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: > [{quoted}](name=arkment,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m8j5dEqy,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2019-03-08T05:23:36.374+0000) > > what would be good would be if they set it up like {{champion:1}} Q or {{champion:69}} E where mana is refunded for minion kill and maybe cooldown > > that way she could use it to farm yet stay melee yeah i considered that as well. would work just like fizz E. but i think it would transition better into late game as charges of smaller missing health % dmg if it reset c/d and refunded mana, the aoe could definitely be abused pretty hard and unfairly... like, she could last hit a minion(quite easily mind you) while simultaneously nuking the enemy champ in the process, and then just get the whole ability back for free. If it worked like that, they'd need to remove the aoe portion of its damage. my final iteration would have it as 2 charges with an 8 second cooldown, each activation empowers the next 2 auto attacks to have 550 range and deal 5% missing hp bonus magic dmg. basically nothing really changes, and the skill was drawn out over 4 ranged auto attacks.
the charge stacking for her e would synergies well with {{item:3025}} or {{item:3100}} making them more viable also as for the reset on minion kill being abused on champions, either remove the aoe as you say or have it so if it damages a champion have the cooldown be normal
Jarring (NA)
: i like all of these options.. but i think the main thing kayle is missing right now is being ranged before hitting lvl 11. atm she gets 1 ranged auto attack once for every E.. but it's just used like a targeted execute ability rather than a ranged auto attack.. i've been suggesting splitting her E into 2 charges with half the damage and cooldown. That way she can farm safely at a distance and even get exalted in a solo lane before hitting lvl 11.. something to think about and it only requires one small change.
what would be good would be if they set it up like {{champion:1}} Q or {{champion:69}} E where mana is refunded for minion kill and maybe cooldown that way she could use it to farm yet stay melee
: I didn't get to play her as my teams kept banning her. But can you please try some of the following : Switch tunes to aery, mana flow, 10% cdr and scorch (or water walking, depending if you want to roam or not). And overheal and attack speed runes from the yellow tree. Start with building into tear and archangel staff. Into sheen and then iceborn. Actually you could finish ice born before archangels. both are relative cheap items which give a lot of stats. Then you can go into nashors. And build more defenses (spirit Visage) or live steal as needed death's dance). In team fights. Use your seraph shield preemptively to block damage and keep your ult for your adc or assassin. I got a couple of ideas for her but meh teams keep banning her in normal draft even tho I select her.
hmmm strange build but i kinda like the idea
: This rework seems a little ridiculous for me. I cannot see any reason for this rework. It has not bring any new meaningful mechanics to Kayle. Everything the new Kayle has, the old Kayle has it. The only new thing is the new passive, but it seems more like a debuff to Kayle for me. It is totally irrelevant to Kayle's skills. The designer just force this passive to Kayle and arbitrarily force her to become 'useful' after level 11. Is there any connection or any cool combination between this passive and her QWER skills?
Aside from lv 6 when her E gets aoe damage not really
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: >after playing roughly 10 games with her in Top, mid and ADC I found the experience rather horrible I'm just gonna put this out there but 10 games isn't even nearly enough to accurately judge her strength or actual power level. In fact, the way you worded this leads me to believe that you played a total of 10+ games as Top, Mid and ADC combined, which are three different positions entirely and they don't play the same. ##Bot lane Given Kayle's lack of range in the first 6 levels, it's to be expected that her trade on bot lane (against a ranged Marksman and their support) is going to suck. That's where you can get zoned out of gold and against a healer or a heavy shielder (or poke supports) and you're basically just stuck taking damage and trading very little, considering Kayle doesn't have a completely offensive kit and that her damage should also come from her AAs as the game progresses. Not to mention that when you ult, you can't attack so that's a loss to DPS regardless of who you're shielding, when we're talking about the defensive use of her ult. ##Mid lane Mid is basically full of ranged aggressive mages or assassins like Zed/Fizz. Again, champions like these tend to make the first move and making the first move isn't Kayle's strong point in the first 6 levels. Except her E, nothing is point and click or reliable enough that it cannot be sidestepped. ##Top lane Top lane is for durable and slow champs, like Maokai, Kled or Darius. These are also not the champs you want to be up close and personal with and it stands to reason that the use of Kayle's AAs isn't going to be a good time in the first 6 levels. But that's the actual point. Instead of trying to be aggressive in the early levels, try to focus on your lane presence and lane control. Kayle has tools to stave off damage done to her and retaliate in return, instead of making the first move. --- This doesn't actually devalue your points but it also means that you used to be a Kayle main and now that she's changed, you have a few things to learn in order to adjust to her new kit. The very fact that you have already come up with a list of things you'd "fix" after just 10+ games, sounds rather iffy to me. Kayle's tradeoff for a permanent range increase (and then gaining true damage) is her melee range in the early game, where the enemy has a chance to slow her progress towards that point. Maybe you're correct in few of your assumptions but that is to be determined after she's been out for a while, rather than the very first day. People just need getting used to her new kit, that's all.
