NiamhNyx (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=datfatguy,realm=OCE,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=YpIjl9ss,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T09:18:08.222+0000) > > This literally happened to me however I couldn't even pick my champions so I was forced to dodge during my fucking promos as well Thats got to be quite annoying.
Yeah but it's fine because I'm a god and won my promos anyways
NiamhNyx (NA)
: Accept/Decline match UI gets stuck.
This literally happened to me however I couldn't even pick my champions so I was forced to dodge during my fucking promos as well
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: It's time to remove stealth
> [{quoted}](name=TrikzterzArma,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UPIoqksm,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-13T10:18:03.650+0000) > HOTS even completely removed the full stealth mechanic because it was broken and had no counter. > And nobody plays that shit so what are you trying to get at?
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: Can the other trees get a forth Keystone for season 10?
Here's a better idea: remove keystones That's it. Just remove them. No need for them, all they've done is break the game even more. Nobody asked for them.
: Who is the easiest jungle champion to carry with?
Tryndamere mate {{item:1416}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} With this build you're pretty weak early game but if you avoid ganking and continue to farm all you really need is the infinity edge and statikk shiv and you're all set honestly this champion is stupid
: Does anyone know how this actually works, though? Like, I hear "if you're significantly higher you skip", but I played ranked in Season 4 as a new player and only in offrole since I had a toaster and couldn't call my preferred role, so my MMR was shit. Played this season, skipped B3 to B1, didn't skip to S4, didn't skip to S3, but skipped to S1. So if I'm significantly higher than S2, why would I not skip from the others as well? So far I'm coasting through on S1 games. Way easier than norms imo. Barring outright trolls, it's pretty hard to lose a game unless I play poorly. Just curious on how it all works, since if it thinks I'm significantly higher than S2, why not skip me for the S3/4? I'd be even more significantly higher than them, would I not? I dunno.
Weird, seems like people are only skipping the second division. I know someone who also went from Iron 3 straight to Iron 1 after winning his promos.
Sukishoo (NA)
: No. It was added a few years ago.
Oh damn that's the first time it's ever happened to me
: You can skip divisions if your MMR is significantly higher than the divisions you are playing in
Was that added in this season?
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: I miss Katarina and Akali.
New katarina is much more balanced unlike the old one where any idiot could pick her up and get a penta
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: Ashe is OP and needs nerfs
I think you forgot to put this in the Memes and Games section
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Eternæl (NA)
: Really dislike Leagues ranked system
I honestly like how you have to play promos, since it’s like a “final exam” over whether you actually deserve to be promoted. Other than that, I agree 100%
KueˆT (NA)
: Draven is in need of a gutting (like akali)
You picked a late game ADC into probably the strongest marksman in the lane phase. Why are you surprised you got destroyed?
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Hwke94 (NA)
: Are we ever going to nerf Yasuo's windwall?
Play around it then. Don't use all your abilities on him if you know he has it up. It's really not that hard and I'm bronze
NoPaxt (NA)
: right but if your jg crossed lane or tried to set up a gank, then you lost xp
Yeah but if I'm leading in both farm and kills a couple of minions really shouldn't make a difference
NoPaxt (NA)
: How much xp did you or he share with another player?
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: What campion do you hate?
Fucking {{champion:23}} Do I really need to explain this one?
Opistach (NA)
: I think she is in a pretty balanced state right now, people that play her often can still make some crazy plays.
Yeah well I'm from OCE and I'm Bronze, I'm not making plays any time soon
Larflix (NA)
: Is Pantheon good?
He's insane in the early game, but can seriously fall off if the game reaches around 35-40 minutes as his damage is nothing compared to a lot of other champions at full build.
: Increase LP loss for queue dodging
This is actually pretty valid why is everybody downvoting it
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: I just promoted from bronze to Silver 4, how much can i lose ?
