Serious bug problem...

I recently happen to get some bug regarding the ping with area is warded , when i use it for the first time , the games send me to desktop ,it happened like 6-8 times... , idk what's wrong ... ,i just use it for the first time and i am getting my game on the windows bar... , do you can investigate this error ?? I wish i could send data information about error , but i am ip banned on support , from unjustify reasons... , as some rioter asked for my account name regarding a ticket discussion , and some other agent just step in and ip banned me , so i can't connect any account on my device , beside the fact i have 2 internet connections... , + i haven't swear anyone so makes no sense to be ip banned for accesing support line assistance , while there are hundreds of griefers/trollers who escape automatic system and not get detected by the system in order to be punished.
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