Manxxom (NA)
: Mainly because Udyr is in the Freijord while Sett is in Ionia, which are on COMPLETELY opposite sides of the whole map. While Sett is being a boss of the battle-pit, Udyr is off smacking demon-bears.
Udyr has been to Ionia, you know that right? I would have thought timeline wise, and since we dont have an exact idea where in Ionia Sett resides. It's like not impossible that these two could have bumped into each other. I mean on a technicality of neither having any known reason to cross paths, a window of opportunity should still theoretically be open. Although personally I dont think any champion is required to have taunts/quotes towards another, even if they canonically know of each other. If they dont they dont, it isnt too big a deal.
Dynikus (NA)
: This is what we have to go off of for what he is. Based on Her being ionian (and what she looks like) I'd say he's part fox vastayan. Or possibly bunny, but I don't know if that's a thing?
Vastaya dont have to share the traits of their parent/s.
: Lore Skins aren't out of the question anymore???
In my interpretation these skins that can blur the line as to whether or not they're related to "canon" is still a matter of being set in a alternative context. Prototype Viktor or Young Ryze isnt literally the earlier version of those prime-canon characters, as examples. They're still What Ifs. But also Riot can do anything they want for skins it's their decision. If they make a skin only inspired by Sylas recent story, so be it and same if it is intended to be canonical. I suppose, if it hasnt been revealed already, the flavor text for this skin will reveal all.
: So are the vastians related to the beings from sharima? (i appologize for spelling)
That same site which is filled with lore, stories and most importantly, the answers to your question. It's like explained all in the first paragraph for the Vastaya race.
: Runeterra PSA: Stop Imprisoning people
Nevermind the powers but like where else is character driving motive and/or conflict going to come from? It would be a pretty dull world without as such or something similar, and everyone just got along with each other.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Yep! Which is fun to talk about :) Stop being a wet blanket lol
Surely theres a fine line from great theorycrafting or engaging debate, and just shooting blanks into the dark. If it ends up the latter, I wouldn't typically consider it fun anymore. Then it feels superficial or redundant lol
Jacksin (OCE)
: I like prompting conversation, and sometimes Riot likes to step in and drop hints every now and again.
Any conversations about Icathia is very limited to what is already made available and if one wanted to debate the whole 'potential' of Icathia, is that anything _could_ be possible. There would be no right or wrong, just pure speclatory.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Are there more Icathians in Runeterra?
> do you think there could be other ancient Icathians running around? You of all people who yammers on predominantly over the subject of Icathia, is the most likely to have read every available detail of lore about the place and any champions related to it. If there was any good answer to your own question surely you would've already found it yourself from somewhere in the lore.
GenoXx (NA)
: So Riot Forge was made....
It would be intriguing to see characters shine in other game types. The MOBA has always been limited by the expression and animation of which champions could be, plus LoR is just a card game so its very limiting as well. I'm thinking mostly about expanding the dialogue and personality of champions, particularly less represented ones. But VA's would be interesting, like would Riot be capable to ever bring back James Faulkner for his phenomenal portrayal of Swain! Or would new VAs come along?
Bultz (NA)
: Some pre-release thoughts on the new juggernaut
I'm honestly unconvinced that "teaser" in the Anniversary clip was meant to depict the new champion. It is just a feeling, but I'm more likely to believe the scene is for the Season 10 cinematic. Also, you really cant tell shit from what's happening besides Shen is battling with something. I've read many people claim they could definitively see things that I straight up fail to see squinting at that tiny screen in the background.
: I wonder if we will have more extension on the Darkin Lore
If it happens, it happens. But theres no reason to be holding your breath for it.
: Where do black people like Lucian, Ekko, Pyke and Senna originate from on Runeterra?
