! now working on the dragon Quinn.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I LOVE THIS IDEA quinn also fits for a project skin btw.
Not my work but here is a link to a project Quinn concept from 3 years ago which is pretty good[http://lol.qq.com/act/a20141103design/works_detail.shtml?id=487] I love Valor in this, Quinn is a tad sexualised but hey. Honestly I'd just be super keen on a legendary project skin for Quinn so we could have Valor with voice lines like Willump does in Nunu bot.
: {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}}
I just hope he gets a full VGU early next year, because his running is just one of many issues he has.
: I mainly feel she's an assassin due to her dps pattern. She generally goes in to burst a target, then kites around while her cooldowns refresh. Most adcs by design have the opposite approach when it comes to dealing damage. The only ones that come close to Quinn's playstyle are Graves and Ezreal, but they both boast much better sustained damage than she does and arguably more burst overall. Quinn is about as much of an adc as Jayce imo, they even build the same. I knew Stormrazor would push Quinn over the top, as it's practically tailor-made for her toolkit. Once it gets nerfed and/or Duskblade gets removed she probably won't be in too good of a spot without compensation buffs.
It depends on ELO and situation. Mid lane and in solo que she tends to build more assassin burst (stormrazors/duskblade builds) in top lane it depends a lot on match up. For instance she was played in the LCK playoffs by Kiin (Afreeca v Gen G - formerly Samsung) and he built BotRK into RFC into IE into GA into Shiv and tabis for boots. That way she had reasonable sustained dps and the tank Jarvan could not enter her lane. Kiin even went W max second (which is pretty common for bot lane Quinn) for better sustained dps from the attack speed and movement speed buff. Quinn is definitely unique in playstyle as an ADC and she leans more to assassin builds and playstyles but is actually quite versatile and in certain situations it is more optimal to play and build like a more traditional adc (generally other adcs do it better though). The Stormrazor and Duskblade nerfs will hurt her, especially in mid lane but the AD growth nerf she is getting is going to be worse for top and ADC, that combined with the round of nerfs she just got to her passive damage and base armour which dumpstered her early jg she is going to be pretty bad in general for a bit.
: {{champion:78}} Off to find that hero~! The team did a great job nailing expressions and emotion in her every move. {{champion:202}} That meaningful fourth shot walk, hoo And {{champion:203}} of course o◡ô But {{champion:54}} looks like he's slipping down a wet floor trying to reach his destination. I feel like {{champion:85}} and {{champion:17}} could use some fixing too.
See I like {{champion:85}} his little scurrying is so comedic and I think it suits him. I do think {{champion:133}}'s running animation is pretty bad but honestly she needs so much work I'd rather wait for a larger scale update. I agree someone like {{champion:54}} could be a good candidate as his is pretty bad as well.
EdgeLady (NA)
: Nunu is probably just going to be called Nunu in-game. Which I have no problems with personally; it's a boy **and his yeti**, not the boy and the yeti. Likewise, Quinn is a girl and her bird, Lulu is a yordle and her fairy, and Swain is a general and his raven-demoness. Only Kindred is an actual dual character, and is neither called Lamb nor Wolf (although you play as Lamb so everyone refers to Kindred as her anyway...).
Quinn and Valor are partners, their release fantasy was a comprehensive duo where you got to play two champions at once (that is pretty much a quote from their release). Their champions archetype was two soldiers who have each others backs. If you read the lore or played old Q&V you would know Valor is not just a pet he is Quinn's partner. The only reason why everyone assumes Valor is Quinn's pet is because of the Marksmen update which hit her thematic with a proverbial wrecking ball and because they have not read their lore.
: Quinn isn't an adc, just an assassin. She can also be built like a ranged fighter at top, similar to Jayce/Teemo/Gnar, but she can't function as an adc against anyone remotely decent, she just doesn't have the kit for it. Vayne is more of an adc/assassin because she WILL get out of hand if the game goes on too long, regardless of how she did early. Quinn normally struggles against tanky targets all game.
I definitely agree they are more Assassin then ADC but they do function in the ADC position. Before their rework when they had a melee mode they were more played as an ADC competitively than any other position (mostly thanks to one guy but hey) and during the entire last patch they were the highest winrate champion in the adc position across almost every ELO (including challenger). There are builds you can go that make them effective into tanks but yeah in general they are not the best at it.
: I like this idea but I think if they will go to with the raptor/griffin direction for quinn, valor will look like just sejuani's bristle and wouldn't deserve the 2 in one name. Which is sad. I agree with kayn and Rhaast though, kled seems like a secondary character unlike willump.
Honestly when I first saw the Demacian Raptor artwork a while back, I thought this might be the direction they take with Quinn and Valor but I really hope it is not. If they did it would completely ruin Quinn and Valor's lore. They would simply be a new champion not Quinn and Valor. To explain Quinn and Valor are meant to be **partners**, oddballs in the Demacian military who have always been able to rely on each other, and have only not been kicked out due to their ability to produce results. What made them unique in the Demacian military was not their partnership, it was their disregard for the Demacian way of operations. They were scouts who came and went as they pleased and did missions no one else would, they did not fit the mould of a Demacian soldier. It even goes as far as them not respecting Garen because he is by the books. Quinn and Valor are the archetype of soldiers on the front lines who will have each other's back until the end. Quinn did not tame Valor, Valor is not Quinn's pet. Valor came to save Quinn when she was in need and in return she nursed Valor back to health, they rely and depend on one another. Quinn and Valor are soldiers, partners and equals. So the reason I think this does not work with the Demacian Raptor angle is it removes two of their core aspects: 1. Quinn and Valor are not part of any organised group within the military like the Demacian Raptors are, they operate by themselves with only each other to rely on. They are a completely unique within the military not one of many like the Raptors are. 2. The inference that one tamed the other, is counter to the nature of their partnership. They are both soldiers who are equals, who helped each other when they were in need and fight alongside one another to help protect the land they both love. Saying that I do think it is possible that they keep the core aspects and go with the Demacian Raptor angle, I just personally think it would steer them far too far away from who they are. Furthermore a less rational comment: turning Valor who is an **Azurite Eagle**, an intelligent and debatedly sentient species believed to be extinct, and the origin of the Demacian symbol into a one of many aggressive unintelligent Griffin would be lame, and would be another massive kick in the teeth to Valor who has already been shafted so much since the marksmen rework.
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