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: Then your chat restriction wasn't handed out for spamming, as you have claimed in the OP. It also sheds an entirely new light on the response from the support, which seems then to be less about explaining why that particular log was punished (since it wasn't; at least not by itself) and more about explaining why those logs may have registered as negative, as well as giving general advice to avoid future chat restrictions. I honestly assumed something along those lines.
The fact that 2 chat logs were provided indicates that there were 2 games involving toxic or negative behavior. I was simply trying to find out what negative behavior was involved in the second game. This response indicates that Riot believes "massive amounts of chat" is spamming and that spamming is a punishable offense.
: Needs chat logs. Kind of misleading to start with a statement, leading people to go into it thinking a certain way, and then put just 1 message that could have some other context around it. I'm guessing this was one of several messages going back and forth between you and Riot. He's explaining a specific thing, and you're taking it as a broad rule of thumb. Maybe this was a response to a specific question, and not just a "This is why you were banned". Also, refrain from using chat as much as possible, is like "cover your ass" advice. It's a just in case you're asking for every way to avoid punishment, then avoid using chat as much as possible. But yeah. It's weird lol.
There were 2 games provided, I do not dispute that the first game warranted punishment, a second games chat logs were provided that didn't seem toxic at all so I sent in a support ticket. This was the response.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Laprutus,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4EkYp5Xx,comment-id=000000010000000000010000,timestamp=2018-02-20T15:20:19.871+0000)I think this is the time for that guy to take the break and not for me. Both, perhaps. But you probably don't get the SAME guy doing this three games in a row. > Why riot doesn't focus on creating the teams according to the last 10 match performance? Why don't they push someone to a break after a series of bad performances? Because playing badly is entirely allowed -- you're ALLOWED to be bad at League. And the MMR adjustments means that your MMR *will* drop after a series of bad performances, which is exactly what you want here. > I think that flame starts in situations where people are playing badly and want to have the upper hand. The flame starts when someone decides to flame, for whatever reason. That's really it. No one is to blame but the person who decides to start flaming.
I have a great suggestion, depending on which keyboard you use (if you have logitech, razer or any programable keyboard this should be easy). DISABLE THE ENTER KEY. If you cant control your chat when you get tilted, remove the ability to chat when you get tilted. I am sure there are various programs available online that can do this as well if you do not have a keyboard that allows this.
: Im having a good time with players in lol.
Ranked is definitely more prone to negativity as there is something at stake so players feel more upset about a loss or game going badly. That is not to say there is no negativity in normal's you may just be lucky. As far as Anivia goes she is pretty strong at the moment, not the strongest mage but there are not many with similar styles that are stronger than her in the current patch, if you want some others to play try lux or xerath. Xerath is harder to play but has more range and what I believe to be a slightly bigger impact on the game if played well. Lux has a similar play style, I find her more fun but not quite as strong in the current state of the game. Anyway good luck and I hope you continue to get matched with the lighter side of the community.
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: How do I post a screenshot? I can save it to a .png file, but I don't see a way to attach a file to a post, and pasting it doesn't seem to work in the forum (or am I doing it wrong?)
Your chat logs are long so it would take a few screen shots, upload the files on website like imgur and then post a link. Doesnt really matter if you screen shot or not since we cannot do anything thus do not need proof for any reason, however adding the chat logs from game 1 would help to clarify. From what I see nothing toxic in here except questioning Kayle for her teleport. Not worthy of a ban. I would advise you to cut out all your responses to toxicity. Ignore anyone questioning your build or asking others to report you. I get you try to communicate but only communicate useful things to your teammates and mute them when they start to flame. If its not going to help you win dont say it. Anyways add your game 1 chat logs here if you want advice otherwise just submit a report ticket and hopefully they will get back to you.
Chermorg (NA)
: Sadly, no matter how much time has passed, a permanent ban that was not placed in error will remain permanent - i.e. never be lifted.
Can I query you on the "placed in error". Does this refer to bans that were placed for no reason at all as a mistake in the system or can it also apply to bans that were made by the system correctly (as in the system was functioning as intended) however did not take into account context. My example would be the system banning someone for saying "This Kha is so bad" (obviously this is toxic), however if the person that said this was playing Kha'Zix it becomes obvious self-deprecating humor. There was no error in the system that made the ban however the ban itself is unwarranted. Would this be counted as a permanent ban placed in error and be overturned?
dengen (EUW)
: I have a feeling theres more to it than this, but even if its not, you're saying you have been chat restricted in the past. Thats why you got 2 weeks now. Just stop typing anything in chat and you'll be fine.
Having a chat restriction in the past should not determine whether this is punishable or not. Every legal system of first-world countries prevent past action from being used in court. Past offences should only be relevant when deciding what punishment to give not whether a punishment is deserved.
Maldini30 (EUW)
: Do we have all of the chat logs? Anyway, these logs are not the only reason why you got banned, you must have been toxic in other games.
You can look at the scroll bar, this was the only game provided as evidence for his ban. Although the best policy is mute and move on I understand how frustrating this can be and this guy was not verbally abusing or harrasing anyone and no slurs or profanity was used. Unless this is a bug where the wrong chat logs were provided (has happened in the past) he shouldnt be banned.

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