: Maxing 40% CDR also meant giving up raw AP and AD back then too, right? I vaguely remember having to choose between raw damage, and lower CDs...
> [{quoted}](name=IxtaliKing,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lYhBEF3p,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2019-09-26T15:53:04.617+0000) > > Maxing 40% CDR also meant giving up raw AP and AD back then too, right? I vaguely remember having to choose between raw damage, and lower CDs... No, it really didn’t. Abyssal, 10% runes, morello. Abyssal was extremely strong both damage and defensive wise and morello was cheaper than luden’s CDR isn’t in raw damage outside of the initial, expensive lost chapter item. It’s in Zhonya’s and Banshee’s veil. and auto attacking mage items I guess? But that’s not the standard for mages at all.
: Its literally more difficult to avoid 45% CDR than to build it
Mages don’t even have too much CDR outside of certain champions that rely on niche items like Zhonya’s (Lissandra comes to mind) and Banshee’s or Lich Bane It used to be forbidden idol (550, 10%) -> fiendish codex (900, 10%) (-> morellonomicon 2400 GOLD). 10% flat CDR runes. Lvl 6 30% CDR, potentially 40% since morello is so cheap. Impossible in today’s games as runes require you to be lvl 10, lost chapter is 1300 for 10% CDR, and all this “extra CDR” is locked behind items you buy to counter other champions or as part of tankier mage builds, and only accessible late game where most people have 40% CDR anyway. The average poke/burst build is Luden’s -> Rabadon’s + Void staff/oblivion orb. Only 20% CDR. 40% at lvl 18, 36 at lvl 10. Until there are lvl 1 flat CDR options or lost chapter is made cheaper, mages will never reach old levels of CDR and any complaints about mages having “too much” are outright false except for specific cases. Like, tear mages got CDR I guess. Not much else
: @Riot, So when will Talon get an Emote?
champions I'd rather give an emote to: Volibear (reworked) fiddlesticks (reworked) Ornn Xerath Anivia (and egg form) Azir (and one for his soldiers) Kindred (one of each) Quinn (one of each) Hecarim Zilean Zyra Brand Lissandra
: Please revert Lissandra nerfs
E dmg buff would be a great buff for liss players who have learnt to use it for risky damage and dodging at the same time instead of as an escape
: > [{quoted}](name=Raven Redeemed,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=82cE8haV,comment-id=000b00000006,timestamp=2019-04-26T18:41:33.339+0000) > > I suspect people will be frustrated with the item as long as it has phantom hit. What if it amplified on-hits (kind of like stormrazor) instead of double applying them. I bet people would find that less agravating. Just a suggestion for consideration. And it wouldn't break people like Vayne and Xin. There's a reason nobody is *designed* to have a 2-hit passive: there isn't enough counterplay to it. (Especially when they also have a reset!) Increasing on-hit *damage*, even by an apparently bonkers amount like 50%, wouldn't distort the play patterns of X-hit abilities. Phantom hit is unbalanceable.
No it’s just because a two hit passive is so close to outright on hit that it’s just a lot of work to make them matter any more than a bunch of feel-bads for not getting the last hit off. Three hit passives actually feel rewarding early on (but do scale into being close to consistent one hits with guinsoos) while trading So no, they don’t do two hits the same as three hits, but they actually do two hits. Ashe passive early on is more like a two hit Auto attack resets or auto range abilities to use right after an auto like teemo Q or Jax Q are like two hits Graves is similar to two hit in certain cases. And he is forced to have low AS just to reinforce this Riven passive is a bunch of two hit abilities because you’re meant to Q between autos, so you auto Q (passive) auto multiple times Camille Q is a very clear example of how Riot makes two hit Or in other words Braum, Sejuani and Kaisa passives feel like multi hit passives entire game because they’re 4+ Three hit passives diversify trade patterns early but later become two hits with guinsoos, which in turn just feel like one hits Two hit basic passives are just harder to balance one hit passives that connect so commonly that not getting the last one feels bad, while getting the last hit is just expected. One hits are the same throughout the entire game Delayed special two hits allow burst trades, and all the advantages of normal two hits, and none of the disadvantages (balance wise) There is one case where two hit passives are different - which is single auto poke super early on. That’s it. Even then, delayed two hits are the same in that regard, simply have a lower cooldown for it or an easier to access requirement
: The boards: "I think Yasuo was a mistake to release and he is fundamentally flawed as a champion" Riot: "As a child, Yasuo often believed what the others in his village said of him: on the best days, his very existence was an error in judgement; on the worst, he was a mistake that could never be undone."