Not a "lore" answer but I'd say that because the design for the game always had a philosophy of creating a totally unrestricted amount of weird and colourful champions, which caters to a world where anything is possible, that the devs have freedom to put any kind of character into any sort of placement without a care for the true logistics of doing so. In other words: characters evocative/representative of specific cultures, styles, archetypes could exist within any region even if unconventional if the devs truly desire to make it so. The writer is required to explain the character's background but like their ancestral heritage isnt always relevant and so they could reside wherever or originate from wherever without too much concern. I'd say the same applies in a similar way for those specific characters OP is referring about.
: I know this has been said a million times before
Mayhaps it has something to do with the dev's who's job was to write the dialogue, are confined specifically to the development of Legends of Runeterra- not the MOBA. So either their time gets consumed pursuing projects that doesn't benefit the Card game. Or the story developers for champions & reworks find time in their busy schedule to pursue something that's not for a new champion, reworks or the extension of lore products for the Universe site. Plus it's only what, arguable that Vladimir or Katarina could benefit from new VO? But like, majority of the champs who're from both games still have decently serviceable VO with their MOBA counterpart even if the card game has more modernized versions. I don't think examples like Jinx's current dialogue needs any additions.
: 2019 Ranked Icons matching Runettera locations
The art department for in-game assets having been doing this for a long while, inspired by aesthetics from the established world-building that could be carried over into the game. Ranking and leveling badges, art for items, Hextech crafting, background art for Runes and for a lot of promotional content too. It's a visual language thing- helps players understand what they're looking at if its familiar to them. A deliberate thing simply for maintaining the recognizability of the IP.
: How does Swain control Sion?
I dont think there is a definitive answer to this, at best some peiced-together theories. I will add this however, ever since the Swain update of 2018 which had the result of contradicting with Sion's own biography (which ik has been fixed by now) but his further stories like Reborn and In The Mind of Madness still feel like they're skimp and outdated. I would love for the writers to bring them more into the fold by either updating them or converting them into a new larger story, which seems feasible with how Cassiopeia's Colour Story was re-released. I think Reborn was completely snuffed out but the other one is still passable as canonical, although it's still a disappointingly brief story.
Jacksin (OCE)
: I think Leblanc might be after ancient magic from Shurima, Freljord and possibly other regions.
Pretty damn confident Cassio's trek into Shurima was of her and her mother's own decision just to test if the rumors of god-warriors were true, but otherwise it was a gamble over what exactly they'd uncover. Yes both women are acolytes to the Black Rose but that doesnt guarante the cabal was even aware of what the Du Couteau's were searching, or that the cabal would orchestrate what ended up happening. Which would be such a contrived plot device. I highly doubt the Black Rose initially had much idea nor cared about the ancient empire and whatever scarce knowledge remains of its history, until after Cassio contacted them. Which for LeBlanc would be a surprising turn of events.
: How does Yordle glamour work exactly?
Even though theres no explicit explanation for people to draw from, there are a few stories now and one or two blurbs on the Universe site that give decent hints towards the nature of Yordle glamour. Not hard to peice it together and get a pretty acurate understanding.
: Something in the new Zed comic
I'm confident that the visible corruption on Kayn is just in-game flair for representing his in between state, that in-universe he's yet to have such a obvious condition.
: How Tall is Mount Targon?
Respectively, would it really matter how tall it is? Any answer would be like revealing Midichlorians.
: i feel the whole rage thing would lead him closer to a barbarian imo, but I don't usually play melee's so im not sure tbh lol
Yeah I was mainly suggesting it based on the broad conquest thematic (Noxian society being a nation of expansionists) and the dedication a paladin would have to their sworn oath (for Darius it being sworn to Noxus) rather than the abilities you can get from that subclass specifically. Based on narrative alone and forgetting his in-game capabilities, Darius is definitely more of a paladin.
: League champs through D&D classes and alignments
Do you think Darius would be an Oath of Conquest paladin?
: Will Noxus attack Freljord or Shurima?
Dude. Visit the Universe site, you'll find everything you want right there. Rather than someone else divulge it for ya.
