: I'm okay with LeBlanc bursting me for 1435 +3.6 AP
maybe the con of burst is having no sustained DPS ?
: Why I love the Tank Meta
You do realise tanks, supports and cc existed before the "tank meta" right? The only thing that has changed is that once I 100-0 you as ADC your 5000hp 200 armor {{champion:120}} is going to 4v5 my team anyway.
G1mm1cK (NA)
: Trynd FoTM in progress
why should I abandon the {{champion:103}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:113}} train I've been riding for {{champion:23}}
Borfin (NA)
: "stop feeding" isn't advice
most feeders aren't getting 3 man towerdove though, they are playing like they didn't just give first blood and level/item advantage to their enemy and either losing constant trades then getting solo killed or overextending and dying to ganks typing something like "give up cs to avoid harass, then freeze at tower and wait for a gank" is pointless because if they understood why they should be doing this they would be doing it already
: I prefer to have a Tank Meta rather than an Assassin Meta
assassins can still 100-0 carries and the counterplay is still cc, the tank meta doesn't counter assassins it just means that once your carries are assassinated you can still steamroll the enemy team by being unkillable with bullshit base damages {{champion:120}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:79}}
Oaklen (NA)
: Anyone else think Ekko is just a New Fizz?
he is essentially what you would get if you loaded all of {{champion:117}} utility and {{champion:238}} mobility/burst into an AP champion, then increased the base damage and ratio numbers
Mandang0 (NA)
: He has too much utility, but it's not more than supports and tanks.
* 80% 3 second slow on passive * 80% 3 second movespeed increase on passive * 60% aoe slow on Q * 40% aoe slow on W that stuns for 2.25 seconds * 330 + 80% AP shield * self heal that hits 200 + 45% damage taken in the mid game not even {{champion:117}} has that much utility, only champion that beats him in terms of CC is {{champion:111}}
Rioter Comments
: When did they change Viktor so Yi isn't immune to his stun?
Fauxfire (NA)
: Riot accidentally nerfed the wrong thing
riot was intending to nerf zed but the designer pressed the wrong button and accidentally created an AP zed with the combined utility of a support
Yenn (NA)
: 44% win rate too strong.
its 60% for people who have played more than 5 games with him
: Ekko's board meeting at Riot be like
Kalarepa (NA)
: Riot should create few more champions, that can jump in and instantly jump back
notice ekko is the only one with a shield, heal, aoe cc, slows or stuns on almost every spell and his passive, and also does the most base damage with the highest ap ratios as well
Rioter Comments
Bleediss (NA)
: Is this what serious ranked players are like when they go from normals to ranked?
most gold+ ranked players have gained 90% of their MMR through one main champion in one role, with 2-3 other champions they can get 50% winrates with in other roles, so when you see them playing something they don't play in ranked don't expect their performance to match their loading screen border
: If there were only 5 games, then that means nothing. Actually looking at your link, it seems Ekko has a really bad winrate in all positions for Platinum+. 45% mid, 47% top and 44% jg isn't exactly impressive. Although, it's only 20k games and he's pretty new.
: Luden's Nerf is going in the wrong direction
The item was designed to replace DFG for mobile assassins, why are you making out that it is a mage item?
: When will we see another "simple" champion?
Never hopefully, you can't balance a simple champion properly because they run off the numbers, when you have something strong like Ryze in Season 3 or Annie in her current state you can't outplay them because their damage is unavoidable and even if you hit all your skillshots they still win every trade, and when they are in a weak state they can't do anything because they have no mobility to make plays, if you want to play a game where 2 people just hit eachother until one dies because of superior items/stats I would suggest Runescape PvP.
Rioter Comments
DeepWithin (EUNE)
: Safe pick for top lane?
any champion can win any matchup if you master them even at pro level, pick what you find most enjoyable if you main the role and {{champion:39}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:40}} if you just want 1 champ for a fill role that doesn't really require any skill or game knowledge to win with
: Why do we continue to nerf mages with point-and-click abilities, but make mobile assassins?
