: From my observation its not a problem. The same thing is happening to me and every friend on league. So this brings me to the question why do the chests need keys in the first place? It seems illogical and an extra tedium since you already have to go through the trouble of earning a chest through getting an s with a champion so why then have an extra step to get your prize? Well it could be to add an extra objective to get the reward encouraging more gameplay.. but then why have the key broken into three fragments and why have their drop rate go so low that its seems you always have chests stacked and never enough keys to open more than 1 over a long period of time? The solution is simple. Money. Riot is a company and doesn't do anything unless they see a way to make money off of it. But wait! Riot is giving us free skins right they don't make money off of that?! Or do they? They have the drop rate for keys so low with the fragments you seem to pile unopenable boxes not because their is a problem but because Riot is encouraging you to buy the keys through frustration and or impatiens. This way they can get people who would never buy skins to buy much cheaper keys and hopefully get the addictive nature of gambling in most people (because hextech itself is a gambling machine) and get them addicted to buying chests and keys to see what they can get. Remember the chests dont give you full skins only fragments that take a lot more fragments to get something out of. This entire hextech system is designed to make Riot way more money than they make off of skins and is itself designed as a gambling machine to give you small rewards for large sums of money and be highly addictive. So why tons of free boxes and very few keys? To encourage that first transaction of buying the keys to get your rewards after your already hooked from the free ones.
See, i have a few friends that play league far more than me, and get keys very very often. during a lan night we had recently i had a friend get three in the course of the night, while i of course got that fresh 0 fragments. The system really does seem to be a huge gamble, but for someone that can't afford to buy any of the things up in the store, its infuriating. I think the worst part about it is that with the gamble of actually buying chests it'd be nearly impossible to get something favourable for myself, having all the champs in the game really widens the pool, and even then i can still get lumped with champion shards, which are almost completely useless to me. Either way, im happy not spending a dime on this game anymore, i've been playing too long, and haven't really had any incentive to buy anything due to just being ignored by a lot of things.. #Pray4Keys
: From what I understand, Riot has said that every time you get a key fragment, your chance to gain another goes down until a set reset point each month where the chance is raised back to it's original value. There's also a system in place that slightly increases your chance to get a key fragment for every win you don't get one, reaching a cap where the system basically is forced to give you a key. Based on that, one key fragment in three weeks is almost statistically impossible unless you lose every game. Alternatively, if you've had disciplinary actions on your account, you may not be able to actually earn any loot whatsoever. However, you said you were gaining chests so I assume that's not the case.
I don't think i've ever had disciplinary things on my account, but that was my first thought. I know of the reset, but im pretty sure i would have hit the reset over this time period, so it seems really odd to me. And if it were true that your chance to get a fragment goes up every win without i'd have had one by now aswell. Unless the system is totally random, and my luck is worse than that one guy that was struck by lightning 3 times in his life, i think there might be something wrong, or bugged.
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