: Heyo Riot PLS, A little narrative wish list for you: I really want to learn more about the Trifarex and about Noxian culture as a whole. The big thing for me is...I thoroughly suspect that the third head of the Trifarex isn't LeBlanc (as so many folks have suggested), but is instead a fully unique entity unto itself. I really want more information on that character in particular. Then there is DuConteau. Learning what happend to Katariana and Casseopia's father would be very very interesting. Honestly, I am hoping that he one day makes an appearance in the game as a Champion, since he was supposed to be even more powerful and legendary that either of his daughters or Talon combined. And if he was forced to pretend he was dead (or if he faked it), the reason behind that could be earth shattering. Lastly, I would love to see Vayne get a proper nemesis. She fights the creatures of darkness...but is there something that is out there bumping around in the night in spite of her best efforts? That could be an epic saga in and of itself. Cheers, Tarcathos
> The big thing for me is...I thoroughly suspect that the third head of the Trifarex isn't LeBlanc (as so many folks have suggested) Y'know. Legends of Runeterra has these unique cards within the Noxian deck, three particular cards centred on the Principles of Strength. The card for Might has a statue figure of Darius, the card for Vision has a statue of Swain. Then there's Guile with the statue of LeBlanc unambiguously. When I saw this, I thought it was rather funny how narrative were determined with being so illusive towards the subject of who is the representative of Guile. But then theres the devs for Legends of Runeterra who must have been like _"wait, nah its LeBlanc"_. Clearly fumbled over maintaining the illusion.
: wait what diana rework?
It's been kinda confirmed. I found a post by Spideraxe saying that Reav3 confirmed it was happening, but like there's no mention of a Diana rework on the latest Roadmap blog, which could just mean it's not scheduled for release until much later. But the rework itself is going to be very small scale. Apparently Ezreal level. I feel like it's just one of those incredibly small scale balance updates, where some abilities get tiny changes and VFX updates but nothing on par with typical VGUs.
DW Diana (NA)
: Diana Rework
I'd hazard an uninformed guess and say that depends if a writer is involved or even required in the production of this rework at all. Since the writers have been pushing Riot to let them do more frequent VO updates, which seems more possible nowadays, then it would be guaranteed that Diana could see more lore in some capacity. If not, worst case scenario is they give her biography the need editorial update to bring it up to the modern standard, but that's nothing substantial. Or best case scenario they schedule the rework to be released along side the upcoming Lunari champion and make one big story update centred around the Lunari.
: Realms of Runeterra - Book Review📘 SPOILERS
Since I have been fairly open about my disinterest to buy the book, despite my own dedication to League's lore and desire in learning as much as I can about it. I'm certainly not as inclined to have it for the pure sake of being a collector- but each their own. However, I did actually download the book via Audible since its free with credit. Maybe not the most appropriate comment to share in this particular thread. But I genuinely recommend doing so for anyone still 'on the fence' about sinking in the money for this book. You won't be missing out on all the new content but you can skip the price tag, which for a cheapskate like myself is just great!
: Will LeBlanc be getting updated anytime soon?
I think, on the whole, the SA&S boards are like the most welcoming towards the idea of a LeBlanc rework and im confident that's because we're the most intuned to the lore of this character. You ask most of those frequent to SA&S, they usually base their ideas of who could/should have a rework because of compelling changes to the lore of that character. I don't play assassins, so Im unlikely to ever pick her up, but I love the idea of LB receiving a VGU simply because she feels tonally incohesive to the stories we have, and there's a lot of untapped potential. Another reason is I personally hate her overall look, nothing about it seems too iconic not be changed. So I hope her visuals gets a pretty big overhaul. From the pointless cape, the makeup, and useless staff.