now I want the lore team to swap with the balance team for one patch there is a special mode where characters are balanced by the lore team. The more powerful champions become objectives while the ones closest to each other become playable characters. Ofc co-op mode like that odyssey one
: As a Jungle, the biggest meme for me is force-feeding someone kills and having them then say I was..
DAE win 1v9 mid vs 6 item Yi, Vayne, malzahar, Zyra, Jax as Ivern while my team is in top side jungle stealing my camps and telling me to group with them so I can leash blue but I’m here hitting the nexus after soloing baron and their team?? Then they told me that ADC carried? Only cool kids like junglers and maybe supports who worship me (and are not commies smh) will get this message, midards and neckbeard tops wont 😎
: In your opinion, what are the unhealthiest champs, mechanics, strategies in the game?
the unhealthiest strategy in the game is flaming ur melee team mates in aram while playing a team fighting mage
: As a support main for a long af time: the secret is to play *in relation* to how others play, not *according* to how others play. You have your own form of style, and your team has theirs. Instead of attempting to dictate how another person plays, instead figure out how to use your own unique talents to supplement it. For example, I prefer enchanter-based supports (specifically Nami and Lulu) but also like to be a bit aggressive, as sitting and doing nothing all game just feels boring to me. If my laner is also aggressive, great! We just pubstomp the enemy through our overwhelming force the moment one of us lands a catch. If they're more passive, I take more of a zoning role: attempting to simply poke at them without a full commitment instead of going full-auto aggressive, and saving my crowd control for a moment where we *must* fight, since I know my landing it in most other situations is probably going to be a waste of my mana and cooldowns. If our jungler is gank-tastic, awesome! I'll rush a sweeper asap and focus on keeping all the paths clear whenever I get a chance. If he's more focused on another lane, or farm heavy, I'll focus far more on keeping our own wards up, and trying to keep vision on the nearest entries to our jungle to try and spot invasions. Not only does "you suck noob, go in!" never get you anywhere but the banlists, it's actually not accurate in most cases: people play the game differently, and part of the challenge is to play your game in a way that doesn't suck for everyone else.
Mid main here: if you don’t coordinate with your jg you might as well just be losing lane or playing ADC tbh
: Re: "PSA:", "Can we talk about", "Unpopular Opinion"
Title: PSA: unpopular opinion: can we talk about yasuo? (100) Body: Yasuo is OP we all know this at this point, but riot doesn't for some reason. Fix your game or just quit your job already. Comments: Agreed people need to stop defending yasuo (54) Yasuo is surprisingly easy to counter but he does need changes to make him less frustrating to play against. Usually you can get away with harassing him with autos in laning phase, here's some easy tips from pro players: (how to counter yasuo guide) (-40) Replies: LMAO stop yasuo is op you're just a biased m7 yasuo main (30) lol this isn't up for discussion yasuo is OP (12) lol u stupid bronze player ur just up against bad yasuos (20) Boards needs to stop being so convinced that yasuo is OP right after saying they want to talk about it. (-25)
: What if Kayle is the veiled lady(GOD in Demacia) and Morgana is the paled lady(GOD in Noxus)
Keyru (NA)
: As a minor test before the date, we just turned off Best/Hot as a viewable option on Boards home. Let me know how it is. Seeing some overall sentiment, we still might hold off from fully switching but still need more thoughts and feedback!
