: Suggestion to fix jungle issues
Well you just spoke out the key point. Riot has been systematically gutting vision since season 4. First they introduced Oracle Lens (which is not too bad),but then they only allowed each person to purchase 3 wards, then wards can only be provided by support’s items, then they introduced{{item:3147}} , then they removed Signstone and Tracker’s knife, and then Oracle Lens was buffed so that level 1 can buy the upgraded version.
nelogis (EUW)
: Why Is The Rune-System So Focused On The Offensive Side?
Riot’s agendas starts to be exposed more and more in ss9 after 1 years of the ss8 fiasco.
sextacy (NA)
: Is Riot's LP/MMR System Designed Like a Casino?
Loot box and shard are also a there to create the sense of addiction. Loot box is a true form of gambling. And if you ask me, yes, I do think Riot wants League to be a big Casino.
: What are your thoughts on the Aatrox Rework and the current state of Aatrox?
I think Riot’s reworks since the start of ss8, especially Aatrox, Akali and Kayle are all mere fiascos.
: > [{quoted}](name=thornmailed,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U3G3EREQ,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-03-12T12:46:21.340+0000) > > The problem is their problem. the end. were not going to break the kneecaps of professional athletes because joe average wants to compete in the olympics and doesnt have time to train, and were not tring to balance league around people who dont have time or interest to put enough efford into it to learn its most basic mechanics.
Well, if the 87% of the playerbase (Gold or below) hate the game, nobody will watch esport, and the pro athletes can start looking for a new job right away.
: Actually i got to gold in 30 games. From silver 3. With 68% wr. Now league of legends is a game that need balancing. True. But balancing the game around silver is like saying to high elo players "hi even if your champ is bad we will nerf it more because a LOW ELO (players that are unlike you ARENT GOOD AT THE GAME) think its needed"
Which is exactly correct. If 87% customers of a company complain about something, then it has to be fixed for that 87%, not the 2% of diamond and above.
: no one gives a shit about low elo. the idea to balance around gold or below, or even plat after the ranked update is completely ass backwards. infact the game should be now balanced around diamond+ since the lower plat ranks are now there, where gold 1 and gold 2 were last season mmr wise. grandmaster was added infront of the other ranks in a way, where masters is now what diamond 1 + 2 and lower masters lp used to be. diamond is now where the higher plat ranks and d5 to d3 used to be. its not up to riot to make the game easier on you, but up to you to learn how to play the game.
The problem is, many people don’t have that much time to master Diamond-quality skill. Many might only have time to play 1 or 2 games a day, 3-4 days a week. I believe they deserve a balance game too.
: But they do not know how to play the game. Thats why they are there. There for why balance the game for people that suck?
True. A game is balance for average players means it does not need you to spend too much time any energy to actually be able to enjoy the game. Admit it, you need to spend at least 10+ hours a week for like a month to let’s say reach Plat from Silver. Not many people have that much time. The vast majority of he players might have a lot of limitation (time, age,out-meta favourite champions) to reach higher elos. And the problem is, I think League is now looks more balance when you have higher skill ( with Gold or below on one end of the spectrum and Pro players on the other end).
: i see the reasoning basically to appeal the market=earn money potential. im pretty sure gold and below just want to play a balanced game instead of pulling a dark souls impossible 1v5 chain cc for eternity. i just want vision/jungle (fun stuff) back to normal smite bonuses also. the top lane is a please camp me harder 2v1 currently due to this vision nerfs. i mean when a jungle camps you so hard you start to wonder why not buy a support item.
True. High elo players, with good skills and communication could make the game look more balance because they are good at avoiding mistakes. That’s why the game looked balance at WCS 2018, because pro players avoided team fight as much as possible (because of the damage).
: why should a game be balanced around the bad players?
: How would that work exactly? The moment you enter high elo you get to play on a different version of the patch? It's currently balanced around both, with a couple of exceptions.
No, because some champion is weaker on higher elo, or vice versa. For example, Urgot has a winrate of 47.68% in Plat+, but 49.70% in Silver. Similarly,Nasus has a 51.39% winrate in Plat+, but 54% in Silver. Urgot’s gonna have some buffs soon. What I’m trying to say is lower elos need to be proritised, not the other way around. That’s not to mention that higher elos collaborate better, and use teamplay to counter the opponent team better than lower elos where trolls and quiters dominate.
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: Riot, now that Crit ADCs are back..
The mage that dominated botlane was {{champion:8}} not {{champion:50}}
: I agree, when you have limited vision you have to *choose* where to put it (because the answer literally can't be "everywhere"), which *is* a skill. Anticipating where the action is going to be a few minutes from now. And then you have to play around where you can see and where you can't, which is *another* skill. Limited vision is a more skilled game than "pay some gold to light up everything" -- or, the way it *actually* worked, "demand your support pay all his gold to light up everything". Maybe maps are currently a bit *too* dark and they should adjust trinket cooldowns, but gold for vision was always a bad system and I'm glad they've now mostly gotten rid of it. Supports earn bonus vision by doing support things, and everyone else has to make intelligent use of their trinkets and whatever scryer's blooms are available. Now if only they could find a way to get rid of the gold and inventory tax for control wards... People obviously shouldn't be allowed to place infinite control wards, but "how much gold can you spare and is your inventory full" seems like a bad way to decide how many control wards you get to place. Like the old regular wards, the fact that they are items at all is a historical artifact that goes back to WC3 custom maps, but that's no reason to keep it if it's producing bad results for a very different game 15 years later. If "Place Control Ward" was just an extra ability (like summoners and recall) with charges that you get one every X seconds (or, equivalently, a permanent trinket in addition to your swappable trinket), I think it would be an improvement over the current inventory-based system.
I disagree. When you debate about vision war, you also have to take Oracle Lens into account. Oracle Lens now can be purchased at any level, instead of champions reaching level 9 and above like season 7 and before. On the one hand, they nerfed vision capability, on the other hand, they buffed anti-vision capability. In other words, there is too few vision, compares to those too strong Oracle Lens.
Swittz (EUW)
: Giving vision means whoever is ahead will be able to prevent ganks making it impossible to trap him. It'll make the snowball meta even worse, once a team has the lead and can ward all your jungle the game is pretty much over.
So why did they buff Oracle Lens? Oracle used to require lvl 9 or high to purchase, but now lvl 1 can purchase, so I think this should balance out wards already. Now there are too few wards for too powerful Oracle Lens.
: I checked a few match of yours and realized that opponent teams also are full of low Silver/Bronzes. In this case you should be able to carry yourself. Even in the last match your team had a Plat 4 player while opponent team had an Iron 1 player, but you still lost. Just keep trying and working on yourself, it will be okay. Good luck.
No he would not be able to carry himself. Shut down gold bonus is now a big problem, because the carrying player of the behind team once being shut down (which is very likely to happen due to being focused) will give the leading team a huge amount of gold. In other words, shut down gold, which was meant to help behind team to come back, now makes it harder to come back.
FizCap (NA)
: Mundo has a terrible winrate, he definitely needed some buffs.
Urgot has a 44.31% winrate above Plat (champion.gg), and is still a very strong pick in proplay.
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