[GAMEPLAY] Wukong - his combos doesn't proc electrocute(when they should)

I played game with wukong, and realised, my electrocute didn't go off. I did E, 2 autos. So it should be enough to proc that. Then i tried E>auto>Q it didn't proced either. While enemy zed proced it they way it's intended. Allied rengo also complained about his electrocute worked weird. Then i realised it requires 4 atacks for this to pop, for some reason How to produce this bug Simply atack 3 times in separate way and it won't proc anything. https://youtu.be/dpJwJWkPALY here's the video how this actually looks, tried different combos. This bug makes trades for wukong insanely horrible since he has to stay a lot longer before W. And ruined my early laning phase against zed almost completely (still won that game though)
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