Game Breaking Kha Zix Bug (GAMEPLAY)

Kha Zix BUGS Out the Game (Game Breakin Kha Zix Glitch TFT)
Found a weird, game-breaking bug that happened when Kha tried to jump to a Zyra plant...
So long story short Kha tried to attack a Zyra plant and he glitched out... big time. He took up a spot on the enemy portion of the arena and any time something spawned on "his spot" they completely vanished for that round. For that round, they didnt exist. I included a clip of Kha vanishing when moved to a different arena, me only having 4 wolves when there should be 5, and the final clip shows a pvp player where their unit vanishes (I didnt notice it at the time but its proven by the other guy being lvl 6 but only having 5 units on the field due to Kha having vanished his 6th). P.S. You can set the vid quality to 1080p.
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