: Can we get back too Reducing Damage
you want to know why riot doesn't listen to you guys? Look at your ranks. They should only be listening to chals. Not you guys. Get a grip, have i made complaints in the past? Yeah, do i think the game is pretty awful right now? Yea. But not because of getting bursted. Getting bursted has been a thing since s1, stop whining over No CoUnTeRpLaY and actually learn how to play the game, it's really not challenging at all, most of you guys just don't play with your monitor on
: @Riot: In-Depth Feedback on Teamfight Tactics
straight up nerf glacial and nobles. Way too strong right now. You get a full team of glacial and it's gg, get a draven with spatula+belt andrageblade is instant win
: I think the biggest problem is item rng. Having one player simply get more than another independent of what the players do but just because rng dictated it is by definition bad design. Also. while the carousel is a good implementation to the autochess mold, it's very clunky and you can't see any of your stuff but since this is just beta, I assume it will be upgraded in the future.
thats what auto chess is though lol.
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