Zyra Issue - Quite big

Recently played a game of tft and went 6/6 infernos and then some. Unfortunately at around the second line-round or so a Zyra plant was put on my bench. At first I had a good laugh, but then I noticed I could not sell the plant (worth 0g), and it took up my champion row for the rest of the game. Even when I tried to put the plant out, which I could, it was not similar to a zyra plant (very bad, low hp, low damage) and neither added inferno to my team nor procced it unlike Zyra's normal plants. This made it very hard to find champions I needed as my bench was constantly filled up thanks to an unsellable and basicallu unusable zyra plant taking up my bench. Just wanted to let Riot know this as I have not yet seen a post on this. I'm not sure what caused the phenomena as It did not happen again that game. I was clicking the reroll button as the round ended, so perhaps a hiccup happened as the plant was deposited on the bench as the new round started. Thankfully this was a normal game, but this could have caused a loss in ranked game and that would suck. ***This may happen to other summoners? Have not seen it yet
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