: i would rather see kennen just not ult with RFC rather than ulting nobody, that way if someone jumps on him he has his ult ready, kennen is great on the offensive but he could be the dollar store kindred if he has an RFC, i would like that, he does good dmg and can also keep any carries beside him alive should they get jumped on hmmmm actually that might be too good, idk i also think it would be cool if he just simply ran around when ulting XD also look into the stun on kennens ult, ive watched him die to basic attacks from champs that are "stunned" but they decide to auto one more time anyways dont get me wrong ive appreciated my champs killing him real quick when hes ulting but i know thats not how it shoulda gone down, my dudes should be dead and kennen potentially alive
Oh wow that's a great idea as well! Unfortunately it can only go either way not both xD Yea bugs like champions being stunned but not really etc are to be expected I suppose so early after the beta release, what I'm really trying to do isn't to fix bugs but understand how the interactions are going to work, and you gave a beautiful example of maybe kennen not ulting until someone is inside or maybe him running around to ult. Interesting stuff xD
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Pika Fox (NA)
: It doesnt matter much. Even with fewer items, you can still place top 4 easily. And you really shouldnt be putting items on champions immediately.
I agree with Pika Fox that items ALONE do not change the outcome of the game as there are other RNG variables to take into account like champions offered, if a certain comp perk procs (e.g. demons, gunslinger, ranger, yordle etc). I really don't think all players should be given the exact same amount of items though. I feel like that would take away the chance for a player who got given bad champion options to still have some hope. Although I understand this can work in conjunction with other bad RNG to create a game that feels unwinnable, it can also do the opposite and work with good RNG where a player has great champion picks and many items to facilitate a win. And I think that's fine. TFT is a game-mode where you've got to be extremely flexible, think miles ahead and even be ready to sell your entire team to change comp if your comp is countered by another or just to transition successfully. (now I personally can't do these things I am a very stubborn rigid player but somehow it works ok for now). I think normalising the amount of items drops per players would make the game-mode more boring, as it will become more predictable and too much predictability simply means less surprises which leads to more boredom. Yes it can be annoying when you're on the receiving end of bad RNG but you're just as likely to be on the receiving end of good RNG (this is relatively simple math if anyone wants to provide mathematical proof). I just take it like I take normal games of League: 20% of the time there is nothing I will be able to do (due to other players or bad RNG) and I will lose the game for sure, 20% of the time whatever I do it's probably a win (due to other player or good RNG) even if I make many mistakes, 60% of the time the win or the lose will be dependent on me and the choices I make etc. That way, when I overwhelmingly lose it helps to lessen the loss knowing there are times when I will overwhelmingly win effortlessly. Now if you feel like you're always on the bad side of RNG and barely ever on the good side of RNG then you have to change the way you think because it is simple math, after just a few games it is possible you have been dealt a bad hand, but after enough games there is no way you've been more often dealt a bad hand than a god one. If you think this is the case (and I don't say this to insult anyone I've been there too) you may be shifting the blame from your skill level to RNG a bit too often because probability states otherwise. I think riot has made a great step towards lessening the effects of item number differences between players by adding possible gold rewards instead of items.
: You were so close riot
Well looking at the comments this might come as a shock to many but I love the change. I disliked getting no items after the first monsters and felt like it happened way too often. Now it always feels like I'm getting something and depending on what I get I can change my tactics. If I get gold instead of an item maybe I want to econ earlier (maybe even go pirates), take some damage but end up with 50 gold before everyone else. Early gold also means more chance to have a two star unit before PvP rounds which is an enormous boon as you could go on an early win streak getting you more money and preventing health loss for late game. I'm sure Riot can refine this system even more (as anything can be refined - although I am providing no ideas to help in this endeavour) but my point was that it is a definite upgrade to what we had before.


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