sort by controversial plssss And discussion view sorted by time And if we can’t, there seriously needs to be a better way to read a comment chain than slowly loading a new page each time
: Brainstorming: Alternatives to forum post sorting
People keep using reddit things it wasn't made for: feedback and factual discussion. It's really not for that. Reddit is for *entertainment, opt-in opinions and curated content*, it's not that reddit is an echo chamber, it's that people are loudly talking in a place (like some art gallery or museum) that happens to echo and then complaining they can't have their debates while other people just want to get their daily dose of memes. Again, the reddit *format* can work, but it needs changes. Reddit was made with the fact that people will agree on what good content is (a meme is a meme, a video is a video, the criteria on what is good content is clearly set out by mods and people are there because they agree on that critera) and can choose to opt out or make their own communities. LoL boards, people are here because they have problems with the game, there's no way to get alternatives if you don't like the current options, people will disagree on what good content is (I think it's wrong so I downvote!), and on top of that I don't think they have all the little intricacies that reddit has spent a long time creating to avoid manipulation, such as tracking votes and alts, looking at trends to see if people are sharing to specific opinion groups to get bursts of a certain vote to bury or lift the post, etc. Or in other words, the goal of reddit is subreddit quality, contributing to the community is done for its own sake. The goal is to see what you want and continue to see it, share with people because you want them to experience similar things, and not for it to be about opinions but rather entertainment. The moment you make another goal, it falls apart. Deciding on what changes are made to the game? What *specific other people (devs)* see? my god the agenda behind every user suddenly comes out full force. Quality and agreement have to align. So for a reddit format's advantages to translate to a feedback platform, this needs to be addressed and accounted for. Votes are no longer about pushing up, rather they're about bringing discussion, which is done through both disagreement and agreement, so things you disagree with should actually make the top as much if not more than when you agree. Sort by controversial pls
: Removing downvotes/votes should be the main priority, it's not even funny. Votes on this forum only serve to create circle jerks/hive minds/echo chambers. If you disagree with someone then fucking reply to them and explain why instead of using a feature that effectively brings their post down or possibly make it "thresh hold". On that topic I'm wondering why "thresh holds" still exist. It is evident that the intended purpose of thresh hold is instead used to hide someone's opinion. Psychologically, seeing a large/decent amount of downvotes next to your post could discourage one from posting, as they could get the vibe that their opinion isn't worth value. At least remove votes/downvotes for a month and see how it goes, because I'm confident that the voting feature is harming the growth and usefulness of the boards
I think votes are useful if they're acknowledged for what they are: agreement buttons, rather than the quality buttons they were *intended but are never used as*. And don't do upvotes-downvotes as the shown scoring, show the ratio in a 1-100% scale (weighed towards downvotes) Sort by controversial then lowest, and have separate out of the way buttons for low and high quality (right now its just report)
: > [{quoted}](name=y0r1ck,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=AX0xz8ob,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-24T23:39:45.007+0000)Create some new rules for gameplay. We're actively discussing this, and hope to have ideas to share for feedback soon! > Make a place for people to shit, maybe they'll stop using the street. Create a megathread in gameplay for venting. This one is a perennial topic, definitely. It has some definite upsides *and* some definite downsides. > 143 champions are in this game. Create a megathread for each champion. It's like a champion subreddit, but on LOL official forums. An active community member is in charge of curating one thread. Sadly we can't do thread-specific powers, but this is definitely an interesting idea worth considering. >Direct messaging. Subscribing to threads/people. Blocking people (would just block DMs). A useable search function. Saving unfinished posts/DMs. Moving posts. Nicknames. Public/private/group posts. Club tags. Club threads. I'd love all of these. Most are beyond what moderation can do at this time though. I can pass some suggestions along, but I can't promise any action in terms of this sort of development. >Create a megathread called "Improving Boards." Here mods, rioters, and community members will work together to create and implement improvements for boards. I'm definitely in favor of this, although I think we may be best served by taking a little time to put our thoughts together first. It's also important to keep in mind that, for all that we really like the boards, we have to be realistic about the amount of work that gets put into them from a development perspective. There's a *lot* of really good improvements that could be made here, but I understand why Riot may not necessarily want to put in the time -- every board improvement or change done means developers pulled off of other projects, and I can't fault them for focusing on other priorities at this point in time. Ideally we'd find a way to improve the boards to the point where it IS worth putting in that time and effort, and I think we need to find ways to do that without major technical improvements *first*.
