Glitch keeps happening when match starts.

my computer has been having some data problems recently and whenever i load in league of legends it seems like a total crap shoot if it works or not. some times it loads extremely fast and everything is fine. other times it takes nearly 5 minutes to load a match and i'm almost late to get to lane or worse. but recently i have found that i can't even move out of the summoner gate at times [the starting zone, whatever it's called]. i can't actually move outside of it on some matches and i have no idea what is causing it. i feel like i am being cheated out of playing the game and demand an explanation on what is going on, as i have ended in low prio 2 twice and at the time of writing this, i had to leave another match because of this glitch that was only about 15 minutes ago. i just want to know how this is happening and how to fix it. and i don't want some explanation saying to just dc and reconnect as that has not worked for me in the instances that the glitch has happened to me.

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