"Just get a better computer!"

I won't be surprised if I get downvoted or whatever, but this sort of phrasing has bothered me for so long and I keep seeing it or versions of it again and again and again that I feel like ranting a bit about it now here. Do people not understand how much a new computer costs? "Oh but you can get a good one now for maybe a few hundred dollars!" ...really? Is, say, $300 or $400 not a lot of money to you? Are you that fortunate that you can blow that much? Sure, it's a saveable amount but that can take some time and budgeting. It's not an immediate that-day-or-week solution. My fiance had a trash computer for a long time. We couldn't afford a new one. We lived paycheck to paycheck and other things always came up when we actually had money and for our enjoyment we put priority in games that were cheaper at the time instead of trying to hoard all our money for one thing. Finally we found a decent deal on craiglist and after YEARS got a better (yet still trashy) computer. At least no one calls him on his "toaster" anymore and works fine for league now. Telling someone "oh just buy this" or "just buy that" doesn't make certain people feel better about their problem. Some may feel worse knowing they're stuck with a problem due to money constraints. I'm someone who has lived a couple weeks at a time on $20. I've lived most of this past month on about that much and the help of family or what I'd call mooching, which is something I simply can't stand. I hate borrowing money and accepting help like that. I owe a fair amount of money to a friend and my fiance's family, which thankfully I should be able to pay back now that my fiance and I have jobs again after going through a big move. I'll be comfortable again soon but I won't forget the money struggles. For those that don't understand those money struggles yet, be grateful. Whether it's because you're young or managed to snag a great job and do well for yourself, be grateful and perhaps even proud if it's the latter. /rant **Tl;dr (I won't blame you for only looking here): Think twice before telling someone to "upgrade their fucking toaster" or "just buy this expensive thing." For some it feels bad to hear this. Expensive to you may not be the same as expensive to someone else. Money struggles are real. Saving up and budgeting takes time.** Edit: > We both have fine computers right now. It's just the point and hearing it so often that irks me. For ANYTHING not even just computers. Sorry that perhaps I'm oversensitive, but it just gets tiring after so many times said to other people and their responses are often how I felt at the times in the past and I'm sure most people get tired of hearing the same things again and again. Also: > As I said, I knew this would happen. First off, at the very least, when my fiance had a shitty computer, it was just the load times that were bad. In game it was fine. > I do understand. No, you shouldn't play ranked with a crappy computer, but sometimes someone just wants to play even a bot game or a normal. The most times I heard "fix your toaster" was with the loading screen times, not during game and that's what I'm talking about the most. I guess I should have clarified that before getting yelled at, that's my own fault.
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