>This one is a perennial topic, definitely. It has some definite upsides and some definite downsides. I think we should go for it, because in gameplay mods will get criticized for being 'nazis' and 'fascist' or whatever buzz word if they restrict it too heavily in a way comparable to censorship. But with a vent section, it's lessened by the fact most people will start to see it as an "incorrect section" moderating action rather than a "we don't want this at all and there's no place for this" censorship action
y0r1ck (NA)
: Improving Boards: A Few Drastic Ideas and One I Think We Need
Honestly I think the way to go is to ditch the reddit format and go for a hybrid between reddit and forums, + make something similar to gameplay+ (or gameplay with updated rules to be a sort of gameplay+ environment) the default board for discussion. Sadly I'm pretty sure that it would require changes that are out of reach for the community team this is what I'd do: sort by controversial is the default sorting, not best or new. Votes remain as opinion based because people can't be trusted to do it by quality basically. But encourage upvoting things you don't agree with but want to see discussion on Gameplay threads are only composed of titles that are questions, or are filled with data and statistics that the discussion will be based around This is so that if someone wants something discussed they can just throw something out without making a gameplay+ wall of text. Some people want to only write and some people want to only ask. Of course the asker can create their own comment. These are judged by Gameplay standards mostly except no clickbait. (this part is important - a lot of gameplay+'s problems were that it was out of the way, and even if you did find it you could be intimidated by the environment which asked for top quality) Then, any top level comments are like submissions (sort of like what subreddits such as photoshop battle do) and there's a pinned comment for shorter comments on the title/content. People will make what would be the body of a gameplay+ thread on their first comment but use the question as a sort of writing prompt. These are judged by Gameplay+ standards replies are the comments, mostly judged by gameplay standards but not adding anything is discouraged and downvoted Add a different button next to report that acts as a commend, it's for post quality and it should be treated with the same amount of "don't do this unless you mean it" sort of feeling as an outright report. ------ From there, literally everything you just said. Except maybe instead of a megathread for each champion, there can be a return to subforums within subforums. I think going full reddit for boards was a huge mistake. But I think some parts are good and should be retained as well
: So we're just not gonna mention that Fiora was very ahead, you were behind, she was the top laner, you were the jungler. A late game champion with FOUR BIG TICKET items at level 18 that specifically counters tanks vs _one of the worst tanks in the game_ at almost four items (each of your items costs ~2650 and her items cost 3200+) is getting killed quickly. Oh the horror!
excuse me we are an educational and logical platform not a curated compliment chamber like reddit how dare you post this drivel when we should be spamming about riot doing a bad job
: Boards care about the state of the game much more than any other big forum. Reddit has esports and everything else is irrelevant. It's obvious then that the most heated discussions will take place on Boards. The fact that sometimes this "heat" goes too far does not excuse Riot from insulting us. Besides, it's not like problems Boards have with the game are not unjustified. Things like recent Yasuo not receiving nerfs in the same patch as crit items buffs should absolutely never happen. Boards WILL point things like that out because nobody else cares.
