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: What happens to them depends entirely on their profile, how toxic they usually are, the severity, etc. They might have just gotten their first 10 game chat ban. Don't concern yourself too much with it; what happens on their account is between them and Riot.
So the system will detect the toxic behaviors and not playing properly in game? by how? I am thinking LOL is for 5 men's game, so when you play solo queue, you have those trollers, and then how you can have a good experience?
: The short answer on the punishment system is this: You're currently at step 2 of 4. If somoene's trolling in game, you *must* mute them. Do not start flaming them yourself, you are just liable to get punished yourself. You were punished for what you typed, not what anyone else did.
So the system will let people who ruined your game walk freely?
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: I just had this issue. [Win10 BTW] I went to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Go to Inbound Rules Top Right of the categories there's a "New Rule" Select Program Click Browse at "Create Program Path" - Lead this to the LeagueClient application (The one that's about 4,100Kb) Then just keep clicking next until it's set. Restart the client.
Cheers,this fixed my issue


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