rollz3 (NA)
: Realms of Runeterra: a brief book review
Couldn't say whether the entire contents of this post comes from an admissible review or if it's bogged down in some layers of hogwash. But I can say this post does share in similar hesitation I had initially with announcement of the book. Particularly the notion that it won't teach me enough fresh/new things that I wouldn't have understood or surmised about Runeterra's world-building in advance. Part of me was worried that too much of the book will be aimed at newcomers to League's lore, which this post seems to suggest and that I wouldn't find too many convincing reasons to sink the money into it. Which is completely fine, I don't have to buy it. I also feel that the book's new content will make it's way onto the freely accessible Universe site anyway, if not the wiki is as convenient. Which was the concern I shared on the day of the book's announcement and the best/only counter-response was that having a physical copy "feels good". Like I needed to grasp League's lore in order to enjoy it. Schm.
: I really can’t not love Voli in his current state. He’s just a silly ol’ bear that is hated by a time wizard on account of his shiny suit of silver. One suggestion I’ve seen that’d be really cool is to keep him true to his current design, but create a skin on release that captures his “Eldritch Horror” version.
> One suggestion I’ve seen that’d be really cool is to keep him true to his current design, but create a skin on release that captures his “Eldritch Horror” version. That, in my opinion, is not as optimal a compromise to the debate over Volibear. People would have just as valid a point if they suggested making the main model full demonic bear god and incorporating elements of the "classic" model into the Thunderlord skin, where the "mains" can be appeased. (Which is what happened for Lord Mordekaiser). It has the same solution, just the other way around.
: Which would you prefer: Horror Volibear or the more Classic/Current Volibear design?
Although, I'm not really here for the "noble" or "majesty" as loose descriptions of Voli's true form. These sound like descriptions for an African lion- like Aslan or Mufusa-type figure. An ambivalent spirit-god like Voli, whose portfolio covers the untameable wilderness, hazardous weather and a general disinterest in civilization aren't really concepts provocative of sublime qualities. A primeval being would be a little unnerving, dishevelled and have a decent disconnect from 'human' qualities. The closest equivalent I could equate to what I'd like to see would be Fenrir of Norse mythology. This way he's not "eldritch" in the same sense as some _demon from the abyss_ but he is still strange, unnerving and as a primeval god he's still unfathomable but only because he's not meant to be relatable to humankind
: Can we get a VO update for Thresh?
I mean, was it even hopeful? Since they officially confirmed Lucian was getting an update but there was no mention of Thresh. The expectation should be self-explanatory if you ask me.
: Why Akali, though? The others I get cause they aren't in bands, but why Akali?
Idk man. If giving Akali and other profitable champions another skin means Riot gets more funds to dip into their upcoming games, then it's cool. I mean I wont be buying skins anytime soon, I'll leave it up to the vast amount of knuckleheads who do to help patron Riot.
: Volibear's rework
To be dead fair. We're getting our more in-depth Nexus blog about his a Fiddlesticks process like tomorrow or something. I agree with the sentiment this community has, compared to the desires/pandering to old Voli mains but we only have one image glimpse and it is just conceptual art.
: Senna Biography
So here's something I didnt expect. The Purifiers/Sentinels of Light arent an organization belonging to Demacia like the Illuminators or Lightbringers. They're a factionless organization originating from the Blessed Isles.
: Yeah. This is the Shadow Isles deck from the looks of it.
I'm pretty indifferent about card games like Magic:TG and Hearthstone. But like the art work alone for this game is overwhelmingly convinced me to change my mind.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Shadow Isles is the best faction
I'm sorry, what's all this from/for? Is it the card game?
: I mean, anime isn't really one style. There are CG modeled animes, like Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous. Or like Pop Team Epic where they mess around with many wild styles. I agree the sort of 2D-esque 3D they are using for Arcane looks great though.
I understand, didnt require the quick lecture. I'm saying, I dont think Arcane's style is trying to be or invoke a sense of being offically an 'anime' production. Unlike examples like Castlevania which definitely had lived up to that expected standard/aesthetic. So I wasnt sure why OP bothered to refer to this as anime rather than just animation. Beyond it being a simple slip up at the most.
