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: Baron should receive a gameplay update
just a few days ago, my teemo 1v1'd baron. I've seen yi, draven, even vaynes do it, but a teemo? =/
BigVein (NA)
: Actually, 85% of the games I had a positive K/D ratio
actually no, out of your recent 20 games, youve had a positive kda in 6 of them. Now im not sure where 85% came from, but 6/20 is 30%. Youve also done the least dmg out of all of your teammates in almost all of them.
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: I like the concept, although I'm a little scared as to where this is going seeing the passive. 50% movement speed is a huge buff, especially if its activated as often as I think it's going to be. Not to mention- how long does it last? It doesn't say anywhere how long this buff lasts. You should state that somewhere. Q is okay, though its hard to tell if this is a good ability simply because there's no numbers here. Kind of hard to give that a look over, yknow? W is Kayle's ability. I guess that works? E is essentially an ability version of Blitz's knock up since it's melee range. It's not a bad ability but I don't feel like it fits on the assassin character you're trying to aim for. The ult is... weird. I've toyed around with the concept of self-destructs and I eventually concluded that they mess with the flow of the game. I don't think it's a good ability on any kind of character whatsoever. It'd be much nicer if there was some numbers to go off of here, because right now I feel like I'm seeing a Katarina paint job with a suicide bomb ult. The kit is really all over the place.
I agree that her E doesnt synergise with her kit. Also, the W scales with AD unlike kayle. I wanted to make it so that she could be built AD for fun :)
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Vis3xuaI (NA)
: When ADCs become good they also become the center of the meta.
90% of my games are decided by whoever has the better ADC.
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: As an immobile mage main, if we are weak right now I don't think I want us to be strong.
Thats were the problem lies. Immobile Mages are abusing AP Items with their scalings, and yet the majority of AP Champions are garbage right now
: Assassins, bruisers.
I didn't say Mages were weak, I said AP Carries in general are weak. Most assassins fall under AP Carries. And yeah, Bruisers are probably the only class weaker than them
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Leylania (EUW)
: Please stop play Riven, she is a really difficult champion to master and she is really not good for low elo. Your farm is really bad. You had a Ziggs support game where you had 50 CS (don't steal your adc/laners farm btw) and then a Fiora game where you had only 67 Farm at 22 Minutes. You should have atleast double the amount of that. Especially with Fiora, a champion that has to scale and therefor needs large amounts of money. You die way too often. Atm you have an average of 7-8 deaths (often already around 20 Minutes) some games you even have more than 10 in under 30 Minutes. Reduce this to not more than 5 Deaths in a whole game. You can't win lane? Stay under tower or go roaming, trying to fight in lane and feeding your ass off helps no one. Your mechanics can't be this good if you have a negative winrate. Watch professional plays and look how people play her, try to understand WHY they do certain things and not only how. Diana is not that hard to play, but if you ever look for a new champ always go for the easier ones like Annie until you can play without problems on Gold/Plat Elo. Then you can try your hands on the harder ones like Riven.
My riven and fiora pick were just me blowing off some steam, i probably shouldnt have, but i did.
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: Honestly, shes fine the way she is right now. After the changes she got recently, I think shes in a really good spot. I do think they need to change her 'class' to assassin though, it definitely fits her playstyle a lot more.
She's not an assassin though. She's a Bursty Fighter.
1MNI1 (NA)
: Which ADC is most similar to an assassin?
Twitch, Tristana, and maybe quinn (although quinn works best Top lane) Also have you tried Diana? She's very strong in low elo right now, she's very similar to akali.
Bârd (NA)
: Tank supports work because they're given defensive tools that are either invaluable or that allow them to double dip into the limited amount of gold they get. {{champion:12}} Passive, ult {{champion:44}} Q, W, Ult {{champion:201}} W, E {{champion:223}} E {{champion:111}} W {{champion:89}} W {{champion:48}} R (Takes half the enemy tanks resists) You should have a secondary tank or bruiser to help frontline, but the issue isn't that they're gold inefficient. The issue is that they're poor.
You're right, but you're still missing the point.