> [{quoted}](name=Curious Melody,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XtuMf3Ip,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-23T14:23:54.592+0000) > > Boards care about the state of the game much more than any other big forum. Reddit has esports and everything else is irrelevant. It's obvious then that the most heated discussions will take place on Boards. The fact that sometimes this "heat" goes too far does not excuse Riot from insulting us. > Besides, it's not like problems Boards have with the game are not unjustified. Things like recent Yasuo not receiving nerfs in the same patch as crit items buffs should absolutely never happen. Boards WILL point things like that out because nobody else cares. correction: dev corner and gameplay+ (Before removal) cares about the state of the game much more than any other big forum
RJay123 (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Good and Evil are not relative @Riot
champions should always be the protagonist of their story, showing their version of good and evil, or ignoring it entirely. Of course it’s still possible to have those who actively know they’re doing bad things, but it’ll tend to be that they’re amoral not immoral. I think riots first mistake is to try and make champions neutral even from a storytelling perspective In crossovers, multiple champion stories, stories where the champion is the focus but it’s not their perspective, it’s fine to have them be the villain even if they’re good. ——— Riot’s second mistake though, that’s a bit harder to explain (Warning very long wall of text ahead) So here’s an *actual* unpopular opinion (rather than just saying the opposite of scathlocke’s literally majority downvoted comment): good and evil are relative in a technical sense but Riot isn’t doing it right Riot is focusing too hard on subverting our expectations instead of just showing their character fully and letting their differences in views shine through. By constantly trying to subvert our expectations Riot is actually using our views (which will have a tendency to be similar - aka modern status quo like light being good and dark being bad in all levels except conceptual) and specifically avoiding them. It’s less like “good and bad is relative” and more like “good and bad isn’t what we think it is Oooh spooky” It’s been said everywhere it depends on culture for example. And it’s true, good and bad is relative in that sense. If we look deeper, the root of lots of morality is that we say are pillars and absolute truths are originated on the common circumstances of all humans: 1. There is suffering that we avoid or take lesser suffering for (for whatever reason whether you believe it’s reducible to brain psychology or harm to the soul, it doesn’t matter). This includes the discomfort/pain of non consent of being locked in a room for example even if you are provided food, water physical comfort, entertainment, etc. 2. There are things that we don’t know will cause suffering that we avoid (death) 3. We suffer when other humans or beings we can empathise with do so. (And a lot of our conflicts with morality are based off this (euthanising for example)) and this is perfectly fine, (warning controversial opinion) we should acknowledge our morality is from our experiences as humans and not inherent so we don’t fall to entitlement such as “why does the universe hate me” or force them on aliens or even each other (let’s say one nation lives in a hot country and the older lives in the cold. Fur is scarce in the cold country and part of the culture is that if you are given a coat you MUST wear it for at least a day even if you’re already in many layers and have trouble moving/feel a bit too warm. Imagine then doing so to someone from the hot country in their country. And the visitors from your country still follow this practice. Of course it’s easy to say “but they’d just understand” but this is a very obvious case and this is from a neutral perspective.) So if Riot wants to really wants to look gray and not try hard edgy, they should instead focus on how the character’s circumstance is different from a human in the real world. Instead of focusing on subverting our views they should subvert our experiences. In other words: What they’re doing: “we want them to be neutral, let’s divide up the good and bad traits and the ones that stand out the most, and what tropes are associated with them. Then let’s make the one that follows good tropes do some bad stuff and the one that does bad tropes do some good stuff. Morgana, you get bitterness and inaction, which are bad but don’t stand out as more passive traits. You then get empathy to all and patience with even the worst. That stands out, you get the dark spooky theme. Kayle you get idealism and fairness given the chance to judge. Those don’t stand out but are good. You also get a willingness to kill and a cold personality that affects your every decision and interaction. Those stand out, let’s give you the light holy theme!” What should be done: “Okay we just finished Morgana’s dark theme and Kayle’s light theme. Let’s get that out of the way and just focus on personality from here. We want Morgana to relate to people more but can cause harm long term, while Kayle to follow an ideal of justice regardless of individual experience. But how do we stop Kayle from just being a psycho who just thinks she’s good? How do we justify her killing? We as people are biased to see short term suffering as a “must” to prevent and long term as a “should try”. Let’s focus on how Kayle is longer term minded than us, how she sees humans as different from her but how she still cares. Maybe she knows due to being an aspect of justice how her settlement will fall apart as divine knowledge and wants to focus on saving that. Maybe she’s simply entitled and has yet to understand individuals, and only knows academically how justice works. Maybe she sees humans the same way we see our pets or animals (but without the ownership/slavery undertones): we would put down a dog if it killed another dog for no reason knowing it’s going to cause more harm. What matters is we focus on her as a divine being and how she’s distant from us but still wants the best for the world.” I really think they should’ve tried harder to make Kayle’s view shine through by explaining how she knows morgana’s ways won’t work for example. Morgana gets a pass because she’s doing good now, Kayle is harder because she’s stopping bigger bad before we even comprehend it.
