FIX YOUR GODDAMN CLIENT which unlike the legacy one is a joke

I'm sick of having to dodge every third game because of the champions' icons not popping up at all (so I can't pick a champion) or my runes screen being invisible meaning I can't change anything. Seriously. I do the exact same thing as always and one outta three times it just goes berserk on its own. Logging out and back in fixes it but WAAAIT I got a penalty. WP Riot, I can't believe I'm still buying RP. Probably won't anymore though. I sent in a ticket: "hurr durr it's probably your firewall" is what they said. This started happening after the latest patches and had never been happening before. Also hey, Rito, if your game can't work with major antivirus/firewall programs that's something you ought to fix, not me. And let's suppose for a moment that the issue is indeed connection-related and that the champs just fail to get loaded on my side of the client. WHY DOES YOUR CLIENT NOT TRY TO RELOAD THEM? I CAN SEE MY TEAMMATES' PICKS AND CHAT WITH THEM SO I'M OBVIOUSLY ONLINE.
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