: Is not being toxic really necessary to get high Gold/Plat?
Pushing through the game when your team is behind, then you maybe 10% chance of winning Quitting the game or FF15 because you are a raging baby= 0% chance of winning Roulette advantage to the house is just 2.69%, and casinos aren't going out of business anytime soon. The attitude is the difference. I am sure you would have at least one game where the odds of winning just seem improbable, and the enemy just tower dive, throws and your team magically comes back to win the game. I have that weekly, you just need to convince them to keep their head screwed on and not lose bladder control (which people do every game in silver and below)
: Uninstall this game. Install animal crossing pocket camp. Thrive.
Animal crossing is fun especially when there's no reception lol
: I need help to stop getting permabanned
> [{quoted}](name=D4YN,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EUPyKGJt,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-29T02:44:00.522+0000) > > I've been permabanned across 21 accounts over the span of 8 years (thank god I'm not a streamer or anyone relevant), and it's become increasingly harder for me to stop the process. I genuinely try to be a better player and stop typing/target inting/etc but sometimes it just gets really difficult. I can't /mute all because I get curious about halfway through the game and unmute everybody. I love when people flame each other, and when they flame me I almost can't resist flaming back. I have tried my very best to stop inting ever as the years have gone by. I just can't resist doing these things once or twice every couple months and its been really difficult for me to reform. > > If anyone has any type of advice thats what I'm looking for, because I really am trying to improve, I just have a tough time doing so. > Today I have gotten a 14-day suspension on my 22nd account for flaming, after my longest streak of going unbanned (6 months). > I really do think I am improving however I am nowhere near where I want to be as a player. Sounds like you got personality problem outside of the game not just in the game and you need to stop playing instead.
Jamaree (NA)
: Remove your enter key. Edit: Not sure why I'm getting hate for this, I'm right.
He is right no kidding, I remember when tribunal first went down EUW was handing out 200 game chat bans It was quite effective, people were a lot less toxic for a short while for the fear of a semi-permanent chat ban. But when the automatic review came in people realized it's not humans hitting 200 chat bans anymore, they simply carried on with their old ways. https://img.providr.com/now/tumblr_oizlz0lvE61rrkahjo1_500.gif
: i dont get it. you think its funny?
: a guy has been (potentially) intentionally feeding for 2 days now.
: it is obviously he just had a bad match, stop being such a toxic player and learn to 1v9 xddd
Literally lol'd at my computer at this lmao
: Has anyone else noticed a sudden increase in AFKs, or am I just unlucky?
AFK bots does exist, a guy in China showed his dedicated 5 PC AFK squad before.
XyePie (NA)
: Encountering so much toxicity
It's the only constant in league
: Hey Riot, can you maybe hire Player Support that understand even the most basic fundamentals of LoL?
: Being bullied as a new player is not fun
Introduced 6, none stayed People are too toxic to new players.
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: Just got a 14-Day Ban recently, any tips on how to avoid the permanent ban?
: Paladins is basically trying to be the poor mans version of the top games I guess
Would be ironic for Riot to take action, do you know Tencent Holdings in China has majority stake in LoL and which happens to be a mega cluster of copyright violation called "300 Heros" which happens to use the same engine with LoL.
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: Uhhh Riot, is this ok? Lex the Lucian clone?
If Shaun King is black I guess Lucian can be white
singiel38 (EUNE)
: same, i get many keys but no chests :v
I got opposite issue, I have more keys than chest dont really mind tbh
: Update Warlord Bloodlust Tooltip in Legacy Client
They r too busy spending your money give them time to spend it all first
Long (NA)
: logged in just to downvote. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Long (NA)
: logged in just to downvote. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=Long,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8a75KeUR,comment-id=0092,timestamp=2016-04-30T01:58:19.296+0000) > > logged in just to downvote. > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} hehe xd hehe xd hehe xd hehe xd hehe xd hehe xd hehe xd hehe xd
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: [GAMEPLAY] Katarina Q and R not working
Fixed after flicking smartcast on then off, and popped a zhonya, then won the game
Rizalina (EUW)
: I doubt they will shit to Australia.
: Getting Reported For Absolutely Nothing (for simply playing WW in this case) and getting a warning
: Chinese company don't give a shit about copyright. Just look at the game called "300 heroes".
THey got a penta in copyright violation
RedBeard (NA)
: Riot Games Merch Store Incoming [COMPLETED]
: A big play video with Lee Sin... that's so original... thanks
If it was a karthus jungle it might be worth watching This one with the Lee Sin is hmm, like any other 10000 video on youtube, let me explain: 1. Irelia just flashed into her own death, despite seeing the ADC coming from bot lane 2. Morgana stops, thinks, fires Q at the middle of nothing 3. Blue team knows they are outnumbered and just walked away Where is the wow factor? Bring me Kaceytron instead!

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