: Morde mains https://images.theconversation.com/files/222785/original/file-20180612-112602-1n6vzvh.jpg?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&q=45&auto=format&w=926&fit=clip Vayne mains Not wanting to show the 68712457 mastery points you guys have on your main
not gonna lie if I had 68 million mastery points I don’t care if I get camped I want everyone to know I have that much
: Honestly, Morgana's line to Garen kinda annoyed me. "Those who wear armor are afraid to die." Bitch do you know how insane medieval battlefields are? Weapons are flying around, arrows are shot at you, there is a mass of a hundred men with spears all attempting to stab you in rows. What fucking moron wouldn't wear armor?
someone who isn’t afraid to die
: > [{quoted}](name=ABarduousJourney,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FbXXfc3i,comment-id=000f00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-21T01:21:23.305+0000) > > No, I'm saying it should outscale defense. You should try and stop grossly misquoting me; strawmen devalue your argument. Except it wasn’t a straw man. -.- If tank stats don’t counter flat damage what does then? Moar damage?
utility and CC this message was sent by the support and control mage gang
: New Ideas for AP Bruiser Items
Most ranged battlemages like swain, anivia, Lissandra, Aurelion sol, Vladimir, Viktor and Fiddlesticks (basically champions that build RoA or have sustain) would prefer to be bruisers or have an alternate bruiser path so it’s unfair considering outright glass cannon assassins Fizz, akali, Evelynn, Elise and Ekko would be complete BS with these items
: > [{quoted}](name=Bears Dont Care,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AfZEAcJP,comment-id=0005000000010000,timestamp=2019-01-31T00:01:56.661+0000) > > Everyone complains about being squishy, but everyone builds squishy. This so much. No one ever realizes how strong an early game defensive item can be.
Agreed - I really hate the whole “remove mpen” complaints when a single null magic mantle is so freakin strong It’s also abused by some mages while for others it represents an interesting risky choice
: Riot vs. the Boards
Maybe the toxic boards problem will be solved if we dilute them and flood the boards by adding tons of in-client links And they link to either praise threads or threads that ask for opinions Of course, hide it from boards view (except when accessed via link) so the people who don't even play the game (lmao) but lurk boards anyway won't get here first Not everyone will respond positively but negative responses at first will be polite because people don't know that telling riot employees to quit their jobs or w.e is normalized. Eventually 'the casuals' will fill up the boards, hopefully changing the atmosphere or it'll completely backfire if the vocal minority makes their behavior seem like the accepted convention
Theorex (NA)
: As a diamond player, I can fully say that if you do the following things you'll get places.
1: Never blame the top laner 2: It's always his fault 3: When you win a 5v5, always try to lose it right when you leave lane. Until you lose. 4: Always follow your enemy, and always be on their side of the map. Especially if you are not the mid laner. 5: If you see someone who has no bounty on them, never try to team kill them. want to risk giving that gold from yourself. 6: clairvoyance is a good summoner spell to use. 7: Never pick Taliyah, Ivern, Lux, Wukong, and Morgana. 8: always build offensive items. need them if the ally is alive. 9: get kills, that is some strong food. Only pros think about those. 10: Do all of that.
