How is this game still so buggy?

This is the buggiest game I ever saw. Even now after all these years, I create an account, climb to 30 then just got Plat last night and I encountered probably 100+ bugs throughout this journey. I'm a Vi main, and played mostly Vi and ran into a lot of bugs just dealing with 1 (old) champion...can't imagine how many the rest have. There were times where I try to Q through a wall, and the indicator thing shows that i'll EASILY make it and she just gets stuck and doesn't go through. Times where I ult someone and they hit a plant or something else happens and I don't go with them, but they still get slammed down (I don't think this is how it should go and it doesn't always, just like 5% of the time) and they escape because I didn't go with them for w/e reason and my ult was wasted. The main reason i'm actually posting about it, even though I know the hoards of non-programmers are going to freak out and say League is perfect and has no bugs (laughed a little just typing that), is because my first plat game, enemy jg hits a plant and gets vision of me, and it doesn't turn off. Those eyes were above my head all I had no clue when they could/couldn't see me even with oracle lens. Idk if they had vision all game...I was getting caught more than usual, and they said they could see me, but I think they were messing with me because at one point I hid in a bush, and 2 of them did kind of run at me, but it was late and they didn't seem eager to attack so I really don't think they could see me all game. Regardless though this completely ruined my game...I rely heavily on visions and catching people. I like to know whether or not they can see me, that's why I use lens / zombie wards. My climb to plat took about 125 games, longer than I expected but guess I was rusty after a 18 month break. Out of these 125 games, I lost at least 4 or 5 due to bugs..doesn't seem like much but 1 loss sets you back 2 games before you get back to where you should be, had you won that game. Many people know there is a massive butterfly effect in this game. One mistake can turn a kill 2 minutes later into a death, and then a winning team fight into a losing team fight, and so on. So when a bug ruins just 1 fight early on that can be huge late-game in an otherwise close game. I constantly repair my client so that's not the problem. This game has SO many champions now...too many IMO. I just wish Riot would lay off on the new champions and spend some time fixing the literally 10,000+ bugs in this game. I believe there are over 150 champions now or at least close to it, which is 750+ abilities. So I realize it must be extremely difficult getting all those champs / abilities to sync with each other. It's near impossible for there not to be bugs when you think about how much is really going on in these games programmatically. It would just be nice to see more bug fixes instead of a new champ every few weeks or month or w/e.
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