: Random Worlds tokens.
Me too! Got them just now as I logged in.
Nsato (NA)
: While I agree in principle, it feels really bad to get a good engage, hold the enemy carry down, get a bunch of CDs blown on you, and then watch your team fumble around and throw the fight. There's a reason that "death is the best form of CC" and tanks being unable to hand that out (especially compared to divers who tend to have more impactful damage soaking options, e.g. jax's block, yasuo's windwall, camille's untargetable, lissandra's untargettable, skaarl, akali' shroud, Yi alpha, xin ult, Trynd ult) makes low elo tanks feel bad when you can generate a lead, but have to rely on the 2/8/4 full lethality MF to deliver a win.
Isn't that's quite literally part of the definition of playing a tank? You can't do damage, be tanky, and have CC. If you want to play a champ that can execute on the "death is the best form of CC" motto, pick someone with damage. A tank has to set up plays for his team and rely on them to do the damage. If you don't like that play style, why not just not play a tank?
: Why can't you just link the MMR between both and only have one set of rewards? I personally don't want to have to work on climbing in 2 different queues for rewards I likely just won't find the time to play solo, dynamic with my better friends, and normals with my weaker friends. I need to know if I can just play 1 and get all rewards or I have to play both.
Linking the MMR would defeat the purpose. If your solo Q MMR was affected by your Dynamic MMR then your solo Q MMR is no longer a representation of your mechanical skill etc., which is the primary reason why solo Q was requested.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Thanks for listening! Question if I may: will our initial MMR for Dynamic Queue be affected by our Season 6 Solo Queue placements / matches, or only our preseason MMR?


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