: But you said he's broken. How can he be broken if he has a 0% winrate?
Obviously he doesn't have a 0% winrate if I just won with him
: 0% winrate, playrate, banrate. You have failed to prove otherwise.
Why would there be a need to even bring this up? I'm not complaining about the guy I'm just letting everyone know that he is a champion worth trying out.
: > [{quoted}](name=datfatguy,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=03uM9KEo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-21T12:33:45.156+0000) > > No way it's insane your damage output from ie and statikk shiv is insane and then you got spear of shojin which makes sure you never die because your Q is up literally the whole time and then Wit's End is just there because why the hell not if they've got some ap just buy one of those and you're all good. His damage is even more insane with a proper build.
There's really no difference this build lets you kill a squishy within three attacks and then you can move onto another target because alpha strike is already back up.
: While he is indeed broken, that is a horrendous Yi build.
No way it's insane your damage output from ie and statikk shiv is insane and then you got spear of shojin which makes sure you never die because your Q is up literally the whole time and then Wit's End is just there because why the hell not if they've got some ap just buy one of those and you're all good.
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: Old Katarina ? @RiotGames
New Katarina is actually a lot better and actually requires skill to play, while the old one was the true button-mash queen
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: Game Connection error, and client error causing a Remake
mhm same thing's been happening to me for the past few days now in every single game and riot haven't done a thing about it
: Relentless Hunter doesn't actually show champions
Yep, same thing's happening with Ravenous Hunter I can tell you that right now
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: AD assassins got their skill floor lowered by half ever since the introduction of {{item:3147}} , change my mind.
Why would I change your mind if you're right?
: ~~She never took skill outside of getting your head around her Q.~~ ~~And her issues of being able to just outright kill people with AA and her W's passive component has been present ever since she was launched; in fact, it was probably a lot worse than it is now, though still incredibly bad.~~ ~~Her W's active component will forever be bullshit.~~ ~~Her E was the most loaded single spell in the entire game at launch including ultimates, and after all these rounds of nerfs it's still very strong and feels terrible for anyone playing against Zoe.~~ ~~If anything, Zoe's Q is by comparison the most balanced part of her kit, because it doesn't actually feel like bullshit, when everything else is completely broken; but then again, she has her R that makes her Q bullshit because of course it does, and it has the excuse that since it "only" makes her Q bullshit and thus it should have no cooldown because again, of course it does.~~ ~~Zoe is a mistake.~~ EDIT: That moment when you hate Zoe so much and you read "Zed" as "Zoe".
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: Support is useless now; everyone wants to deal damage.__
my guy how are you finding this it’s been 2 years
Reksee (NA)
: Opinion: ARURF is a dumpster fire
Literally any champion can be overpowered in URF, what point are you trying to get at?
Pyrosan (NA)
: He's too mechanical for me to recommend him to anyone below Platinum especially when there's many more viable choices out there, Riot has a history of neglecting Shaco when it comes to patch notes too
Can’t you also think that since I’m low elo, nobody will really know how to play against me?
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: Why custom announcers could improve the game.
What about if you could record yourself saying everything and have it as your own announcer?
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: {{champion:429}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:4}} Only I am playing them in my games (normal)
: When a champion is as unpopular as he is not even mentioned when you try to remember the most unpopular champion. {{champion:516}}
Crazy how Ornn was crazy OP at the start of last year now he’s nothing
ceko07 (EUNE)
: yes u are wright its a lot of work .
Did you downvote your own thread?
: thats Not true at all. its a burst meta and jinx suffers in a tank meta. vayne is good in team fights because she can kite. stealth . stun. disengage and melt front lines. jinx is a mid game monster because she spikes with 2 items. but not the best late game AT ALL
> [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zb66PJAy,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-13T10:48:55.097+0000) > > jinx suffers in a tank meta But we’re not in a tank meta. Besides, Jinx doesn’t need to be able to melt front lines like Vayne does. She has range with her rockets mixed with {{item:3094}} to target the backline. Sure, maybe if you’re a clown that tries to run into the backline without any protection, you’re gonna get fucked. But if you position properly with Jinx at full build and use your abilities and attacks properly you should be messing everybody up with your range and AOE damage. Also, she’s a lot easier than Vayne to use properly.