Wow what a misdirection of a title man. Thats not what I'd describe as 'anime'. But the 3-d art direction is shaping up to be phenomenal looking! I wonder what the cast line up will be comprised of?
: > [{quoted}](name=Whyte Lyon,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=3OVbIurV,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-14T02:12:58.475+0000) > > There's no explicit confirmation where Neekos island came from, but there is enough to surmise it was somewhere in that ocean adjacent to the Eastern Jungles and by extension between that and the Shadow Isles. > > Fauxschizzle was the writer for both Neeko and Ezreal's update. In Ez field notes he discovered an un-maped island which is exactly in the right space where Neeko could hav come from. It felt obvious enough to me the writer was trying to connect the two characters they've been working on. Why wouldnt you want to hint at future champions you've been working on? > > Plus the hint about dead trees and the Oovi'kat having sad echoes of their spirit- like they've been consumed by something that tampers with spiritual essence. The conclusion seemed more appropriate than anything else out there. Although it isn't said where her island is located besides "far east" we do know she landed in Harelport with is in Ixaocan, which is just South West of Bilgewater. Which makes it possible of Neeko's island to get invaded by the Black Mist, but the way the describe the aftermath doesn't sound what the Black Mist is capable of.
I like 4 Steps theory more too, simplicity in it just being a volcano eruption. The shadow isles is just conveniently close and the aftermath of the islands destruction is only vaguely reminiscent to the aftermath of the Mist.
: Except the Black Mist isn't "smoldering destruction." Its literally a blanket of dark mist that raises the dead. And you're missing the big thing with the Oovi-Kai... They're spiritual creatures that communicate through their "Sho'Ma," or their spirit. It has nothing to do with their spirits being trapped anywhere. That's just how they communicate with each other, and since they're all dead, they're spirits are just drifting aimlessly as they talk to Neeko in death and show her the destruction of her island.
Sees a strange new mural. One observers says it's about peace and unity. Another has a entirely different interpretation ...
: Neeko's island is nowhere on the map and they were so far away from everyone else that they were an isolated lost tribe, so I'm not sure where you're getting that from.
There's no explicit confirmation where Neekos island came from, but there is enough to surmise it was somewhere in that ocean adjacent to the Eastern Jungles and by extension between that and the Shadow Isles. Fauxschizzle was the writer for both Neeko and Ezreal's update. In Ez field notes he discovered an un-maped island which is exactly in the right space where Neeko could hav come from. It felt obvious enough to me the writer was trying to connect the two characters they've been working on. Why wouldnt you want to hint at future champions you've been working on? Plus the hint about dead trees and the Oovi'kat having sad echoes of their spirit- like they've been consumed by something that tampers with spiritual essence. The conclusion seemed more appropriate than anything else out there.
: What Killed Off Neeko's Race?
Harrowing. Since the Shadow Isles were so close to her home Island. "Neeko rested where she could, calling out into the spirit realm for her lost tribe. She felt only scattered, sad echoes in response, and images of towering, dead trees that lay somewhere over a fragile horizon…" It's a big enough hint right there in the biography.
: Seeing as the new Champion was teased with the Black Mist, can we expect updates to Shadow Isles?
In terms of lore content, Riot might just focus on Lucian and his relationship with the new champion, and just leave it at that. But if there was more of a Shadow Isles 'event' coming, then I'm hoping for/predicting some bio revisions for Karthus, Yorick, Elise & Maokai. Since their biographies all pre-date Swain's rework so there's a good chance the writers want to readdress their bio page and iron out some old kinks that might exist.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Looks like its related to the shadow isles, so its possible that it is halloween related. Though I'd say its more likely a new teaser for the next champ, because its about time for that. From the looks of it, it gives off the vibe like a spirit who holds a deep grudge.(Thinking about the leaked image I kinda wonder if its Senna, though I'm not sure if I'd like that or not).
