Akali shroud Lee Sin e Interaction a Bug? or intended

The Link leads to a clip I recorded with some testing about the interactions between Akali's W "Twilight Shroud" and Lee Sin's first e "Tempest" Akali's Twilight Shroud is a place able area where Akali is Invisible when not attacking. Only true sight and tower sight reveals this invisibility. If Lee Sin activates Tempest all targets hit are given the sight debuff allowing them to be seen in fog of war and bushes. It does not reveal stealth-ed targets. If Lee SIn activates tempest while Akali is shrouded him and his team will not be able to see Akali. If Lee Sin hits tempest on Akali before she walks into the shroud or activates the shroud Akali is visible to Lee Sin and his team. I'm not sure if this is intended or not and this may affect other invisible Champions but I thought I'd report these findings to Riot and the community. Personally I think this interaction is annoying and unneeded as it only works in very common instances and removes a lot of the differences between Invisibility and Camouflage. Regardless I hope this post brought attention to how the video game works. Cheers, Executioner Thel {{champion:240}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:84}}
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