: this season has to be the worst out of any, its for the most part one sided shitfests. probably due to the current champ pool of "meta" being on the whole some of the most broken overloaded champs by a landslide, at this point whoever has the majortiy op flat out wins. S teir is loaded with champs that lack any meaningful counterplay
i've noticed this alot, the other problem In OCE is our autofill system, Pretty much every game a person is autofilled jg or sup, or both. That makes it really hard when you got 2 bad players unfamiliar to their role each game. granted not all games are like this, but the games that are not like that seem to be the ones i win, go figure.
: Sweet damn, 400 games in ONE SEASON?! That's half of what I've got since Season 3! I think YG has the right of it here. My friend played OCE as well and had the same issue. As for objective advice... If you wanna get the most out of champions who scale late, find ways to tip the balance. For example, I have **HUGE** success with AP Nasus. Stack as much AP as you can early and use your E to push the opponent back. It does a RIDICULOUS amount of damage, especially on the initial impact. My general methodology: E Q W E E R Then max out E, then start working on W. Sometimes I instead alternate E-W every other level, say if I'm up against Garen or someone like that who thrives on speed. For build, I start with Nashor's Tooth. If I wanna go full AP, I grab Wit's End for sure, then whatever else feels right. Rylai's Scepter is usually a pretty good choice. If not, after the Tooth, I start building a "normal" Nasus. The great thing about AP Nasus is while his early damage is strong with his E, his Q still stacks damage just by farming it. So it'll be ready when you start building AD, and even if you go full AD, the Q will still do solid damage. Also, with some AP, his ult becomes more deadly. The one big pitfall is mana cost. I usually alleviate this by getting a Tear early, which I can then upgrade into either an AD or AP item later if I have some spare gold. It's not a necessity, but it helps tremendously for this style of Nasus play. ... Unless you were using those as examples of champions you DON'T have, in which case, Executioner's Calling. That helps TREMENDOUSLY against meta top laners like Nasus and Garen.
Yeah, i haven't tried AP nasus too much, I'll have to give it a try. My biggest issue is the time frame with my champ pool, I feel like i need to play a champ where i can get a early lead and snowball throughout the game. I notice playing champs like nasus or kayle that they're good, 15+ mins in but at my rank the game is long gone by then and those particular champs cant hold the lane 1v1 very well unless like you mentioned go AP and stack the (E) on nasus so that way i don't have to walk in and get smacked around.
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