My personal view on Ranked Solo Queue

Hi guys, I'm Riot Tuxedo. I work on the Developer Relations team. Recently I got the opportunity to answer some player support tickets and the ones I naturally gravitated toward were players who were frustrated with placements and unfavorable teammates. I've gone through this frustration so they were tickets that I highly empathize with. It made me think a lot about how I view ranked and some things that have helped me when it came to the way I look at Ranked Solo Queue. I'm taking the time to write this post in the hopes that it might help some of you guys when you encounter frustration playing ranked. When I started playing ranked I was very focused on trying to do everything possible to carry my team or put my team in a position where we could have every possible advantage and when I didn't win those games I felt like the effort was all wasted. Over the years I started to realize that you can't win every game, even the best players in the world lose games even when they did everything they possibly could to contribute to a win. This made me think maybe I was thinking of ranked the wrong way and when the season reset came along that's when I had my moment of revelation. Ranked, in my humble opinion, is more about a long term measurement of your own personal growth and knowledge about the game. When you stop thinking about winning individual games and rather improving your gameplay for the long term you'll realize it's in your best interest to focus on yourself individually and what you can do better rather than what your teammates are doing wrong. Time and time again I've heard pro players say you can't control what teammates you get matched with or how well they play, the only thing you can control is how well you play personally. Becoming a high ranked player is about getting better individually to a point where you consistent play well. When that becomes your focus, hopefully, you'll stress out less and your individual gameplay will improve. When you're 20-2-20 and the rest of your team is 0-7-0 you should be thinking about what you did wrong to die those two times not about how poorly your teammates are playing. In some cases, those two deaths might have been a noble sacrifice to win a team fight, but more commonly it can be because you weren't aware of the map, over estimated your damage, under estimated your team's damage, or made a decision that wasn't obvious for the rest of your team. These are the areas where you can work to improve. Teammates have bad games, and not every player is as skilled as you are. Those are things you can't control, but you can always control how you react in situations that directly involve you. As a high gold, low platinum player I've come to trust in my own skills. When I got placed into Silver 3 after going 2-8 in my placements it was discouraging because that's where I was 3 years ago, but I knew that I had grown since then. This can be more challenging for lower ranked players who aren't sure of themselves or what they've accomplished in previous seasons. TRUST IN YOURSELF! You know you've learned things, try and build on what you've learned! This is how you climb the ranked ladder! When you get hung up on winning individual games instead of improving in the long term you get frustrated when your efforts feel wasted. This frustration can lead to what is commonly referred as "being on tilt." You let your emotions get the best of you and because of that you play worse than you normally would. Some games are unwinnable despite our best efforts and we all have to accept this truth. The worst thing you can do is to let the loss lead to another loss in your future games. Don't let your losses lead to bad decisions in-game. Bad decisions are not only limited to your own gameplay but also your attitude. Just because you lost your last game doesn't mean you'll lose the next one. Don't criticize your teammates for making mistakes that you can't control. TL;DR Don't worry about your team's mistakes, focus on improving your own individual game play. Focus on becoming a more consistent and knowledgeable player. Don't get frustrated when you're not where you'd like to be in the ranked ladder. Trust that you're a better player than you were a year ago. Become a more consistent player in the long term rather than trying to win every single game. The LP and promotions will come when you as a player start to improve over time. P.S. Sorry for the book and happy Valentines Day :) {{champion:157}}

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