> Thinking about the leaked image I kinda wonder if its Senna, though I'm not sure if I'd like that or not. Depends entirely on how the writers approach inventing and introducing Senna as a character who's alive and no longer a simple footnote in Lucian's origin story. The concept of Seena as a champion I could embrace, but begrudgingly. But I fail to see how Seena's lore wouldn't be anything other than either Yoirick 2.0 or like an alternate take on Kai'sa- the shadow isles edition. If it is Senna, her soul has to get out of Thresh's lantern. Which in theory should be impossible. And then what? She's empowered by the Mist, perhaps seeking vengeance or other, and would she still be a ghost or somehow got a physical body?
Sergej561 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lonesome Wild,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ivATPcdG,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-07T20:25:18.555+0000) > > Funny but I always thought Vayne has some weird semi-magic tricks. Same as Fiora. This is still weird af. Champions in game are meant to be equal with one another, that's why beings with no magic have abilities that can heal/make them invisible/dodge/increase their damage etc. It's not magic as much as it is game>lore, so I don't blame you for thinking it. Vayne and Darius are both fairly older champions so their healing/stealth aren't explained in their lore, same with Twitch or Talon's invisibility, Kat's blinking, Xin's ult, Sivir's E etc. Fiora's W is meant to be her parrying her opponents attack, something quite common in fencing, in lore she could probably parry an attack from a human like Garen but she can't dodge a galaxy. Honestly the best way of looking at it is disconnecting game mechanics from lore when it comes to older champions, since healing became part of Darius' kit they couldn't just remove it cuz "he can't do that in the lore" so now it's just there.
This is predominantly the same logic that should be applied to the stat items within the game, items weren't meant to be taken literally either. They dont have a concrete connection to the canon besides two or so minor exceptions.
: the excessive rewriting just killed my interest.
Counterview, I don't have a single issue with drastic rewrites. Low key I encourage them to happen more often and when they dont I find it kinda exasperating. As someone who was already familiar with a lot of the old lore and character personalities, to see some champs be reintroduced with nothing new or particularly revelating about them and after so many years of previously shallow lore, can make the new stuff feel very underwhelming to me. So while more often 'fans' are condemning Narrative for "changing too much" of some champion's lore. I'm there silently condemning (that in certain cases) they don't evolve or explore any new grounds.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Icathia should be made a region :(
That's such a pipe-dream possibility. Considering that Icathia isnt a region per se, so much as it's actually an extinct faction. Nor was it big enough to warrant the 'Region' catagorization label much like Arbormark, Tokogol, Kumungu, Nerimazeth ect dont have dedicated pages either. At least the Void page has encompassed anything Icathia related, because majority of Icathian related stuff is encompassed by the Void. So it doesnt get to have its own separate space when it's a part of that page already.
: Which Region Are You Ready to See Develop Further?
Would it even matter which region becomes the 'focus' next? Like as much as there are various opinions on what people would like to have next, we're all going to go along with whatever outcome happens anyway. If Demacia or any other place got more and more lore, it's still that good world-building and lore progression we're all hungry for. The vast majority probably neutral over what ends up coming out next or even continues to come out. Which is a much better mindset than suddenly getting upset because your biased favourite hasn't had the limelight over a year or two.
: Well, yes, but, wouldn't It be a matter of time? Or even common interest. Rhaast may try brute force to overpower morde at first but if persistence isn't enough he would probably resort to tricking morde.
The guy is dead, he's a powerful soul animating a suit of armor. Rhaast couldnt consume Morde's body even if he legitimately wanted to. Vladimir on the other hand, can manipulate blood magic same as Darkin do. If anyone from Noxus had interest in a Darkin weapon, I'd say it was Vladimir and unlikely Mordekaiser. We've already had hints towards a possible association between Vlad and Rhaast too.
: Where's the Lore?
"Back in my day, we had to wait consecutively up to 2 months before the next lore dump. Kids these days, got no patience at all." - some grandpa probably.
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