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Meddler (NA)
: Looking for topics for Friday's post
: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
As a xin player my one concern is how will this effect ap xin zhao?
: As a Singed main, it pains me to say Singed is unlikely to be changed, for he is not an actually a Tank. Nor is he a mage. Singed is Singed.
Right now he builds mostly tank items, unless he is ahead and builds either rylais or liandries but thats the same for most ap tanks. His current ultimate makes him a tank, sure singed is singed but he builds mostly tank items so he is a tank. I mained singed for all of season 6 with a 65% win rate over 300 games, now this season he doesn't feel as good. I'm also pretty sure if singed doesn't get any changes the popular singed one tricks will be found on suicide watch. (Singed420, minish, akaan)
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
Hey will singed be on the chopping block for anything? he has one of the most outdated kits out of the tank roster. and also feels bad-to-play after the ghost changes in this season {{champion:27}} most singed one tricks are on suicide watch right now sadly :(
Wuks (NA)
: Support Singed isn't banable, but that's not the point.
Lay a finger on skyharts account and you got every singed main in the world knocking on your office door, we won't be happy...
: You can't compare Singed to other Tanks like that, it's not his role in the game.
Singed - The mad chemist - Primary Role: Tank Secondary Role: fighter.
: Cho got high cooldowns, cast time, and mana costs on all of his abilities (except for e), plus he's immobile. just to make the comparison a bit more fair.
Same for singed 100 mana for fling at level 1 is so bad, its basicly why singed mains always start dark seal because it lets us use 1 more fling in lane. The other thing about singed has a cast time on his w, singed is a running champ who needs to stop for 1 second to use an ability, a champion that needs to run straight towards the enemy has to spend 1 second placing w, I'm at the point were I don't even level this skill until level 13, it's just useless.
: Of course Singed looks like a shitty tank when you compare him to tanks. He's not a tank. Never really has been. He's an AP bruiser more than anything. Maybe even a Juggernaut. But most certainly not a tank.
In the current meta singed can't even get the chance to build 1 ap item, he needs righteous glory to even team fight then he needs tank items like sunfire, deadmans, spirit visage. So he doesn't just get hard cc'd then just die immediately. Singed has been suffering from this problem ever since they removed the tenacity on his ult.
Ralanr (NA)
: I think swapping his passive to health builds mana instead of mana building health would be enough.
The thing is what is singed going to do with all that mana in the late game??? His ult offers enough mana regen a mana passive is not needed
: I wouldn't say Jarvan or Cho are tanks. Jarvan's a bruiser, and Cho's a juggernaut. Mana isn't something people don't build anymore, and there are quite a few good mana/ap, or mana/health, or mana/resistance items Singed can use. Lategame you can pick up a {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3165}} and apply AOE slows, burns, and GW.
I'm just listing the tanks that are under the tanks tab on the client
: Singed is viable, you just have to play him differently than a traditional top laner. Sirhcez got to masters playing Singed with a pretty high win rate, so he is playable in high Elo. His passive is garbage; I agree to that. It should be something different, some type of sustain to help him in the top lane, similar to a trundle or chogath passive, but I don't know what.
He is playable and viable but compare singed to other tanks and he just gets completely out classed, you have poppy who denies the enemy dashes, you have shen with a global teleport shield and you have jarvan who offers his team a attack speed steroid. the question is in high rating why would i play singed when i can play all of these other great tanks who do alot more than singed
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Wolfbook (NA)
: 3 Refunds per season, upvote if you want 3 refunds per season.
My idea is use hextech crafting system. Get an item called refund shard. Or use gemstones to craft refunds. They will still be making money from hextech so all is good.
: New devourer replacement and rageblade change
Well {{champion:67}} jungle is gonna be viable and crazily scary from building new devevour, guinsoos then bork. This may also bring back the classic UOL Tf jungle :)
Jessey (NA)
: I face many top lane adc and your right it dose stop them but after that and mid-game come around when they build att speed, crit, and life stole that Thornmail is nothing more then just +100 armor with a useless passive unless your rummus or taric who make the item a bit better.
but the more important thing is rushing it prevented them snowballing in the first place (which adc's need to do either snowball or farm), so they will either become that annoying little fly in teamfights with a odd 90 cs compared to a monster who stomped lane with a massive cs lead. If im verse an adc top i just farm up till i can get thornmail and then buy bamies cinder then do a mr item (this is my rammus top build vs adc's btw) Thornmail does fall off late game when people build lord dominics regards but still thornmail is an underated item. 100 armor is useful for many champions that run in and tank everything while dealing alot of damage (singed,rammus,malphite) or most bruisers.
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: Thornmill - The most worthless item in game
Thornmail is a item you use for certain matchups like if your singed/rammus tanky toplaner and your verse a vayne or quinn top building thornmail first just stops them snowballing (like jesus im a quinn main and the enemy toplaner rushing that stuff is cancer to deal with). if they have armor tank busters why even think of buying it, if they have a yi or xin its better to build frozen heart for the attack speed decrease. unless your playing rammus, malphite or other top tanks i wouldnt buy it, (dont buy if your a tanky support its not worth, frozen heart and such are so much better for your team)
: Darius TOP LANE, please nerf
Im Pretty sure riot have given up on the jug classed champions (garen, darius, skarner, morde) they remain either broken or horrible in this meta ({{champion:72}} ) But there is more important things for them do too than balance a popular low rating champion, they should balance illioa before hand (like jesus she can 1v3 at level 6 with just a dorans blade)
: Quinn, the Un- counterable lane opponent.
You missed out a few other important things quinn can vault to stop, alistars headbutt (get rekt all you ap alistar players) , pantheons w, lee sins q and w dashes, riven q and e. the list is endless. As a quinn main the main things that beats her is rushing thornmail on tanky champions ({{champion:27}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:33}} , baiting out her vault then engage, hard cc her in team fights. quinns vault isnt used for damage really. it has low ad scaling but offers ulitilty such as cancelling dashes, reseting her passive. In my veiw quinn is an assassian not a marksman Quinn is counterable by not letting her get on you, or tanky items {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} counter her hard
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Geomexis (NA)
: The only skins you can't get are limited skins, they literally made a list saying exactly which skins were excluded from the crafting system's loot table.
Can you maybe link the post? I havnt seen anything like that.
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: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Riot Keyserito! [COMPLETE]
Future skins for kindred coming out soon? {{champion:203}}


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