Weren't you here yesterday because you were scared to play your promos lmao
Laura ß (NA)
: PENTAKILL should be a victory condition
: I'm afraid to play me promos
Even if you lose twice because of trolls you still have a chance to make it through, so just play them
: your first game gives you your starting position, so whatever happens in your next 9 games - you won't drop any lower than that. you play your provisionals now and those are 10 games in total. for example you are placed in iron 2 now. that means that if you lose all your next 9 games, you will be placed in iron 2. If you win a lot, you climb. I think you can get from iron 2 to bronze 2 if you win all your next 9 games. After 10 games, you get your final placement and then you can just play and climb/drop.
Thanks for that, good to know I'm not starting off at Iron division
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: Trundle? Kalista? Braum?
The problem with Kalista is that her kit makes it so she's either fucking broken or fucking dogshit, so I guess Riot wanted the latter.
: lol you should see kata doing that to people, it's hilarious.
At least she actually has to use her abilities properly to beat you, meanwhile Jax jumps on you and right-clicks you into oblivion
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: it's an unbalanced pile of shit.
Don't play it then if you hate it so much.
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Nevurwin (NA)
: I would think DH would be better suited for him in Low Elo where people are fighting more and getting low. Would make sense that its easier to stack. If you're Plat + then probably electrocute.
Well I AM in OCE which means I'm fucking shit no matter what elo so dark harvest it is i guess{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hotarµ (NA)
: I agree. It sucks because out of every champion, I personally see Morde mains as the most passionate about their champion. So many people dedicated to his lore and aesthetics but they get shafted by his horrible kit. I may be in the really, really small minority here but I'd like to see him work as a jungler. Possessing minions and monsters, controlling Dragons and maybe even Herald/Baron. That would be so bad ass and I feel he'd definitely be more viable there if given a better kit.
Dude that jg idea of yours would actually be so fun to play.
GigglesO (NA)
: Its been since mordes rework...
Honestly I think he just needs a complete overhaul to his kit, similar to what they did with Warwick, but not taking away his core aspect. Sure, Mordekaiser's got quite a lot of damage, but that's it. No cc. No mobility. This is exceptionally bad for him in a meta where everyone's either stunning one another or dashing around like a fucking maniac. If I were to think of a champion that lacks both mobility and hard cc, I wouldn't be able to. So just rework Mordekaiser. His kit is so ass
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Lovelle (NA)
: Simply reverting isn't enough, they need to remove keystones as well. That's when everything went out of control. Masteries should have just stayed as passive gains.
I actually agree with you. The game started to get worse from season 6, and that just so happens to also be when keystones where introduced. They just brought WAY too much damage into the rift and are now even stronger which is seriously a problem.
: I'm not trying to sound rude while I say this, but that is really comparing the replacement of one or two abilities and some ratios, versus the replacement of an entire system that was added to the game. I don't feel like it's as easy as a copy and past of the old mastery system honestly.
I understand what you're saying, but it's the entire concept of reverting something I'm trying to get to. Basically what it should be is that Riot rework something, and if it's retarded, they just revert it. Remember a couple of years ago when Kog'Maw received a mini rework which ended up giving him like 5.00 attack speed and completely broke the game, so they reverted it? I know it's only one ability compared to an entire system of runes/masteries, but it's the same idea with reverting.
: Riot is pulling a LoL player. They're in too deep with Runes Reforged to want to go back. Just like how every League player is hundreds of dollars too deep into League to want to quit.
> [{quoted}](name=AmenPerson,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GZr7dIAf,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2018-12-09T21:55:48.571+0000) > > They're in too deep with Runes Reforged to want to go back. These new runes have only been out for like a year though. They reworked Rengar, and had no problem with reverting him after a year. They reworked Leblanc, and had no problem with reverting her after a year. I don't see why the same wouldn't go for runes reforged.
: Fucked, fucked, fucked with an anchor.
: Rework of the runes was absolutely needed. The old runes were extremely outdated and boring, the new system offers much more variety and diversity.
If you're talking about the old runes that cost a shit ton of IP and would only give things such as bonus ad, ap, armour pen, magic pen and all that, then yes, they either needed a rework or to just be removed. But I'm talking about the old masteries when I say it shouldn't have been reworked. They were fine, and provided just as much variety as these new ones do.
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