Honor and bugs

Okay so I was almost honor level 3 and got a chat restriction a week or two ago. This dropped my honor to level 1. I have received a good amount of honor since then and i'm still level 1, at 0 of 3 before level 2. It says I can't get my ranked rewards until I got level 2. So I been playing some normals since they are a little easier and people tend to not understand the honor system, and they like to honor people with a high kda who carry. So I have throwing in a few normals per day in addition to my ranked grind. My honor doesn't seem to be moving, and lately (last week or 2) there have been a LOT of bugs. Chat not working in lobby, random error messages in lobby and post-game, etc. One bug is that it kicks you from your post-game lobby before you can honor someone. I asked some other people and we believe it to be about 1/3 of our games. This is making it really difficult for people to climb back up. I have gotten a LOT of honor (and key fragments) since that chat restriction and it's not even close to level 2. I only request that the game work right if you're going to hold earned rewards ransom. I like Riot's idea to do this...as I was so toxic before and with all these little incentives I am improving quite a bit. I did get that one chat restriction, but normally I would be perma-banned by level 30, and i'm currently level 39 and almost to Platinum in ranked which it has been years since I made it there. So it is working, it's just that these bugs should really be fixed so that people get the honor they earned. It's a really bad feeling to sit there and say nothing while people harass and verbally abuse me (i'm not sure why they don't get banned, yet if I said 1/10 of what these people are saying to me i'd be banned very quickly..) and to say "gj" and "nice work" and be super nice to these bullies...it's very hard for me... but then to not get those 1 or 2 honors out of being so positive, because of a bug, is very frustrating. Thank you for your time anyone who reads this, sorry that I type so much. I do this every time I type. I just can't stop sometimes, sorry. TLDR: Can't earn honor toward honor level 2 for my season rewards due to a bug forcing people out of post-game lobby, as well as honor-screen.
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