**season 2 meta** long range AP mage afk farming mid with no kill pressure adc afk farming with a passive healer support weak ganking jungler afk farming jungle with gp10 items top being the only interesting lane with kill pressure and outplay potential goal is to afk farm till 30 then have one fight over dragon that decides the entire game **season 5 meta** mids need to play mobile assassins so they can roam, get solo kills and out rotate lane opponent for jungle skirmishes tops are running teleport to have larger game impact as early as possible instead of waiting for 6 on shen in season 2 supports are able to roam effectively now even before tower goes down or pre 6, and can also make plays with their aggressive supports that actually have engages junglers are able to gank more effectively because everyone has higher kill pressure with mobility, cc and burst dont know about you but i prefer the modern meta, and its only there because mid assassins speed up the game by creating more kill opportunities and forcing earlier fights in the side lanes or jungle, these mobile cc burst champions also allow more skill gaps between players, you wouldn't have players like Faker or Madlife who stand out because the players like Froggen who stood out back then only stood out for farming more wraith camps
Igotlazy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=jars,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=N08XZzj5,comment-id=00340000,timestamp=2015-05-30T04:29:45.807+0000) > > you forgot to include his W execute > > ekko is comically broken. he needs to be hotfixed right away Fine let's assume werre attacking a 2500 HP target. Which is probably about 700 HP above targets Ekko SHOULD be dealing with. As soon as they hit below that 30% range he'll be doing 150 extra damage. When they are at ~200 Health, he'll be doing 230. Which tallies up to 2611. He beat Leblanc by 6 Damage. BUT WAIT, I DIDN'T INCORPORATE LEBLANCS STRONGEST MIMIC, LEMME DO A RECOUNT. 2605 + 150 + 120 = 2875 Beats Ekko by over 250 damage. And in a quicker time period too. I don't get the Ekko hate. Leblanc does MORE damage in a SHORTER period of time and is SAFER than him and is RANGED so her laning is a freaking breeze. Somehow he's the broken champ though.
the tradeoff for 250 damage in that situation is a 2.25s massive aoe stun that gives him a 650hp shield, 60-80% slow on Q and passive, and a 200hp + 45% of damage taken heal
Rioter Comments
: How come Nidalee can heal point click for half her damn HP and Bard's heal does jack?
because Nidalee is a mid/top/jungler with 0 cc or utility outside of a single target heal and only one single target extremely unreliable damage spell to use unless someone is low enough to assassinate in melee that said Bards heal should increase more over time, I see no reason why it shouldn't be as strong if not stronger than Sorakas heal after 10 seconds
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Bleediss (NA)
: Well, isn't this exciting.
i thought worldstarhiphop was a street fight channel, or does it just document all aspects of african american culture?
Ouroboro (NA)
: Every time I try giving r/LeagueofLegends/ a chance I always leave disappointed.
mod free week on lol reddit entire frontpage is threads about how its a mod free week rest of threads are speculation about roster changes on shit tier NA teams that shouldn't even be considered pro and predictions, both of which are always wrong really goes to show how bs those stats about the average lol player being 19-22 are, its more like 11-12
Keppa (NA)
: She's a drawing
> [{quoted}](name=dark side of moo,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Vkffe25F,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-26T02:11:10.463+0000) > > She's a drawing its a drawing
: We need a new word for anime lovers
psychiatry will come up with a name for them once it becomes a legit mainstream subculture in the west
: if you PHYSICALLY ARE UNABLE to not resist the urge to talk trash
would you rather i communicate effectively every game unless someone is feeding 3+ solo kills early, in that situation then telling said feeder to kill themselves, or to just /mute all at the start of every game and be impossible to communicate with in a teamwork based game?
Alexander (EUNE)
: a white girl riding a huge chicken
Albion (OCE)
: Katarina ultimate does more damage then Kassadin's entire kit
apparently GD thinks leblanc is broken and kassadin shits on leblanc so kassadin must be op
Cabigon (NA)
: "Oh, boy, looks like you've gone on quite the winning streak!"
best part is when you grind to plat from 600 elo placement in season 2 with a 58% winrate on 500 average ping, then get demoted back down to silver 2 during the transfer to OCE, grind back to plat and get demoted at the start of season 4 with a positive winrate again this time to gold 3, quit 10 games into season 4 and elo decay for a year, come back mid season 5, do placements and get put in gold 1 matched against high plats/diamonds
Rianoster (EUW)
: Rank Fixing
thats your fault for being in an elo where people can intentionally lose and still be matched with you
: Beautiful image.
