rethink ranked mode

Hi guys ! i create this post to react about behaviour in ranked this seanson. I don't know about your concerns, but i think this season that players are more and more toxic in game... i had been demoted in S IV since few minutes but i find horrible since i reach silver this season, people are more and more toxic and don't hesitate to give up and throw matches so easily.... what about you guys ? Because all the time, even if a game seems to be difficult, i always try my best to find a solution and reverse the situation. But this mentality is not in every piece of mind of the other players i guess... That's why since ranked stand for the most competitive mode of our dear and lovely League of Legends, i really purpose to rethink the access of ranked. According to me, this mode need to be reserved for players who really have a competitive spirit and are willing to give all their resources to win a match without flaming each other or acting like a fukg crying kid... I hope you might be agree with me because now i'm getting frustrated from my recent matches which are affected by these behaviours.... i think Riot have to set up a kind of exam so all the players who are able and have competences and spirit to take part to a ranked match could access to this competitive mode ! My demand is very serious because i really love** this game which implies teamwork and spirirt, but it tends to transform into a toxic community and this would be dramatic for the image of LoL !! And maybe i'm not hte only one who has these feelings... So GL and HF guys and friends ! hope this would change and might have a response from all of you ! i would like to have your opinion about this theme ! bye ! and sry if i made english fault because i'm french ahah but this is not a handicap of course ^^'
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