: The reason why we hated both damage meta and tank meta.
Nerf all damage and non base tankiness let us have a utility/gimmick meta pls *locks in singed, heimer, splitpushers, tower killing ziggs, CC mages like Taliyah and Anivia, Enchanters, catchers, and other champions that are not all about tanking/damaging* Team 1: Heimer, Nunu, Anivia, Orianna, Nami Team 2: Singed, Ivern, Taliyah, Ashe, Karma Team 2: gg we have ashe
: i love being abled to play other champions in ranked now without it killing my main rank, this change has been so enjoyable
How dare you feel differently from us *get him boys*
: What is your goal for this upcoming season?
: Seriously though, Where is Pykes punish window?
Honestly it’s a problem with hook champions in general The difference is that while Pyke takes damage then heals it up, blitzcrank and thresh miss their hooks then do nothing because they’re far away regardless and don’t need to dash forward
20022012 (EUNE)
: Their's is long lasting, without indicators, his is not.
they both have indicators though if you mean the visibility range
: Why do new supports feel like junglers? Can we have a new DECENT Healer / Shielder support?
First they have to fix their itemisation and playstyle Purely defensive *buff and healing* casters like Soraka, Janna and Sona after they nerfed her base stats (making her spawn W) should not be possible. All of them have to follow Nami or Rakan, who have healing/shielding/buffs but also very strong, risky enemy interaction (for them it’s their CC). Janna has her tornado but her easy to hit, no need to aim ult kind of acts as a buffer for when she fails so it lowers her risk, but it’s much better than when she used to have a short shield cool down and no auto attack passive The reason for this is because it’s bad design to have champions hide behind other champions without having some skill check like skillshots. It’s like taking the advantages of Xerath and Yi, less space to retaliate, no need to aim, and none of the disadvantages Itemisation is pretty okay because ardent rewards you for autoing as well and athene’s encourages you to deal damage, but more AP carry items with %heal and shield would be nice
: LOL mmorpg, what would u be
Being a seer/mage from shurima like malzahar/xerath would be pretty cool as well as being anivia or some dragon or smth but that's sort of way above the power level of most players xd Ionian nature mage would be fun too
D O Cane (EUW)
: Crowd Control is OUT of control.
remember when anivia was considered high CC? *laughs in slow resistance tenacity and bad scaling with CDR*
: Top 5 Longest Waiting Champions That Need Skins.
imagine having all your skins be chromas xd imagine being a champion composed of bright energy and instead having blue scribbles on your body
: Dislike the new ER activation method. Feel like it doesn't fit with Essence Flare. Essence Flare is about sustained damage (AS, reducing cooldowns), whereas that activation paradigm requires burst damage. Moreover, doing 30% of an enemy's HP is disproportionally easier against squishies than it is against more tanky targets.
While it may look like a burst thing at first, 30% in 2.5 seconds is a very very long time when burst should be dealing 60% health in the first second and killing before 2.5s. Then on top of that you only get the benefits after activating the ability, discouraging you from using that time to back off and regain cooldowns Low burst ADCs like Jinx and Ashe will reliably get this off if they aren’t zoned away immediately, in which case you won’t want to proc this and waste it. Ultimately it will benefit ADCs that spend like 7 seconds continuously attacking. That being said, yes it is too easy vs. squishies compared to tanks. I suppose it’s better in some ways that being able to auto squishies means you’re in a position to run them down (they’re badly positioned, tanks are dead, etc) but it should be made easier to proc it on tanks.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
I love the idea of PD and Maw being more accessible for defensiveness, not too sure about reverting IE fully though. I’m okay with increasing crit damage slightly but retaining the crit chance increase though You can always rely on phroxzon to bring the good news
: > [{quoted}](name=TeCoolMage,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r6B4EgPA,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-12-18T06:27:28.388+0000) > > Doesn’t xerath have the power to ‘take’ magic as well? I vaguely remember something about Nasus telling Taliyah that Xerath senses her power and that she should leave before he kills her and taker her magic Yes, Nasus mentioned that, but Xerath himself hasn't shown this, so we don't know how it would work. If Xerath shows this in the future I will put it in the list.
