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: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
I know there isn’t anything that can be done because I don’t meet the requirements to get ranked rewards, so this is more of a complaint. I think it’s very unfair people can be chat banned multiple times, or be chat banned right before the season ends and still be eligible for rewards if they get honour two in February whilst I was two week banned towards the start of the season and chat banned a few months ago and have been working so hard to get my honour up in time for the end of the season just to narrowly miss out (honour checkpoint 3/3 level 1) while other people get second chances even if their offences were recent or more frequent! I hope somehow you guys can take this into consideration next season and tweak the honour system so it isn’t as hard to climb back up because I’ve been trying so long to get back up and it feels so horrible especially since this is my first season where I could have gotten rewards after climbing from silver to platinum. I was an honour level 5 player last season and it’s very clear I have reformed from my outburst of toxicity at the start of the year which you would be able to find out easily by looking at the games. It’s very discouraging and I hope there is something you guys can do to help in the future. Thank you!

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