you are correct i have only played a combined 10 games I am not a high elo player so i do struggle to control minions to a high level i have been trying to learn it just to play her my main goal was to post something that would draw people in so i could hear others opinions and maybe find a way to use her As for the top lane mentioned, the meta on OCE is {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:122}} mainly, these are not slow champs and i got hit hard by them I am interested to see what people will try with her and see how people learn to use her
: just put first 3 points in Q and build a pure ap item first.
has this worked for you? i have been maxing her E
: If we're going to talk Support Kayle, I'd say run her with Resolve tree and Support Tree. Grasp keystone (she's melee until 11 anyway) biscuit delivery rush {{item:3504}}
that could work i like it
: Fleet Foot work helps, Nashor's a must but Guinsoo is not. Master W first. Maybe?
i have tried fleet it does help to survive i found myself going Primary :Fleet footwork secondary: time warp tonic + biscuit delivery i agree that {{item:3115}} is a must, i have been building {{item:3146}} It seems to be only useful to build {{item:3124}} against tanks for more shred and the hybrid damage type is good too
: another shitty rework. What riot is best for. Useless until 11 when she gets range. cannot use ult on herself because she has a dumb animation for it and now has a mana cost. I'm probably missing more since I only played her in training. I swear I knew they would ruin the ult and I was right but was not expecting to obliterate her. oh well...
The amount of times that mana cost on her ult tripped me up in fights is insane
Mael bro (EUNE)
: No such thing as a Kayle main. Only people who play her when she's broken.
I actually do Main her, not just when rage blade gets altered again and is not balanced She has always been someone i will go to for a comfort pick and have always enjoyed even when she is weak When you love a champion you make it work
: Play her jng. She have to get her passive power spikes, but can't fight in lane with anybody and I mean ANYBODY so just play solo jng and stack up for late game and item/passive spikes. Try it. It will work. I just don't know which rune to use yet. Fleet footwork feels like a safe pick. Kayle is completely trash in early game and early game wins you most of your games. Just try to be useless in jng, until u can 1v5. When jng gets reverted, wait for it, she will be trashing everybody. Or if she gets buffed early game, she might be even good in lane.
I will try her jg Fleet footwork will likely be the best option for sustain or for a more mid game/gank option press the attack and for true late game and team fighting lethal tempo
: They will shove her numbers around but 10 games isn't enough to make a fair judgement, especially if you're used to playing her the old way. I advise trying to survive the lane and being extremely passive. I've seen gameplay videos and she looks more like a midlaner/jungler right now because of how top lane is.
I have tried to be urba passive but i found it rather challenging to survive I am yet to try her in jg
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Teqi (NA)
: I got a lower priority queue for riots login bug!!!!!
i had a very similar situation occur to myself i joined a game and had ping fluctuating from 1500ms-2000ms, so i decided after it was not going to reduce itself to restart my internet and my computer once my internet was back up and running, i attempted to rejoin the game and was told i was not connected to the internet and could not log in, i was not even able to type in my password or anything it was not until finding this post and clicking the server status button that i was able to rejoin the game


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