Im not good with titles so its a good thing that this isnt a titles thread its an animu/waifu thread

also dw i've read their rules about sexualisation and im pretty sure that im not doing anything wrong nor inciting people to post nsb images, anything you want to say about the thread well i wont really care about it unless its a mod but what do i know right? i mean sometimes titles happen and you jsut go and BAAAMM!! great title its a bad thing it doesnt always happen, fucking titles but what we really need is to stop doing some stuff that might cause problems, what stuff am i talking about? well its simple which reminds me that Regalia: Three Sacred Start is on stand by until September, i realized that it was missing like yesterday Reasons? i think they said that the author and the studio where not satisfied by the quality and that they were going to improve it but who knows and music-sic-sic-sic great song and im not sure if someone has posted already but sounds great imo also i remember posting this one somewhere its also least for me
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