Zyra Plant Becomes Summoner

Immediately after finishing a round in TFT, while a Zyra plant was still up, I was able to grab a Zyra plant and put it on my bench. When I tried to sell it, it made the noise as if it was sold for gold, but I don't know if I received any gold for it. Upon the "sell", I still had the Zyra plant on my bench, but I could not make a sell again. I could move it around my bench just as you would a normal champion. I could also place the plant within the first two rows of the playing field (my side) but it did not count as a champion. Not sure what would happen if I filled up my bench while the plant was on it. I was able to capture some footage of this. I will edit the video down to a reasonable length and share the link here. {{champion:143}}
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