: Just to give concrete examples: as Garen, I can win most of the time against Teemo, I can at least not die and farm against Vlad, and I do lose against Darius once in a while, but most of the time I can survive, and I even outright win sometimes. Experience, knowledge and player skills are often more important than match-ups. But yes, good point, if you are in a hard match-up, it's much better to have a scaling champ that doesn't fall off, good job pointing that out. Good luck and have fun o/
Thank you and good luck fellow summoner!
: > not confident about certain match-ups Doesn't matter. A bad match-up on a champ you know well is better than a good match-up on a champ you're not good at. Just take your usual champs and play safe in lane, don't die, and do your usual stuff in late game. And also, even if you're not confident **now**, after playing that same bad match-up 10 times, it will be much easier. > team requires AD Most of the time, you can just ignore that. If the enemy team has no real tank/frontline, your damage mix doesn't matter, they won't stack defenses anyway. And even when they *do* have a frontline, it's not guaranteed that a better damage mix is worth more than just you playing well on a champ you're good at. Maybe, maybe not, hard to tell for sure. So don't sweat it and stick to your mains.
Hey! Thanks for replying to me once more! So there are counter picks in gold but it is better off to play champions that I am good at. I usually go Ekko if I am confident that I will win against the enemy laner but I usually go scaling champions if I know that I cannot win against the enemy laner. I believe if I narrow down my champion pool and stick to champions I am good with I assume that I will eventually climb! Thank you for your comments and I hope that me and you will climb well šŸ˜ƒ
: Yes, 4 champs is more than enough. I climbed from Silver1 to Plat4 playing literally only Garen in SoloQ, and with barely 53% winrate over 150 games. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=DeathBurst On the other hand, with your top4 champs, your *lowest* winrate is 55% on Vlad. With all 4 combined, you are above 59% over 170 games. That's much much more than what's needed to climb. So yeah, maybe we could nitpick about your CS or whatever, but it doesn't matter. You clearly have the level to climb already. You just need to focus on what you're already good at.
Hey! Thank you for replying to me! So I should again narrow down my champion pool, that seems to be one of my bad habits. I will try and improve on that the next time I play ranked, thank you for providing me the advice! Iā€™m sure it will help me in my journey to plat šŸ˜‚
: Based off of an op.gg you can't really look at people's CSing and such. You can look at their CS/M and go "Hey you're not getting " but it's a more subtle topic than that. You could definitely stand to improve on CSing but it could be that you farm well in lane but then spend a lot of time fighting and your CS falls off over time. it could be that you simply miss a lot of CS in lane. That said, my CS per minute is barely higher than yours (5.8/m in top lane) and it was sufficient to climb to diamond. Ah, Kata and Leblanc. I'm not a mid lane player so I can't comment too much on them. Statistically Vladimir does well into Katarina but I don't know enough about the match-up to discuss why. What I can say regarding those two is that they are both snowball-reliant assassins who want to either look for kills or roaming opportunities. If you're playing something like Vladimir or Ryze that does not need to get kills in lane then you don't need to actually fight them. Shove lane and back off to try to push them under turret (where LB in particular struggles). It will deny them the ability to roam and get kills. Buy control wards and play to one side of the lane (the side you have wards on) whilst playing for farm and pressure. https://i.imgur.com/dEXiB09.png?1 Take this image. The green and pink circles are your wards, with the blue M being you. The brownish M would then be your opponent since they're shoved in.
Hey! Thank you again for replying to me, so certain champions do not need to roam that much( the ones that scales well) and some others do (assasins). That is very kind of you showing me the warding positions with the picture :). Most of the times I ward between the green and the pink position xD. I do not know if that is bad but thank you for your general advices and I believe that it will help me in climbing! Thank you very much!
Win1Ocent (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=thegodthegod,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oAI0b2oZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-10T10:57:08.785+0000) > > I do not understand why I have spent that much time on ranked and I am still demoting and not promoting pass gold two, many of the time I blame my teammate and sometimes I try to carry, but the only thing i get from those are losses. Can someone provide me some tips and please analyse my op.gg and tell me what I could do to get to platinum? Thanks Hello good sir. A few questions. Since you mostly play mid, do you roam a lot? If not, do it. If you can consistently perform well, all you need is one more lane to do well, as Ekko or Vladimir a tower dive followed by dragon should increase your winrate. How is your farming? I'd say if you would get 200+ farm in 25 minutes you would probably be above average, farm those birds as well. Do you die to ganks? If so, ward deeper, don't make aggressive moves until you spot the enemy jungler. I promise you, if you can consistently get farm, make at least one successful gank per game without dying to a gank from the enemy jungler, you will climb. Btw, good of you asking for help!
Hey! Thank you for replying! I have always had the confusion between getting the CS or going for the trade, or hence looking for a solo kill. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide me some tips on how to choose between farm or trade furthermore solo kills. I would say I roam sometimes but not always, since I play Ekko and he has a really good wave clear, I know that it is better for him to roam or get objectives with the jungler, but whenever i finish clearing a wave, the next wave tends to arrive and hence I may lose a wave of CS since my enemy mid laner stays mid to clear and maybe even get turret platings. So another question from me is that when is it best to roam? My farming is not the best but I would say it needs improvement, due to the fact that I do not understand when to trade, I tend to always look for a solo kill without knowing where the enemy jungler is, hence I sometimes lose CS because of that, secondly roaming, I try to roam every time i finish clearing a wave, but the enemy mid laner sometimes tends to just stay and push which makes me lose CS and Platings even worse turrets, so I would love some tips on roaming timings and the choosing between cs and trade. Yes, I die to ganks pretty often, I would say I win my laning most of the time if the enemy jungler does not interfere, but that is just so unlikely :(, and due to that I would also like some warding tips like where to and when to. Thank you for helping me!
Dynikus (NA)
: Why are you playing anything other than zed or ekko? Like you've played over half of the entire roster in ranked games, and you're surprised you're not climbing? Stop picking yasuo, stop picking leblanc, stop picking irelia, stop picking so many different champions.
Hey! Thank you for replying! The reason why I am playing other champs rather than Ekko and Zed is due to the fact that I am not to confident to lane with particular match ups such as Leblanc and Katarina as Ekko. In some circumstances where my team requires an ad champion but Zed is banned, I normally pick champions like Irelia and Yasuo since I have some experience on them. From you advise I believe is telling me to narrow down my champion pool, which I will improve on doing that, but there is a problem whilst narrowing down my champion pool that I do not know what to do such as laning against Leblanc and Katarina, especially when the team needs ap and ekko is not a good pick for them( I am not confident with ekko in these match ups) Could you provide me some tips on that. Thank you for your reply!
: You have 4 champions you're doing well on, Ryze, Zed, Ekko and Vladimir, and a whole lot of random picks that you're pretty heavily negative on overall. Try not to pick so much random stuff. I played a total of 22 different champions when I was climbing this season and even that's a lot. I have a negative winrate overall on everything that's not one of my 3 most played champions (Camille, Sejuani and WW). You've played more than 70 and you are **heavily** negative winrate on them overall.
Hey! Thanks for you reply. So what you are saying is stick to Ryze, Zed, Ekko and Vladimir these 4 champs? So I should narrow down the champions I pick/ play in ranked, I will try and do that. Furthermore, are there any other parts that I am doing bad on? Such as Csing? Another problem is that I find it really hard to lane against Katarina and Leblanc, could you provide some picks or counters or what to do with laning against them? Thank you for your reply!
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