Nighthunter Rengar - Q Bug

**Hello dear Rioters, i wanted to report a bug with Rengar Q, so here we go. ** **So, when you Press Q and hit someone, the trail particle missing and its pretty terrible to play with it.** **This bug is in game since last VFX update/fix on Rengar, and you still didnt fixed it.** **-Here is the video as a proof of this bug:** **-Here is how that particle used to look like: ** **I hope that you guys will start with doing your job and do what you are supposed to do.. fixing the bugs, stop hating rengar for no reason and dont be idiots like you always are, and fix our champ, When i saw this in the patch notes 9.4 i was very angry, because you guys.. i dont know man, when you see the rengar bug that makes him OP , you instant fix it, but you still keeps other buggs wtf...**
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