Yordles Dodge Chance vs Varus Ult (and other spells)

I wish I had a replay or something to show you. I had 6 Yordles, so there's a lot of misses on the enemy's part. Dodging my way to victory or so I thought, then, a lvl 3 Varus with Spear of Soj and Zephyr drew back his and bow and his ultimate hit EVERYONE!!! except for the one gnar on the far side.. yes, no dodge from anyone that was in Varus' massive ult hitbox... So, questions: Were yordles reworked so they have a chance to dodge spells also? If so, Was Varus' ult chance to hit yordles calculated once, when he cast it and if it's a yes to hit, then it applies hit to everyone, or is it calculated per yordle, say Trist dodges it, but Lulu does not... onto the next question.... If yordles do dodge abilities, is it calculted once per yordle, so some dodge, some don't? or just once from spell cast, being all yordles either get hit, or they dodge.... Thank you!
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