[Gameplay] Dark Harvest will not trigger off of DoT

Pretty cut and dry really. I'm guessing this has something to do with Riot coding all spells to be their own entities based on being cast, rather than how it should function in a literal sense with dealing damage after 50% HP. I will throw an Ignite up just to trigger this, but when I get denied a stack when they're clearly below 50% while being ignited and still ticking for damage, I understandably get salty when I see a pretty basic coding convention is not even in the game to check for it. If {HP < 50%} Then { SetFlag 'Dark Harvest' = 1 } EndIF If {Champion = Damaged AND Source = Player AND 'Dark Harvest' = 1} Then { Player.DarkHarvest_Trigger = 1 DarkHarvest.Cooldown = 45 } EndIf Not sure how LoL is coded but if it isn't that simple to insert a check flag to detect when a player is below 50% and gets damaged by an enemy champion with Dark Harvest, then I'm not sure why LoL is coded the way it is coded. Actually, given how some spells interact with abilities and flags, I really don't understand WHY it's coded the way it is, because other skills likewise do not trigger or ignore effects that would, as written, work as they should, but don't. Because REASONS.

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