Worlds VODs are all Spanish? (Also, Rito Support is refusing to connect)

My region and language settings are NA/English, but every bloody stream in the is Spanish. Which is super dumb, because the _live_ feed is English. It's not just one mis-uploaded video, either--every single match they've posted today has been the wrong language. This is a massive pain in the nuts, because I like following worlds, and I really want to support Riot by watching their streams, but I've had to go onto YouTube and watch an objectively better third-party (where I've had to go for any cooldowns or pre-shows, since those are cut out or cut in half in like 80% of the vod streams) for today's matches so far. How has nobody complained about this yet? Also, I tried to go to the Riot support system, and is outright refusing to connect at all. Which I guess could explain why nobody's gone to the booth to wake up whoever fell asleep with his face on the SAP button. I guess the tl/dr is, "Your vod shit's broken, yo."
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