Bârd (NA)
: no.... this no
Not to worry friend, i love Bard! It was simply a joke.
: what champ to counter yasuo top lane?
Darius and Garen if you can play around him
: {{champion:420}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:35}}
why do you want nudes of dudes check my summoner name you want plant nudes i want all dem nudes
: who are you glad ISN'T Meta?
{{champion:432}} Please I just want to play some adc PLEASE
: {{champion:105}} of course
Alright everyone lets light our torches and sharpen out pitchforks.
: I think the voice line part of this game makes it way too easy to guess, but anyways: 1. "Have a drink" 2. Chucks people up 3. Spends lots of time underwater
Singed "Spends lots of time underwater" WOW That is genius
: 1: I need to see, if people can see, HOW AWESOME I AM! 2: Charmingly running in the 90's 3: Xayah lemme smash
Blu3Jay (NA)
: Litterly me everyday. i think theres more people like this than we know. lets hope this post doesent go in {{champion:67}}
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: Next patch is 7.11
How many seasons have you waited to make that joke.
: Is the problem the jungle or is the problem the early game junglers who can gank at 2 or 3?
The Junglers that can clear without losing much are the problem.
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: I would love it if they made a poolparty mode with all the poolparty skins.
Me and you man, we can win this snowball fight
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: Maybe he's Ivern with shield and a Karma mid, both of them shielding the Ivern constantly? Maybe the Ivern also took barrier? xD
Maybe he was dived by a scripting 40% cdr max attack speed Pantheon with a Lulu top
: Yorick ult kills Lee sin after end game
Freeeasy (NA)
: How many bronzies does it take to change a lightbulb?
Why is Yasuo never locked out of him home Because he Has'a'key Stale joke for stale joke bud.
: see now you are just tryng to find any excuse to make its fault of the one player instead of the entire team and all involved nunu jungle is viable he has the 2nd highest win rate of 54.51% ivern highest win rate at jungle sej 3rd highest warwick is a tanky bruiser jugler elise is over 50% win rate jax would of been good vs yasou as a jungle pick but your jungler picks a jungler with a lower win rate then all of these your adc has the 14th win rate adc in the game when there are only 16 adcs velkoz support has one of the lowest win rates at support being 48.44% when supports like thresh is #1 maokai #2 blitz #4 alistart #6 leona #7 hell braum is better then velkoz and then you say tanky support wouldnt have the gold to be a tank well neither does an AP damage support to provide enough damage cuz of lack of gold.
Hmm Delicious, tasty STATISTICS
Freeeasy (NA)
: How many bronzies does it take to change a lightbulb?
When somebody new to the boards forgets to post in memes and games AND USES A STALE JOKE : ^ )
: people play blind?
> [{quoted}](name=macromite,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ltf0h7pO,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-05-13T15:08:32.207+0000) > > people play blind? Take a look at my region Save me.
: i love being dove at lvl 5 by enemy jungler and he takes 7 tower shots and ignite without dying
: Someone did a video on it probably Vandiril.
: Wrong, it would have come off cooldown by that time.
Fun fact, if Lux can not see the target she is ulting it will do no damage, her ult grants vision. If Nocturne ults the lux ult should do no damage, same works with a Graves smoke screen.
: So Thresh has a 53% win rate and 30% play rate
But Thresh is a support, i really don't see it happening.
: {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3072}}
: {{champion:117}} Neither do I.
{{champion:117}} Neither do I.
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: But muh 2 PD 4 BT build Kappa
: So where do I find clips to show how much I hate Yasuo and Graves?
Buy a boost to challenger and play adc.
: To paraphrase/quote Darkk Mane: "_See this build? See this MOBAfire build? I like to call this build a cucumber. Because it belongs up your ass._"
Everyone questions my void staff rush Jhin build but they don't know the true power of moba fire
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: Fuck you.
: Fuck you.
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: Charred Maokai looks fucking lit.
Vandiril (EUW)
: Multiplayer Practice Tool request!
: Yeah... it's kind of ridiculous when I see "900 damage dealt in 3.6 seconds", but then the only things it shows damaging me add up to like 400. Just makes no sense.
It only shows some sources of damage ( Which is kinda dumb )
Dubshoka (NA)
: Have 3k health, recap shows 1.1k in damage. K?
You must of started the fight at 1.1k hp
: They do if you know how to stall and play properly.
Not necessarily, i understand how to play against Pantheon aswell, but depending on your champion he can still dive you due to his ability to block tower shots.
: why not? what if you need someone who can shut something down like he can? What if I want to play a champion who can be insanely oppressive early game and shut someone down for 15 minutes?
> [{quoted}](name=TimX24968B,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HlnljwAk,comment-id=00340000,timestamp=2017-04-24T22:29:42.428+0000) > > but he's supposed to have a super opressive early game. > > Thats why there's the saying "pantheon falls in the late game" Yeah because games last to late every time.
: I am so tired of seeing lee sin in EVERY game i play
Rioter Comments
: Ok, {{champion:157}} vs {{champion:4}} mid
Pull out your stun card and hesitate before you throw it, this should throw off his windwall.
: {{champion:80}} How do I beat this guy?
Play as passive as possible, just sit under turret, let him push, and scale.
: About that gangplank Rework AN OFFICIAL PETITION
I only commented this so i could upvote your post.
: you i like you!, meanwhile rumble spams q with mpen runes :D for the record 20 pen from runes + 15 from huanting guise +15 from sorcs +3+.16 per lvl from precision hmmmmmm.
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