Letter to Riot from Malzahar Main: Malzahar Texture Update

Riot, My name is Dominic Jeffrey Mendonsa. I've played League of Legends since the ending months of Season 1 and I've been a Malzahar main ever since. I come to GD today absolutely outraged with the news and footage of the current progress of the Malzahar Texture Update. While I understand VERY well that it is a WORK IN PROGRESS, the current direction Riot is taking Malzahar is very clear and it WON'T be improving. I'll briefly quote my mission statement from my 9+ Page Document (Gearing to be 24+) on the Perfect Malzahar Remake that I've been working on for 8 months. Hopefully, this will convey my feelings towards this subject. > *I have a connection to Malzahar that I’ve yet to explain but he’s literally my favorite character in gaming ever. It may be the idea that he is the perfect Mage I never got to play in MMO’s and always dreamed of throughout the years or it might be because he’s purple. I’ve no idea. The connection I have with this character is so close, I’m considering naming my first born Malzahar. Either way, Malzahar has a special place in my heart and I want to see to it that he gets the proper treatment he deserves. * Riot, I want to voice that I'm severely disappointed with the direction the Malzahar Texture Update has gone. Without getting too babbly, I'll just go down the list in order and as a reference point, here is a video to follow along with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60-cRepyKcU * *** Default Skin: *** -The first GLARING and absolutely devastating change I noticed on Malzahar was the loss of his sun-tanned skin. He is of Shuriman (Egyptian/Arabian subset) decent and thus, his skin should remain tan. -Next, he's lost his muscular tone. -Following that, he now looks alarmingly more pink than he does purple. -The entirety of the skin looks absolutely gutted and it in no way keys the original Malzahar theme. * ***Vizier Malzahar*** -If I had to give credit anywhere, this is a nice update to Malzahar. A big problem with this skin was that his base clothing was too dark and blurred his face in a dark mess. -However, his cloak is a little too bright. I understand to goal of contrasting characters with the new SR, but his dark red does just as well. * ***Prince Malzahar*** -This is by far the best update to all of his skins. Even with a brighter palette, he still retains his golden look. Fantastic work on this one. * ***Djinn Malzahar*** -Djinn Malzahar is basically my primary skin. I'm still proud to own this skin because very few people see it's tasteful elegance like I do so I feel incredibly special flaunting this skin on the Rift. This skin for the most part is well made as well. Again, the only grievance(and it is a MAJOR grievance) is that his skin is far too light. It just DOES NOT feel like Malzahar. * ***Overlord Malzahar*** -I was never too particularly fond of this skin but I will always stand behind anything for Malzahar. I can't place my finger on it exactly but this new texture feels completely off. The cleaned up colors are wonderful but I feel that the subtraction of the ambient occlusion of his clothing kill it. It doesn't seem edgy anymore. it seems incredibly flat. * ***All Minion Rextures*** -These are all well done. I'd always considered these little things a stubborn asset to Malzahar's kit because of their colors. But I give a firm congratulations for nailing the textures for these little guys. * ***General*** -Something i'm surprised hasn't been fixed has been a glaring issue and has been something I've strongly voiced about for the last 3-4 years and it's his can-opener right-hand thumb. I sorely hope this will be fixed. ***======================================================================================================*** Now for the end of this, I want to enforce my expression of severity on this issue. For once, I'm trying my best not to flip out over something like this and it's because it involves something that is VERY dear to me. It's astonishing how small changes on paper can completely ruin the feel of a character. And I'm sorry, Riot. But it truly has. If Malzahar remains this way, I don't think I can play him anymore. I know that sounds melodramatic. But I'm not kidding. It just DOESN'T feel like him anymore. To the players who read this with a raised eyebrow; Malzahar is important to me and I've pumped so many hours into playing him that he's become a part of my life. And as I mentioned earlier, I've tirelessly been working on a 9+ page document for 8 month's now on the perfect Visual Upgrade for Malzahar. I pitched this idea to Riot 3 months ago via a support ticket(For you Red's, the support ticket is REQUEST #13389216) and this was just a small fraction that I revealed to them. http://puu.sh/dfHwK.jpg The entire document is pages and pages of reference pictures, research, ideas, and crudely drawn images since I have no drawing talent outside of weaponry. My overall point of this thread: Malzahar doesn't feel like Malzahar anymore. As a Malzahar Main, this is dreadfully painful to witness because I feel like he's dying. Again, not to sound melodramatic, but he means that much to me. I'd appreciate any support in the matter to enforce that his texture rebalance be undone and reworked. And if Riot be willing, I'd love to be apart of the Development Team for Malzahar. I want no pay. I want no honors. I just want him done right. Please consider it. I feel that you won't regret it. A concerned fan, -Dominic Jeffrey Mendonsa IGN: PlatinumRooster
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