: I can see why NA is worried about their posts fading into obscurity.
the front page is always gif memes, nerf leblanc or any other champion that I'm not good enough to play against, rework x champion I don't even play or circlejerking over new champions/skins, at least its not the "professional" video game player drama that you see all over reddit, posting anything of value here is pointless as riot doesn't give a fuck about anything except cashing in on esports, we should all just learn to stfu and abuse whatever flaws the game has to the fullest before they are fixed 5 patches later
Rioter Comments
GIJose65 (NA)
: fuck ended up as leblanc
R > W > Q > E morellos/abyssal/hourglass > sorcs > deathcap > void/ludens QW combo in lane for half their health, mid game combo is W to get in range QREW, roam as much as possible if you can't solo kill, dont be afraid to use ult to clear waves, use 2chainz vs melees, only hard part about leblanc is trying to kill a squishy in a 5v5 teamfight when they have 2-3 5000hp tanks that will cc lock you for 10 minutes and instagib you with no damage items because their base spell damages are broken
: Once again, pin it on us. The stereotypes of the "Bad Bronzies" will never end, it seems. Because, obviously, the players who don't put much time into ranked or aren't as skilled as everyone else are the _exact_ reason why League is failing* right now! We have to stop this "Bronze Agenda" before they can even have a smidgen of humanity and express a thought!!! THE BROBLE SAYS WE SHOULD STONE BRONZES!!! *Note, I don't actually think League is failing, just for clarification.
im not pinning anything on you, im just saying i dont want people who dont understand or as you said put much time into the game deciding balance simply because there are more of you, mob rule ruins anything it touches
: You know what's really broken?
yfw scripters can see enemy wards and their timers, best part is riot doesnt even care
JöJö (NA)
: "Azir is no skill and auto wins lane"
probably the highest skillcap champion in the game but if you spectate someone like faker he looks extremely broken, you know there is a problem when a late game hypercarry is bullying leblancs and zeds in lane then towerdiving them at 6 with the ult combo
: Kind of tired of LB
im kind of tired of seeing bronze trash asking for nerfs on every high skillcap champion because they got outplayed in one game, riot should just split solo q into bronze-gold and plat-challenger and balance both parts differently because you will obviously never learn that most champions have counterplay and those who don't because of recent changes to them are fixed a few patches later, and that instead of whining on the forums you should go watch a high elo vod of the matchup, analyse your own replay, get coaching, read a guide ect or better yet, take that "op champ" into a few solo q games and see how you go, statistically with leblanc you won't be winning more than you lose until you've played 50+ ranked games
spombjop (EUNE)
: Why is Ahri waifu champ and kat isn't ?
because foxes and weeaboos are both lesser life forms
: the more i read ekkos comic, the more sorry i feel for the whistling man.
the whistling man was lucians homie so ekko was capped in a drive by later that night in the hood for reals you dig?
: Am I the only unhappy person with the Ashe rework? :(
vayne is about about as braindead as the old ashe try her out
: > [{quoted}](name=Worst Mid Ever,realm=OCE,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=HiluxmUc,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-05-22T09:45:34.689+0000) > > did i mention challenger players anywhere in my post? So you're saying that A) The player isn't already at a diamond skill level B) It's unfair that a player that isn't good enough for diamond will take a while to improve and reach diamond Neat
> [{quoted}](name=Charles Barklius,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=HiluxmUc,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2015-05-22T10:34:33.177+0000) > > So you're saying that > > A) The player isn't already at a diamond skill level > B) It's unfair that a player that isn't good enough for diamond will take a while to improve and reach diamond > > Neat im saying that a player can improve faster than they can grind lp, and that the system is flawed because it bases skill on how many more games you have won than lost rather than your winrate, a person who grinds 5000 games in a season with a low 51% winrate will gain more elo than someone who plays 200 with a 70% ratio
Akaash (NA)
: There are no challenger players that would only average a 60% win rate in bronze 5.
> [{quoted}](name=batosia95136,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=HiluxmUc,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-05-22T08:44:35.396+0000) > > There are no challenger players that would only average a 60% win rate in bronze 5. did i mention challenger players anywhere in my post?
: If you're diamond 1 you will have an 80% winrate up until high plat/low diamond. When I had the skill of mid-silver (silver 2/silver 3) and I placed bronze 4 in season 4, I had an 80% winrate up until silver 5.
> [{quoted}](name=UdyrWwYi Jg ONLY,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=HiluxmUc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-22T08:28:00.222+0000) > > If you're diamond 1 you will have an 80% winrate up until high plat/low diamond. > > When I had the skill of mid-silver (silver 2/silver 3) and I placed bronze 4 in season 4, I had an 80% winrate up until silver 5. im just saying that for a new player you need to grind an insane amount of games to raise elo, the difference between getting placed in your first 10 games at bronze 5 or gold 5 is 175 games with a 60% winrate, that is complete bs and restricts people who may have been unlucky during promos from learning the game as fast as they should, you could actually level a new account with boosts and redo promos in less games
Gespens (NA)
: >Lane calls mia after their opponent kills someone
tfw you kill someone and don't call mia, then they go straight from base to bot lane and get a double from lane ganking
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