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Nahui (NA)
: It's one thing not to be a meta slave and purposely pick the FotM champions, which works bronze-low challenger (excluding OTP). It's another to purposefully pick out of meta, borderline troll picks. If you're going to do something, at least be considerate of your team when picking certain roles. Go mid Udyr for all anyone cares, that's your lane and your business. But duo jungle just ruins the jungle for another person and a lane for someone else (bot) as well as picking riven supp often does for bot. It's cool not to be a meta slave, but spitefully going against it will just cost more than it pays off and just asks for a negative player experience. Remember that league is a team game and as much as we love to be selfish and care for ourselves, you are working as a unit and should be taking into consideration everyone else's opinion when doing things. This is more geared towards duo jungle. If you can pull off a wicked riven support consistently (which doesn't mean winning lane, as kill lanes are built to win early but fall late), then power to you. Do it if you are good and think it's good for the team. If it's to "stick it to the meta man" then it's just sad and you'll hurt yourself more than help.
by "duo jg" I meant taking smite as supp, and counterjungling. Didnt say I was gonna do it, but i'd like to see someone make it work.
: enjoy your ban i think
you cant get banned for playing out of meta. Riot said it themselves, the "meta" is a player-based construct that was formed by the league communnity. I wont get banned for playing riven support.
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: What do you prefer- Urf or Arurf?
why do ppl still make strawpolls, we have a poll option on the boards? anyways, urf.
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Yaviette (NA)
: New Star Guardian Skin: UPDATE LUX PLEASE
i think they should. SG lux compared to the other SG skins isnt as good
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Sharjo (EUW)
: So uh two things: 1. You showed a concept titled ARCADE Taliyah 2. You showed a concept called POPSTAR Sona I mean you could've gone with any of these and it'd not be as much of a bother, but the Taliyah one has the name Arcade even on the image itself! (Note: I'm not knocking the post, but OP your choice of art to use bugs me)
I know, I noticed after I posted it :P I really like the arcade Taliyah though, thus why Im keeping it
MysterQ (NA)
: I don't really like many of these either, but that doesn't matter.
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: too hard? lol yea because when she could outplay 1v3 any champions at level 6 was very balanced .
unranked teemo main complains fiora is too op, makes up fake statistics.
: GET ME OUT OF BRONZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you deserve to be in silver, youll climb to silver. ppl will say theres not much difference in bronze/silver but as someone who's been in both (although both elos are bad) - silver players are significantly better, and can climb out of bronze easily.
: everyone is talking about vayne buffs.. BUT WHAT ABOUT FIORA/FIZZ BUFFS?
fiora was at 47% winrate... her nerfs were too hard.
Penns (EUW)
: lets not call the fizz change a buff, thats an insult to all buffs ever given hehe
cant tell if this is a joke or not, but he got his CD on his E reduced
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: It amazes me how so many people cry about a champion with very short range, no AOE, no defense, and no reliable CC.
And yet that same champion has the ability to farm for 30 minutes, and then completely obliterate a team in a 1v5. "no reliable cc", her E's stun literally lasts for for years if you use it right. Then again, people will deny anything
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: So, not buying rabadons is bad because you get outscaled, but if you do it's also bad. I really don't understand your logic.
did you read what i said at all? i said its bad for champs who dont benifit from pure ap, especially at 4k gold, but if they build another ap item thats not rabadons, they get outscaled way too hard. riot are forcing ap to build rabadons
Lucasman (NA)
: if you want something other than raw ap you buld it, rabadons is for whoever wants pure ap
The problem is, Riot have been balancing AP champs around rabadons, to the point where You have to choose between saving 4k gold, or getting outscaled. We're in a meta where if you don't build rabadons, you get outscaled. If you do get, You've just wasted 4k on pure AP. Lets use diana as an example, Because I've mained her since Pre-season 6. Lets say a diana built {{item:3027}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} , and is about to build her 6th item. She can either buy an item she can actually make use of, like protobelt, at the price of getting outscaled quickly, because of the fact that AP champs revolve around rabadons. If she DOES build it, she just wasted 4k on Pure AP, which is way more than she needs.
: Didn't you listen to his explanation?
Yes, I did actually lmao.
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