: "We don't pick favorites for skins"
rek sai has 2 skins and has been out for 5 years btw
: Don't even try to make this "meme" grow. It was dead before it even came alive yet people still are desperately trying to use it.
CrossXer (EUNE)
: I wish jungle were an actual role.
not really sure why people are mad about jg "nerfs" yes the xp was fucking annoying but scuttle spawn affects both teams and gives incentive to gank or invade? it also pushes players to vertical jungle more often than not. Personally jungle is role that 70% of the time determines the outcome of a game, my main account is JuIian, copy paste into op.gg as its spelt differently than u think. I am a jungle main and have been since jhins release. I have never had a problem with carrying a game when given the chance. Unless you hard int i have no clue why you are complaining. I play a variety of junglers, kindred recently and i used to main lee sin. I havent played tank jungles much unless you classify hecarim as a tank, but mostly i play fighters or assassins. The role can be tricky at times but if you know how to play its incredibly easy to win games and carry, i dont remember the last time i felt irrelevant as a jungle main. Stop being crazy and start being good 3head
macspam (NA)
: Annie
bro veigar has no skill shots, if you play him you are shooting fish in a barrel {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: You know whats so hard about climbing out of Silver?
honestly every single bit of information on climbing out of silver is rubbish. What do all silver players have in common? they are all 3heads that all watch the exact same videos about how to climb out. If you want to win a game in silver expect to get into late game and play around that otherwise you will end up disappointed. Silver players dont want to be silver but they are and it wont change unless the get hard carried
: Well, I guess this is goodbye.
can i have your account {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Remember when some boards people flamed us for complaining about Rivens compensation buffs?
If people seriously believe riven isnt op you have a 3head or something. Forget winrates as they dont properly reflect the champion, more the team and the player. Riven has 4 dashes at level 2, 3 of which stack base ad damage with each cast, the last dash gives a pretty large shield. At level 3 riven has over 100 ad from stacking all qs then can e w and kill you almost every time. At level 6 riven gets her ult, extra ad range and an execute, to summarise riven has 4 dashes stacking ad a shield aoe stun aoe knock up and an aoe execute ultimate. She isnt kitable unless you have heavy cc or flash and even then she can dodge cc and flashing only delays the inevitable. Riven is and always has been extremely strong and unless you counter pick and play almost perfectly you will lose most of the time. Honestly her kit is quite strong but with items like spear of shojin she is unstoppable.
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Ycuos (NA)
: Concept for Fiddlesticks/Shaco
KesEmakk (EUNE)
: So what's riot's philosophy these days now?
: The case for point-and-click hard CC
although this is true the threat of point and click cc is what makes it annoying, if you play annie and use empowered q the enemy laner will walk up 99% of the time
: Skarner rework proposal
i wish you guys worked at riot
: Champs without mana should not have ability to poke
i made a post about champs that dont need mana a while ago and someone mentioned that the only reason other champs DO have mana is because they would be way to op with energy or nothing. Imagine
: > [{quoted}](name=Lap Maxwell,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=A8F8ArAw,comment-id=0042,timestamp=2019-03-15T21:40:35.446+0000) > > Nice name. Big same.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Maxw3ll,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=A8F8ArAw,comment-id=00420000,timestamp=2019-03-16T01:22:19.669+0000) > > Big same. love that the riot employee only replies to someone with the same name not genuine questions
: > rengar > the entire laning phase Oof. They tend to not be overly strong so much as overly annoying. At really low ranks, they can be oppressive - the lack of resource management lets them bully out poor laners with bad resource management or positioning.
yeah im only silver so i deal with these kind of champions every game
Saezio (EUNE)
: Riven is strong, yasuo is I would say A tier but not S tier. And the rest are straight up bad. The only way for the rest to work is if they are laning against a training dummy. You actually didn't mention vlad really? Makes you look like you have no clue what you are talking about whatsoever.
vlad uses his hp to use abilities im talking about champs that use nothing at all, otherwise i would of mentioned him
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SS1986 (NA)
: This is on the pbe
trynd is in my opinion the most broken champion in the game, he has a slow free crit healing movement(his e) cant die for 5 seconds then heals for what seems to be nearly 25% of his max hp, even if you are playing as someone like yas you still have to deal with an unkillable enemy for 5 seconds until you can kill them, if they havent killed you first
: Death recap
wasnt there a time where flash showed up as killing someone?
: They are testing new abilities where u will actually get to switch between wolf and lamb, the experimental code accidentally leaked into live servers
> [{quoted}](name=FlameHalbrdOkido,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ttrHdodc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-22T02:05:38.684+0000) > > They are testing new abilities where u will actually get to switch between wolf and lamb, the experimental code accidentally leaked into live servers bruh actually??
: Unpopular Opinion: Riots last few patches have made this game more fun
honestly akali was nerfed to hard, sure she was overpowered and yes she needed a nerf but not that hard :/ not even an akali player just thought it was unfair and unjust
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
the time has come, my border has arrived and my depression has left
: Leaverbuster for the forth time this week and it's not my fault
Theorex (NA)
: How did it take Rito like 9/6 months to figure out
honestly akali wasnt even that broken, yes she can dive a full health enemy under there own tower but which mid laner cant? sure she has a lot of sustain but so does vlad she shouldnt of been nerfed
kargish (EUW)
: You didn't respond to my question though. Fizz ult can indeed be dodged, but the point is does Fizz, Zed, LB and the others give you more or less time to react? Does Fizz screaming 'SHARK' give you more counterplay options than being given a glowing warning above your head way before the leap? Does it matter that you dodge Zed's Q's if you die to auto+E+elec+dusk+ignite anyway, which is also instant damage? And what about these champs {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:28}} you mentioned nothing about. What makes Rengar a special case? What about his non-existant escape that all the above has minus Shaco and Kayn?
ur so dumb he has a cc remove/heal that he gets for free after he one shots someone, and what adc builds zhonyas? kai sa maybe but what about others like cait or xayah? fool
: > [{quoted}](name=PH45,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=3r5LvA4b,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-30T07:37:17.374+0000) > > You don't get to make that choice. > > Spending money is irrelevant. I've spent over 2.5k on my account and I don't have any special privileges myself. > > Permaban is as the name suggests, **permanent**. Riot doesn't unban accounts unless it was a 100% false positive which in your case I doubt it wasn't. actually tyler 1 was perm'd like 40 times and he still plays today so thats not the truth, you just have to be an important enough person for them to give a shit about your existence.
: Sorry champ. Regardless of how much you think you’ve grown since then, you still were toxic enough back then to warrant a permaban, and I don’t see how much you could have changed since then, especially since you also received a chat restriction. Sure, you may have spent $300-$400 on this game, but that doesn’t give you a “free pass” back into the game. Riot won’t care if you spent that much money on this game. Finally, RIOT does not undo permanent bans, UNLESS it was due to a mistake on their end. Besides that, you have almost a 0% chance of being unbanned. (Please don’t bring up Tyler1. In case you do, just remember that all his accounts that were previously permabanned are still permabanned. His unban was only so he could stream League). Cheers! EDIT: If you were 13-14 and you could spend $400, I don’t see why you can’t spend more money if you wanted to to get project Ekko back ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ive spent around $3000 on my new account and the chat restriction was 5 days due to flame in one game
Aeneoris (NA)
: A Slower Gamemode
ive spoken about this sort of things with friends where game mode could incorporate lore for example a game mode with all demacians against all noxians, not limiting it to a standard 5v5 and a whole new map, just thought it would be a better way for people who dont like reading up on lore to explore the league universe
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