I think informed powers should be noted, maybe in their own section, because with 140 champions there’s no time to find a scenario for all of them Though I understand the reason not to
: Defensive Tear option
I’d say make the passive offensive the same way seraph’s is defensive lol
: Try an ice cream scoop instead of a melon baller. More traction.
AjXtar (EUW)
: https://www.probuilds.net/ Click on "mid'. These guys play a lot of AD and swap with others, but you can see there that they build the item quite a lot.
I checked. Not a single one buys oblivion orb and morello Only one had a void staff too, on neeko
AjXtar (EUW)
: Why are bruisers a problem, but mages are not
after I buy boots, oblivion orb and a full item, not including my mana item, I do so much true damage to the tank I do 1/4 of their HP bar after 4 seconds of kiting then, you’re right mages are as problematic as bruisers that take conquerer wow Look my liandry’s and zhonya’s makes me so tanky after 30 minutes when I buy these items (after those so OP penetration items) god it must be so unfair for those guys who have to build black cleaver, sheen item, deadman’s, tabi’s, merc treads, or sterak’s first/second to be matched in tankiness Oh and look at the range as well, it’s understandable that you get like 50% tenacity so you can fairly run under tower and take a hundred tower shots and all my CC then kill me, it’s only fair that this weak class be able to do so
: Xerath in-lore list of abilities and spells
Doesn’t xerath have the power to ‘take’ magic as well? I vaguely remember something about Nasus telling Taliyah that Xerath senses her power and that she should leave before he kills her and taker her magic
: well in the past if a support champ is viable in a solo lane they are over tuned and over powered. this is why riot is having a hard time balancing pyke cuz he is over tuned as a support when he goes mid he is broken. and you can go back to previous season of things like LULU mid/top , alistar jungle back in the day. the reason certain mages work and have moved to support is 1 they have base damages/scalings that they can still be effective with less gold. 2 something lacking in their kits dont make them viable in solo/mid lane and this is mainly due to meta shifts. this happen with annie, brand, morg, karma, zyra.
Well that’s a problem with support role balance with lower gold and EXP, every single support has to be made for supporting. Supports should get gold and exp that lags slightly behind carries, and not be forced to have like 3/5ths of their income
: You can have marksmen, mages, assassins, tanks, supports, and god knows what else all viable in every lane. Why is it that supports are the one role where only a select few champion roles are deemed viable? This kind of reasoning is why no one wants to play support and why it is regarded as irrelevent in terms of carrying a team.
This exactly. Keep mages viable in support but make supports viable in solo lanes.
Meddler (NA)
: Seems like a poor fit for the mode overall, in terms of how it would change perception and expectations. NB is aimed at being less about win/loss record, precise balance etc and more about high moments, a shorter experience, easier to play with friends of a range of skill levels etc. While I would expect adding ranked to appeal to a subset of possible players would expect it to be the wrong thing to do for the majority of likely NB players.
Can we have randomised champ select too, not All random but like some lobbies will be all random with skin boosts, some will be blind pick, others will be draft with captain 5 bans, some will be normal draft, some will be competitive 3-2 pick ban, etc The technology isn’t there yet probably but just for the memes pls put it at the bottom of the list
: China banned league???
Literally bans fortnite... on one hand no fortnite, in the other no league China arrested for training ethics committee to bite people who do the fortnite dance
Moody P (NA)
: Please buff Nasus's defense, not his damage
Nah nah nah buff his CC and mobility :^)
: This is Undisputeable Fact: Ashe Best LoL ADC
: Unpopular opinion: increase movement speed across the board to reduce damage
no thanks I like mobile ADCs being weaker but I don’t like immobile ADCs either, I just hate them less unless we reduce all auto attack ranges on marksmen hmmm
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