(to be) support main needs Mid-lane help

Okay I am level 37 and I will be a Thresh main (with Braum as back-up), but Need some off role help. My off role was Pyke fill but ... 9.13... nerfs ... :( ...... So now I need to pick a champion and the role. My occasional duo que partner is a Jungler, so I can't be that. Sometimes I play as a group of three: Me, the jungler, and a top/mid-laner. So I was thinking Mid or Top (ADC doesn't feel impactful enough, as when I play support I just need my ADC to auto attack the hooked enemy, which takes no skill/effort/brainpower). So far I have done Top as my off role (Akali) but I feel obliged to go roam to other lanes but I have to take MR/tenacity boots, so maybe midlane? In midlane I can still take TP, but It is easier to affect other lanes and get help from other lanes. So who do you reccomend? I tried TF, but I kept dying trying to get the golden card stuns. (Just to hard to time the shuffle). Note: I don't have any BE, but I will save up for someone! Thanks for the help, Lelserslasers Edit: What about Mordekaiser?
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