: jinx gets out scaled by a lot of champions. jinx is a champion that spikes early. and not the best scaling champion. vayne has what jinx wishes for. true damage stealth mobility and a stun. a lot of champions out scale jinx. RIGHT NOW AND EVER
What? Jinx is one of the best late-game hypercarries right now. If you use her rockets for your basic attacks in teamfights no one can stop you. Not even Vayne, who is crap in teamfights anyway.
ceko07 (EUNE)
: New game mode
A lot of people have asked for this and I personally really like the idea but I don’t see it happening any time soon. It would require them to bring back the old coding for like at least 30 champions which is unneccessarily difficult. I think at the moment they should just focus on balancing the game and maybe bring this gamemode in the future.
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: What keeps you playing League?
{{champion:105}} Just play this mf and you’ll be having fun, trust me
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: In your opinion, which are the top 10 best passives?
How has no one mentioned {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
Sirsir (NA)
: Does anyone still have a Mastery 0 champion?
I’ve been playing since season 5 and I have never touched Yorick.
: What about making Aftershock work like Conqueror or Grasp ?
: {{champion:38}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:1}}
Fizz counters Yasuo and can also easily beat Zed due to his E being capable of dodging his ult
: What champ hardcounters Fizz?
{{champion:90}} makes farming a living hell for him
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: Silver is still the 3rd rank from the bottom in OCE, right? That means there's plenty of room to improve.
: You should aim to improve your game understanding and this would no longer be an issue.
I'm OCE silver lol that isn't happening any time soon
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: aurelion sol is currently one of the best mid liners so i disagree with this statement
He’s not saying Aurelion is bad. He’s saying he’s boring. There’s a difference
: How are you supposed to play Draven in late game
I think {{item:3087}} would be a decent buy on him as it makes it easier to farm up and get a ton of gold, which is what you want to do. Draven at his full build is still insanely strong, no matter how bad you do in the lane phase. All he needs is the crits and lifesteal and he can probably kill someone in 2-3 axes.
: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
Honestly I’d rather go back to the old masteries as well and remove this abomination we know as keystones.
: Riven gets 6? Pray to god they fuck up somehow.
It’s ok, most Riven players are terrible anyways except for the OTPs.
: i agree the old runes were better, new runes (which arent runes but mastery pages) arent as enjoyable, i would rather have rune pages than mastery pages but riot just removed runes and called masteries runes, i dont know why the current runes are quite problematic, if they were removed the game would become alot more balanced right away the only thing i dont agree with is you saying annie has short range...do you know annies range? her Q has same range as her autos and i think the only people with further autos are like: late game trist and kog with W on and caitlyn i absolutely hate annie, that champ needs RW or deletion asap imo im still waiting for the day riot realizes tanks are good, tanks should exist and be extremely tanky, but like anything tanky you need to make sacrifices, cant wait for them to change the resist scaling so it doesnt fall off as hard but instead starts limiting your damage, theres no reason someone should be able to 100-0 someone if theyve built pure tank and theres no reason a tank should be dying in 3 seconds if theyve built pure tank resistances having diminishing returns is so counter intuitive, its not like u buy a BF sword and it gives u less AD cuz u already have a BF sword not to mention resistances blocking a % of dmg doesnt make alot of sense either, like, if paper provides 1 armor and i have 0 armor and i put the paper on as armor and it blocks 1% of damage then paper could block zero damage, paper could block 100 damage, which doesnt make sense, it has a threshold it can block, its paper
The problem hasn’t started with the new runes though. Riot need to revert back to season 5 before fucking keystones were added. They are the reason so many champions have an absurd amount of damage now.
: Yeah, waiting for two years to be able to play a favorite mode for a week is...just awful. I don't even play that much DOTA but at least I can play whatever mode I want whenever I want..
Exactly Not all of us want to constantly play Ranked, and not all of us even understand Teamfight Tactics. The random game modes were simple and were just all around fun to play with friends.
SirPurrr (NA)
: League's balance is actually in a decent spot now imo. It's never going to be perfect and I really hate the new 100% -> 0% shield breaking mechanic but overall, I think 9.14 feels fair for a large part of the roster. I don't know what to tell you. Like any game, try to play as much as you feel comfortable with. I've had months when I barely touched the game because I was busy with other things and I've also had periods of heavy grinding. If you feel that you have a very unhealthy relationship with the game, you can even ask them to delete your account.
{{champion:82}}: Am I a joke to you?
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Convince me (rant post alert)
I just can’t wrap my head around Riot’s logic. Mordekaiser was rubbish since like season 5, so they decide to rework him and give him a kit that makes him good at literally everything with little counterplay.
Am I seriously the only person who doesn’t mind arurf like wtf i actually like it
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